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review 2018-06-19 18:57
Servant of the Undead by Isabelle Drake
Servant of the Undead - Isabelle Drake

I don’t think this book is going to be a book for everyone but if you like a little monster mixed in with your erotica it may just be the book for you.


Hayden is a young guy doing a little zombie sex-cult research for a junk rag in the library when he is approached by a gorgeous woman wearing little more than a mini-skirt and a few scraps of rags. She’s dripping (it’s storming out, you pervs), she is icy cold and she smells weird. He knows deep down that something is not quite right here but he has sex with her anyway (hey, she offered!) and now he’s in way over his head. Turns out she’s the sort of zombie that he has just been researching. What are the odds, do you think?! She lets him know that he is her newest sex pet and he must perform whenever she feels the need to “feed” which is quite often, it turns out. She feeds off of sex, by the way, instead of brains and he has no way to fend her off because she easily compels him with her eyes and her beautiful body.


“You don’t understand yet, do you? Let me explain. You belong to me now. Until I’m done with you, that is.”

She chains him, she drugs him and, if you ask me, it serves him right! He has a girlfriend who he has cheated on and now because of his dick and his weakness, she’s caught up in all of this weirdness. He is one of the world’s worst boyfriends and feels bad for brief moments but not bad enough to figure a way out of the situation. And nearly not bad enough for me to feel bad for him as I reveled in his debasement!


This book is something else. I cannot honestly say that I liked any of the characters with the exception of Rachelle, the cuckolded but good-natured girlfriend, because they’re all pretty despicable creatures who do terrible things and think terrible thoughts but I couldn’t put it down. It’s a sexy, strange read with loads of dubious consent and a few humiliating episodes but nothing overly gross or truly disturbing (says me who has read some AWFUL stuff in the past, pee & poo stuff if you must know, so your mileage may vary). Be warned though, if dubious consent or the inability to consent scares you off because that stuff is here in several scenes. None of it gets too dark or disgusting and it’s not filled with angst and emotional despair. It was all rather amusing in a dark, dubiously sexy sort of way.


I’d give it a 3 1/2 because the story did get a wee bit convoluted towards the last half but it still managed to keep me entertained.


Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for providing me with an ARC.

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review 2016-05-19 19:42
The Sadist's Bible by Nicole Cushing
The Sadist's Bible - Nicole Cushing

Ellie’s miserable and wants to die. She feels trapped, is married to a man she doesn’t love and has realized that she only wants to be with a woman. If only for a night. She meets a stranger named Lori online and the two agree to meet for a night of sex, debauchery and death.

photo tumblr_nfkwhrMpsF1snusg4o1_500_zpse9v3owjn.gif

But, you see, although Lori wants desperately to die as well, she’s not being entirely truthful with Ellie. I’d be less than forthcoming too if I were hiding what Lori is hiding. . . Her secret is a doozy and I am afraid to say much of anything besides read this book if you like excellently written, thoughtful and extreme horror.

The Sadist’s Bible was truly terrifying. It’s set in the mundane world but then takes a sharp right turn into disturbia and never leaves. The imagery ranks right up there with some of the torments that befall Clive Barker’s unfortunate characters in his earlier works. I honestly don’t think I’ve read an erotic horror short so unsettling and under-the-skin intense since I finished Lucy Taylor’s Unnatural Acts back in 1997.

It also has a few unexpected and brief moments of humor.

“Nuttier than a squirrel turd.”

I seriously have to read everything this woman has ever written.

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review 2015-04-07 16:15
Cool to the Touch: A Zombie Love Story by Terry Maggert
Cool to the Touch: A Zombie Love Story - Terry Maggert

Cool to the Touch combines two things that should never, ever go together. Zombies and sex. Yeah, you read that right. Zombie sex. Sex with zombies. Not exactly the stuff of which dreams are made.

“How consuming is love?”

Would you believe me if I told you this is a sensitive and eloquently written tale of love, loss, lust and utter hopelessness? You should because it’s true.

I quite enjoyed it. It’s not all up in your face gross as most of the “monster porn” I’ve read has a tendency to be (not that there's anything wrong with that either!). It’s sexy but not super explicit. It’s .99 cents for 12 pages of terrible beauty and if this author decides to write a full out erotic horror novel I’ll be the first in line to one-click buy it.

Read it if this is your thing. I won’t judge you. Come on. You know you want to. . . Here's a small sample of what's in store. You can blame my GR friend Tressa.

"Things were precarious just then. I could feel the aftershocks of her own pleasure clenching me at the root, as if every drop of me might bring her back from the edge of depravity that she stood upon."

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review 2015-03-29 23:26
Review - Red Dawn by Ann Gimpel
Red Dawn: Darkly Erotic Fantasy - Ann Gimpel,Fiona Jayde

My Thoughts - 3 out of 5 Unicorns - I liked it!!!

***Received a copy of the ebook for an honest review, but I do own a copy in the bundled set Paranormally Yours


The cover definitely attracts the eye, but I wish it had more orca in it :)


This is definitely for adults only, and it is novella length at about 80 pages.  This has very steamy scenes involving magic and multiple partners.  This story was also in the Paranormally Yours bundle if you picked up that set.


This is the first time I have read anything by Ann, and I enjoyed it.  Her scenes are very steamy and well written :)  This is also the first time I’ve read a story with whale (Orca) shifters.  Shifters are people (humans) who turn into another form in this instance a whale.  There was some action, and the story idea is very creative, but parts felt very rushed to me with regard to his job and saving the ocean and the bad guy.  Ann’s writing is descriptive and easy to read.  I love the fun lovin’ Nereids that are playful sea nymphs.  I think I need to read more ocean shifter stuff to decide if I really like it or I prefer my shifters on land :)


I’m definitely going to look into more books by Ann especially her Company Store series because it really intrigues me, and they are longer stories :)


I recommend this story to those who enjoy multiple partner shifter stories and want something unique and oceanic :)

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review 2014-06-22 12:30
400 Days of Oppression by Wrath James White
400 Days of Oppression - Wrath James White

I’d previously read Wrath James White's collaboration with Edward Lee, Teratologist, and was horrified by the depravity their two minds concocted. That book left me slightly traumatized and unable to scrub the images from my brain. So, of course, when I saw that Wrath’s newest title was classified as “dark erotica” I had to read it. 

400 Days of Oppression is very much dark erotica but it never went too far. I was prepared for something truly soul destroying and disgusting but there was nothing here that I couldn’t handle. In fact there were really only two scenes that take place on/after “the farm” that were gruesome to me (one hilarious, the other just horrific but well deserved). In all honesty, I was a little disappointed by the lack of gore and body fluids but there’s probably something wrong with me. This book isn’t being marketing as “erotic horror” for a reason.

With all that said, I’ll try to tell you a little bit about the story without giving it all away. Kenyatta is a black man who, as a young teen, fell in love with a white girl and had his heart stomped on. Kenyatta did not take this well. This vignette was so innocent and sweet and heart-wrenching that when the story flashes forward to a grown up Kenyatta it was a bit jarring. He has never forgotten that experience and when he grew up, he discovered a love and talent for the BDSM scene. He meets Natasha. Natasha is pretty, white and very insecure. She is longing for love and will do whatever it takes to win the eternal love and devotion of Kenyatta. 

Kenyatta uses a book based on slavery called “400 Days of Oppression” as a guide to torment and preach at Natasha. If she can endure everything the blacks endured during their enslavement he will marry her. All the girls before her have failed but Natasha is quite damaged when they meet and knows how to endure.  The story is fueled by sex and pain and I have to admit that it left me feeling very sad. Sad for humanity and the pain people inflict on each other, sad for Kenyatta who felt the need to do this, and sad for Natasha for needing a man so badly that she allowed it all to happen. 

This is a difficult book to rate. It is a very grueling read with little to no relief from all of the suffering. I enjoyed the implied ending but I wish it hadn’t been quite so abrupt.  I like dark stories, I like erotica, and I usually enjoy extreme love stories but this one? I don’t know, it didn’t entirely work for me on any of those levels. It has a load of darker edged sex including whippings, dub-con, f/f, attempted rape and all that stuff and though most of it was erotic and well written, it left me feeling drained and upset at both Natasha and Kenyatta.


*The FTC makes me say that I received this copy from Publsher. Naturally I reviewed it like I would any other book with honesty, sarcasm (if the mood strikes) and all personal biases firmly intact.

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