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text 2018-02-08 17:38
Audio Review: Grave Witch (Alex Craft #1) by Kalayna Price (Narrator: Emily Durante)
Grave Witch - Kalayna Price
Grave Witch

Alex Craft #1
Kalayna Price (Narrator: Emily Durante)
Urban Fantasy
Tantor Audio
April 18, 2011
10 hours and 3 minutes


Grave witch Alex Craft can speak to the dead, but that doesn’t mean she likes what they have to say.


As a private investigator and consultant for the police, Alex Craft has seen a lot of dark magic. But even though she’s on good terms with Death himself—who happens to look fantastic in a pair of jeans—nothing has prepared her for her latest case. Alex is investigating a high profile murder when she’s attacked by the ‘shade’ she’s raising, which should be impossible. To top off her day, someone makes a serious attempt on her life, but Death saves her. Guess he likes having her around...


To solve this case Alex will have to team up with tough homicide detective Falin Andrews. Falin seems to be hiding something—though it’s certainly not his dislike of Alex—but Alex knows she needs his help to navigate the tangled webs of mortal and paranormal politics, and to track down a killer wielding a magic so malevolent, it may cost Alex her life...and her soul.




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** This review was originally featured on Books of My Heart. It was my pleasure to be part of her Friends on Friday series.


Mystery, surprises, tension, & edge of our seat moments.


Holly Cow, Grave Witch was more then I expected it to be. I was pulled in from the start and couldn’t stop until the very end. We get ghosts, a murder mystery, weird magic, and so much more. It was one thing after another that you never know what will happen next. 


Alex is a fun, unique, and powerful character. Everything we learn about her just leads us to wanting more. Her numerous and complex problems change the book into an entertaining and unpredictable read. Her grave sight is a pretty nifty ability, but it comes with a price. I liked how in this world their is a price to having magic. The more Alex is in contact with the dead the colder her body temperature gets and after being in contact with her power she has issues with her eyes. Alex does find ways to deal with the price. 


The secondary characters where wonderful. I had fun with all of Alex’s friends. She’s picked a great group of people to be with. 


The relationships Alex has with Death and Falin makes me wonder if their might be a love triangle looming in the future. I like the relationship between Alex and Death. As for Falin and Alex they where together to help with the backlash of her power this time around. I’m curious to see where things go on the man front. I will say the relationship comes second to the murder mysterious happen in this story. 


Narration: This is my first experience with narrator Emily Durante. I didn’t have any issues with the audio. I was sucked in that I couldn’t stop and when I had to I was a little sad and I wanted to jump back into the audio book. The story comes alive. Their are a lot of characters and Ms. Durante does a good job making them each unique. 


Grave Witch is a humorous suspenseful murder mystery Urban Fantasy that’s hard to put down. I can’t wait to dive into the next installment.


Rated: 4.5 Stars


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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2018/02/audio-review-grave-witch-alex-craft-1-by-kalayna-price-narrator-emily-durante
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review 2018-01-16 23:12
Grave Witch - Kalayna Price


DNF at 82%

And it starts...
I really didn't want to start so soon DNFinishing books, but I'm really not into anything in this story, and if I keep this up, it will be 2017 all over again; with me wasting time on books I'm not enjoying.
The worst part about this, is that when I started reading it... I thought I had found another series to follow. The first paragraph is really good:

The first time I encountered Death, I hurled my mother’s medical chart at him.As far as impressions
went, I blew it, but I was five at the time, so he eventually forgave me. Some days I wished he hadn’t— particularly when we crossed paths on the job.

Thing is, when I'm reading an urban fantasy series I need to... you know, understand the world I'm reading, and why things are the way they are... and basically what makes the magic work for the characters?
For instance, Alex Craft taps some reservoir of power in a ring she uses; a ring that needs to be recharged and did I miss that? Did she connect an usb cable to the thing and to a power outlet?
Because I was left wondering how the hell the thing was charged!
Sorry peeps, but I need to know these things; otherwise my brain just disconnects.
Then the world building...
Eh... so magical beings came out of hiding seventy years ago because humans were start to forgetting about them, and their power was diminishing as a result of that...
Honestly when I read 'that', my first thought was, "what, no blaming tomatoes?" *see Rachel Morgan for answer to that*
Look, I still haven't read all my Rachel Morgan books mainly because some vampire gets on my fucking nerves with her stalking, but Kim Harrison's books are way better than this; they give the reader answers, and everything is perfectly detailed. This, as I have been saying over and over, is not.
Then there's this douche-bag character with long blond hair and Fae origins and I was like, two Trentons? -_- No
Fallon, unlike Trenton, reads as this one dimensional douche-bag, with the respective sports car and a tendency to boss Alex around.
As for Alex, it's like she doesn't know the world she's living in, so she's always making mistakes.
It was frustrating to read about.
As for another character, Death, he reads as a fluffy kitten.
I give up.


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review 2017-09-09 21:48
Grave Ransom (Alex Craft, #5)
Grave Ransom - Kalayna Price

This series is one of those outliers that I continue to really like even though I can easily point out several ... I don't want to call them flaws, so let's just call them weaknesses.  But I love the characters and the setting, so even when things don't work, or the author makes decisions I don't necessarily like, I still enjoy the story.


Grave Ransom is about zombies, as luck would have it (Halloween Bingo square!), and I generally feel petty meh about zombies, but for Alex and her friends, I could deal with zombies.  It also helped that these sentient zombies, not the BRAINS! eating type (although there were plenty of those at the end).  One particularly wrenching scene in the middle of the book where one vicim comes to terms with his situation added a bit of depth to what otherwise might have been a simple paranormal killing spree.


But I have to say I didn't much care for the ending; Price is playing tin soldiers with Alex's love life, and the plot itself didn't feel quite tied up enough to satisfy me; I'd have liked to have known how the 'bad guys' met; I was left with questions after their dastardly plot was revealed and they didn't all get answered.


In spite of that, I had a great time reading the book; these are always fun and never a chore to pick up; I hope the author continues to bring Alex and her friends to the page for some time to come.


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review 2016-06-29 02:24
Grave Witch by Kalayna Price
Grave Witch - Kalayna Price

Series: Alex Craft #1


I don’t remember what brought this book to my attention.  It was probably something to do with one of the later books in the series. I know better than to expect too much from a book marketed as urban fantasy, but the library had a copy, so I figured it was worth a shot. I’d call this more of a modern day fantasy world rather than an urban fantasy, however, because we’re most definitely not in our world.  Magic users and fae went public about seventy years ago and it’s a modern-day mishmash of magical charms, cars, and cell phones.


I almost quit because it took a good hundred pages to get interesting. Several of the tropes bordered on cliché territory (the absolutely broke investigator, the girlfriends who would throw the MC at any man who showed interest [and who don’t apologize when said man tries to harm her], the sort of triangle, the hostile police, etc). And at several points the characters basically acted in the way most convenient for the plot without a lot of conviction.


But…the world felt like it was a more original take on the genre with how the MC’s magical powers, the ghosts, and the fae stuff were presented, so it gets an extra half star.  I’m undecided as to whether to give the next one a shot.

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review 2016-03-22 00:18
Grave Visions (Alex Craft, #4)
Grave Visions - Kalayna Price

After an insanely long delay, the fourth Alex Craft was released last month and as I've had it on pre-order for 3 years I wanted to finally read it, but was more than a little worried it would be a flop because 3 years is a long time to stall on a story.


But I needn't have worried.  It wasn't the best book in the series, but it was a good solid story about Alex, a grave witch who can raise shades (pure memories - not ghosts).  She's got a whole mess of problems that culminate in this book and a sort of ongoing love triangle (it isn't, but it's complicated).


This is definitely a series you want to start at the beginning with, because constant references are made in all the books to previous stories and character development (especially amongst her best friends).


I knocked off 1/2 star because the mystery in this book was bleedingly obvious from the first; the author was just too heavy-handed with her clues.  But the mystery isn't why I read these - I like the friendships, and I like Death (the character, not the process).  The fae... eh.


There's apparently a book 5 planned for next year and I'll definitely read it.  But I don't think I'm gonna pre-order...

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