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review 2018-11-29 11:23
Mystic River by Dennis LeHane
Mystic River - Dennis Lehane

God damn. It's currently past 5 in the morning and I've just finished the book. The first thing that hooked me was LeHane's ability to create characters that felt real. I can honestly say that throughout the book, I could relate to most of the characters in one way or another. This with his impeccable writing had me DEVOURING the book. My book is underlined in so many places with passages that I read, re-read and then read once more. His writing is so beautiful and mesmerizing but at the same time raw and honest. I didn't expect a thriller/mystery to have such a delicate and romantic style but I'm in love and I can't wait to pick up another one of his books. 


I'll let the writing speak for itself, here are some of my favorite quotes: 


"A fading hope hung in both her eyes like matching flaws, a neediness that Sean knew rarely attracted any other kind of man but the predatory kind."


"Sean watched the sun begin its decent through the trees, turning the Pen a rusty gold, adding a red glow to the treetops. Sean thinking if he were dead that's one of the things he'd probably miss most, the colors, the way they could come out of nowhere and surprise you, even though they could make you feel slightly sad, too, small, like you didn't belong here."


"Brendan Harris loved Katie Marcus like crazy, loved her like movie love, with an orchestra booming through his blood and flooding his ears. He loved her waking up, going to bed, loved her all day and every second in between."


"...Jimmy felt sadness take root in him, nestle up against his insides as if finding a warm home, and he didn't even try to wish it back out again, because some part of him understood that there was no point."


"Over his mother's shoulder, Jimmy saw his father stumble out of the house, his clothes wrinkled and his face puffy with sleep or booze or both...His mother followed Jimmy's gaze and when she looked back at him, she was worn out again, the smile gone so completely from her face, you'd have been surprised she knew how to make one."


Happy reading! 


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review 2018-09-08 10:13
Nicht sehr spannend
Der Abgrund in dir - Dennis Lehane,Steff... Der Abgrund in dir - Dennis Lehane,Steffen Jacobs,Peter Torberg

Rachel Childs ist beruflich erfolgreich und verheiratet ist sie auch. Für ihren Job vor der Kamera muss sie zu einer Katastrophe reisen und Bericht erstatten. Live vor der Kamera bricht sie zusammen, dieser Zusammenbruch ist nicht nur das ende ihrer Karriere, auch ihre Ehe scheitert. In ihrem neuen Mann findet Rachel genau die Person die sie braucht um ihre Ängste zu überwinden und sich der Welt zu stellen, doch leider ist nichts wie es scheint und ihre Welt bricht zusammen. Nun steht sie vor der Wahl sich für das Richtige oder für die Liebe zu entscheiden.

Das Cover finde ich nicht besonders ansprechend. In einer Buchhandlung würde es mit nicht auffallen. Ich persönlich finde auch, dass es nicht besonders gut zum Inhalt des Buches passt.
Dennis Lehane ist unter anderem der Autor von Shutter Island, dieses Buch habe ich nicht gelesen, aber der Film hat mich schwer beeindruckt. Ich hatte hohe Erwartungen an dieses Buch, weil der Autor vorher schon mir positiv aufgefallen war.

Am Anfang des Buches, liest sich Rachels Geschichte einfach und glaubhaft. Ihr Leben wird realistisch dargestellt, ihre Erfolge sowie ihr Scheitern.
Nach einem langatmigen Anfang kam endlich Spannung in die Geschichte, bevor sie dann rasch wieder an Spannung verliert.
Es gab einen Punkt in der Geschichte und ab diesem Punkt fand ich das Buch nicht mehr gut.

Der Schreibstil von Dennis Lehane lässt sich einfach und gut lesen. Der Plot und die Charaktere überzeugen mich nicht.

Keine Leseempfehlung.

Ich habe das Buch von vorablesen bereitgestellt bekommen und bedanke mich herzlich dafür.

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text 2018-07-28 20:51
Red Eye: Patrick Kenzie vs. Harry Bosch: An Original Short Story - Dennis Lehane,Michael Connelly

Two pages in and I was wishing Connelly and Lehane would team up again and flesh this great short story out into a full length novel, because I sure as hell would read it.


The story is set in Boston and poor Harry Bosch who spent the Vietnam War as a tunnel rat, and tries to avoid enclosed spaces, immediately finds himself in the Ted Williams tunnel with a load of maniac Boston drivers. (There's a reason they're known as 'Massholes'.)


Once he's met Patrick Kenzie and they've checked each other out and decided they're both alpha males they settle down to a bit of East Coast vs West Coast sports banter.


"You like baseball, Patrick?"


"Big-time. Why?"


"You're the first guy I've seen in this town not wearing a Sox hat."


Patrick pulled off his hat and considered the front of it as he ran a hand through his hair. "Imagine that. I didn't even look when I left the house."


"Is that a rule around here? You've all got to represent Red Sox Nation or something?"


"It's not a rule, per se, more like a guideline."


I laughed out loud at that, seeing as I was wearing a Red Sox hat while I was reading.


But if I have one complaint about Patrick Kenzie, it's that he's not a hockey fan.


Patrick edged his way through the doorway onto an Arizona Cardinals rug, drew a bead on a BarcaLounger trimmed in Sun Devils colors. A Phoenix Suns pennant shared space with one from the Phoenix Coyotes and Patrick had to peer at the latter to realize the Coyotes played in the NHL.


If he learned nothing else from this day, he now knew Arizona had a professional hockey team.


So, please Messrs Lehane and Connelly, could Harry and Patrick ride again?



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review 2018-01-18 14:45
"A Drink Before The War - Kenzie and Gennaro #1" by Dennis Lehane
A Drink Before the War - Dennis Lehane

How can this be my first Dennis Lehane book? How did I miss someone who writes like this?


I went into the book in complete ignorance because I liked the title.


I was immediately impressed by a new style of hard-boiled PI that mixes swagger with self-deprecation, reluctant empathy and hate-driven violence.


My only point of confusion was why the author had set this piece of edgy, I'm-self-confident as long as I don't think about it or the dreams don't get me, noir. in the 1990s. It took me ages to realise it was PUBLISHED in the 1990s.


"A Drink Before The War" is set in 1990s Boston and is wrapped around a plot involving corrupt politicians covering up the truth about the worthless excuses for human beings that they are, gang warfare, blackmail and multiple attempts on the lives of our two PIs.


The novel is powered by two challenging themes that feel contemporary: racial hatred as an unchangeable reality and the violence of abusive fathers and husbands. These two themes are braided together to explore what happens to the powerless when love and violence are twisted around one another and the corrosive effect long-harboured hate has on our ability to be human.


I admired Lehane's ability to provide a bold and ballsy shell for the two PIs while still letting us see the doubts and hatreds that eat at them. There's no preaching here, no moralising. This is not a discussion of issues and options, it's an up close and personal look at the consequences of abuse and hate, the hard choices they face us with and how much it costs us to make the right call.


The story is told mainly from Kenzie's point of view, so it's his head we get to crawl inside, his nightmares we share and his history that we discover, but Gennaro, his tough, competent, friends-since-childhood female partner is also well drawn. She is married to a man who beats her, has a partner who is constantly trying to woo her, is half the size of people trying to kill her and is still the most grounded and determined of the two PIs.


The plot twists but doesn't cheat. The setting feels authentic. The dialogue is sharp without becoming mannered, The violence is disturbing and morally ambiguous.


This is noir at its best. I'm sorry I missed these in the 90s but the good news is that there are five more Kenzie and Gennaro books in print so this year I'm going to enjoy catching up.

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text 2017-07-31 17:08
Finished it!
Since We Fell - Dennis Lehane

And it was a wild ride, but ultimately left me thinking, is that all there is?


In the end, there were just too many plot twists. I love getting that huge "whoa, I did not see that coming" moment, but it gets a bit stale when it happens again, and then again, and yet again. Eventually the plot gets too far-fetched and it seemed to me that Lehane had no idea how to end the book, so it just limps along to the finish.


I do think this book would make a great movie, and I've got a sneaky suspicion that's what the author is hoping for. But if you want a Lehane book with the "whoa, I did not see that coming" moment, I would recommend Shutter Island over Since We Fell every time.



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