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review 2018-04-25 03:51
Bread Machine Magic by Linda Rehberg and Lois Conway
Bread Machine Magic: 138 Exciting Recipes Created Especially for Use in All Types of Bread Machines - Linda Rehberg,Lois Conway

I see that I haven't reviewed this on Booklikes yet, so in honor of the dinner I just had (soup and a grilled cheese sandwich made with Linda's Easy Potato Bread from this book), I'll knock something out right now.


This has been my go-to bread machine book since I bought my bread machine (a Breadman Pro) several years ago. The recipes are easy to follow, and each one gives you the ingredients you'd use for a 1-lb, 1.5-lb, or 2-lb loaf setting, plus Crust and Bake Cycle settings if your machine has those. Each recipe also includes nutritional information, although I'm not sure how useful it is considering that there's no information about slice thickness (and I'm terrible at slicing bread evenly, even with my electric knife).


The book begins with a few tips for baking the perfect loaf, which I found helpful when I first bought my machine. After that, the book is divided into sections for white breads, whole-grain breads, vegetable breads, fruit breads, dinner rolls, sweet rolls, breads, and coffee cakes, and specialty breads. I used to make a different kind of bread each week but have now settled on a few tried and true favorites. Of the one or two dozen recipes I've tried, only one, a rye bread (I can't recall which one), has ever failed to turn out well for reasons I couldn't identify. With the other ones, I get perfect results if I just watch the dough during the first ten minutes or so of the knead cycle and either add more flour if it's smearing or more liquid if it's too dry and crumbly.


My favorite recipes, the ones I still make even though my bread machine has lost its "new kitchen toy" shine:


- Egg Bread - This one rises very high. The 2-lb loaf gets tall enough to press against the lid of the machine. Still, it's a wonderful bread and perfect for French toast.


- Linda's Easy Potato Bread - I love using this bread for sandwiches of all types. It holds together nicely while spreading peanut butter, butter, or whatever on it, and I recently discovered that it works amazingly for grilled cheese sandwiches. It uses instant potato flakes rather than mashed cooked potatoes, which appeals to my lazy side.


- Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Rolls - You make these with the Dough setting and then bake them in the oven. I like this particular recipe because cutting and shaping the rolls goes pretty quickly and easily.


- Irene's Bavarian Coffee Cake - I have family in Bavaria and don't recall them ever making anything that tasted like this coffee cake, but that doesn't make it any less tasty. This is another one you make with the Dough setting and then bake in the oven.


- Portuguese Sweet Bread - This is a slightly sweet, slightly lemon-flavored bread that's snail-shaped and very pretty, perfect for gifting. It's great when served with coffee or tea. Again, it's made with the Dough setting and then baked in the oven. I like to do the large recipe, which makes two snail-shaped loaves - one I can give to someone and one I can keep for myself.


- Sally Lunn Bread - This is the one sweet bread on this list that's baked in the bread machine. I brought it to work once and people thought it was pound cake. It slices beautifully, even if you don't have an electric knife.


- Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns - Okay, so I'm terrible at making mine a uniform size, but I still like them.


One other thing I should mention is that the fat used in most of these recipes is butter or margarine - I've seen at least one negative review that complained about this, although it isn't really a problem for me. According to the introduction, you should be able to substitute an oil of your choice, although I've never tried this and don't know what the results are like.


All in all, I highly recommend this book if you're looking for recipes for your bread machine beyond what's included in your manual.

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text 2018-04-23 14:00
Menu Monday

As you're reading this I'm on my way to New York or already there, who knows, time zones are wild! ;)  Hoping after I get back I can finally find some time for reading and looking over my BLs feed. 


Mahi-mahi with Thai Coconut Curry Sauce



Another one of my easy fish recipes. Again, simple and not time consuming to make but this one definitely didn't have enough of a strong taste to impress or make memorable. I'm not going to make it again because there are other easy recipes out there that taste better. A hit it and quit it!



Lemon and Artichoke Couscous With Shrimp



I can't remember if I've posted this one before because I make it over and over but I LOVE THE HELL out of this one too. I know artichokes aren't for everyone but the taste combo happening here with such simple, few ingredients is so light, refreshing, and GOOD (as you can probably tell by my heaping plate). If any, um, family members (husbands) don't like seafood, no court of law would hold you accountable for whatever you have to do to make and enjoy this. I think it even takes under a half hour to make. 



Orange Chicken Poppers



These had a brilliant orange flavor and took under an hour to make. It was a quick flavor filled meal but I thought the balls could have been a bit dry, maybe I over mixed the chicken. Just not wowing and probably not something I would make again.



Blackberry Cream Cheese Pie Dippers



If you like blackberries, you have to make these. I just used store bought crust, so these were pretty simple to make, I 'd say under an hour. The filling was rich/sweet enough for me so I skipped the extra sprinkling of sugar on top. The dip is super simple to make and I thought a pretty good compliment but I ate these plain more than not. I'm not going to lie, I loved the hell out of these, lol. I'm a fiend for blackberries though and these, obviously, have a strong taste. If you love blackberries the way I do, make these, make these now. 



Spicy Supreme Hummus



I don't know, I felt this could have been spicier and if it makes any sense, it kind of had a dry taste to the taste. I guess I'm saying, I've had better hummus. Looking at the picture, I'm not sure it has visual goodness either. Not quite a fail but definitely won't be making again.



Any successful hummus (or other food) recipes to share? 

Enjoy the week, everyone!

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text 2018-04-16 14:00
Menu Monday

Y'all. A blizzard in April. We were hit with about 15 inches over the weekend. I was not pleased. 









If only we could hitch a shovel to the guy and get our driveway plowed. 


On to the food!


Turkey Apple Breakfast Hash



I loved this one! All the flavors combined together to form The Perfect Hash (said to the tune of SNL's "The Perfect Cheer"). I had the brilliant idea of drizzling maple syrup over it and my god, life changer. If you ever have overnight guests, make this for them in the morning and they will be yours for life. Yummy X1,000,000. Also doesn't take long or much effort to make, I used turkey sausage, left out the zucchini, and did sweet potato.



Strawberry Orange Sunrise Smoothie



This one was good but any orange flavoring definitely gets lost in favor of the strawberry. Ice cubes are used too, so you can't make the night before. Probably won't make again because I wanted more orange flavor but if strawberry is your thing, not bad. 




Hot Potato Chip Chicken Salad Casserole



This was so good! I mean I really enjoy putting chips on burger, so this was going to have a hard time going wrong for me. The almonds had me side-eyeing but through whatever witchcraft, add a lot and makes this even more awesome than the chips. If you already have some cooked leftover chicken, this would probably only take a half hour, if not, add in the cooking time for some chicken. I again, substituted the mayo with greek yogurt. If spring still exists out in the world, would be a good picnic or family get together bring.



Chicken Ranch Wraps



Super duper easy and you probably don't need a recipe, lol. Takes about 15 minutes to throw together if you have leftover shredded/cut up chicken. I dipped mine in salsa for some added flavor. Would work really well for a take to work for lunch. 



What did you all eat this week? And feel free to torture me with talk of spring weather.

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review 2018-04-14 16:15
Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook: 100 Great Recipes with Fewer Calories and Less Fat by Dana Angelo White
Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook: 100 Great Recipes with Fewer Calories and Less Fat - Dana Angelo White MS RD AT

My husband bought me an Air Fryer for Christmas, man he is the best Santa ever. I really wanted an air fryer for a long time. The Air Fryer came with a small cookbook to get me started but I wanted more. So when I saw this book on Netgalley.com I requested it and was lucky enough to be approved for it.  I love to cook and try new recipes and this book helps me with my passion for cooking, plus 100 new recipes to try and I get to feed my family healthy while I am at it. 


The recipes are in categories: Breakfast, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. Each recipe shows a pictures, has a list of ingredients, step by step instructions, and nutrition counts. Each recipe is also under 500 calories per serving. 


I did make the chicken strips and they came out amazing. My husband loved them. I will definitely be making more recipes from this book. 


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com to read and review.

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text 2018-04-09 17:14
Menu Monday

Thai Chickpea and Veggie Pizza




Really good, the peanut sauce is what makes it. I actually think I would switch out the canned chickpeas for the bagged ones. They are more soft out of the can and I think a crunchier vibe would go better with this. Pretty easy, blending up the peanut sauce was the most work and not time consuming to make.



Smoky Southern-Style Meatless Meatloaf



I know, I know, meatless meatloaf is wackadoodle but beanloaf just doesn't have the same ring to it. This one takes some time and effort, was in the 2hr mark. The BBQ sauce was so good, bf said it would taste amazing on ribs. Sigh. I thought the loaf was pretty good but I would switch out the cornmeal for Panko bread crumbs next time for some added texture.



Smashed White Bean, Basil, and Avocado Sandwhich



I forgot to take a picture of this one before I inhaled it, so you get a picture of Raiden enjoying his backyard view. :)

I was trying to help usher spring in with this lighter sandwich, as you can tell by the snow on the ground, it didn't work. Quick, easy, and light lunch that was really good. Get that extra lemon to spritz more on. 



Cheeseburger Casserole



I used turkey instead of hamburger. I thought this one was a little blah tasting, I would season the turkey meat with something while I cooked it next time. Very easy to whip up and not very time consuming. Cut up pickle spears on the bf's plate (he thought it was really good) and shredded lettuce and carrots on mine. 



Orange Dreamsicle Bread



So good, amazing orange dreamsicle taste with cream cheese. I added orange zest to the frosting and loved the extra spark it gave it. I made mine in one 9X4 loaf pan. There was some extra batter that got tossed but not a lot left over. I also had to add about 20mins to the cook time. This one takes some time and effort, probably around 2 hours, but if you like dreamsicle tastes, make this. My mouth is watering just thinking about how good this was again, lol.


How were your eats this week?

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