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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-09-03 18:01
Strange book
The Heart of the Lost Star - Megan Derr



Kamir is on the verge of losing everything. Knowing full well he can't meet the ultimatum his parents have issued, he instead finally puts in motion his plans to live completely independent of them. His plans are interrupted, however, by the unexpected return of his despised ex-husband—and thrown even further into upheaval when he ends up comforting the man he's secretly loved for years. Jader may not know where he comes from, but he knows where he belongs and what he wants—until he helps rescue some stranded Bentan travelers, one of whom looks almost exactly like Jader, throwing his life and everything he thought he knew into tumult. Scared and overwhelmed, Jader flees—and lands unexpectedly in the arms of a man he's always seen, but never really noticed.


Dear Megan Derr,

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but the second one did not work nearly as well for me, so I decided to ask my book friends if somebody could loan me this one and lucky enough somebody did.

In this book two other characters whom we briefly met in the previous books get their chance at happiness. Actually I am almost sure but not positive that we met Kamir before, maybe he was just mentioned as one of the Lesto’s potential matches and I did not care to reread second book just to double check this small detail.

I do not think readers will be lost if they start reading this series from this book, but I highly recommend checking out “High King Golden Tongue” anyway which is about how High King Sarrika and High Consort Allen fell in love. Also a brief reminder that in this society gender seems to be mostly about choice – you are what gender you said you want to be, there are also several trans men who were or will be getting pregnant and giving birth.

We are introduced to Kamir when his “delightful family” wants him to find a good match or they will disown him. Kamir already put one marriage behind him – the one which he entered at sixteen and his husband abused him. Kamir loves his two children, but he divorced his husband and wants to never have anything to do with him ever again. I thought Kamir was a delightful character, taking in strides everything that the life threw at him and just trying to survive and make sure his children will have a good life too.

Jader succeeded Lesto in the position of High Commander of the Imperial Army and of course his job keeps him very busy. As blurb tells you by complete accident he acquired a family from the country called Benta which he never knew he had. Jader is from the Islands, or so he believed himself to  be from there all his life before he saved people from Benta who came to visit the Empire. I am not hundred percent sure whether the Islands are considered to be just an independent territory within the Empire, or a separate state, but it was made very clear in the book two how different many Islanders’ cultural traditions are from the Mainlanders’ cultural traditions.

Of course Jader is not happy to realize that he may have more complicated heritage than he realized and while his spirits are low he meets Kamir . They briefly met before but that’s the first time they actually got to have a conversation and basically decided to spend more time together. They even begin brief love affair.  Of course just when they realize that both of them want to get to know each other better Jader is ordered to go visit Benta and get acquainted with his new family for few months. Of course King Sarrika is mostly interested in strengthening his alliance with Benta , and Jader serves at the pleasure of the King so off he goes.

Basically from about forty percent of the story till almost the very end ( ninety five – ninety six percent of the story on my Kindle our heroes are separated and the chapters take turn between describing to us what is happening to Kamir and to Jader.

I have to confess because I was not completely happy with the second book in the series not only did I borrow this one, I skimmed some reviews and I did know that the men will have to endure pretty long separation. I also knew that they would be writing each other letters.  I do not mind epistolary novels at all, but I felt that in this one letters exchange did not work as a substitute for the development of the relationship.  Because the beginning of the courtship between two guys was so sweet I was definitely looking forward to them getting to know each other better, unfortunately the letters were not powerful enough for me to see how their feelings grew in intensity so much that they would consider eventual marriage at the end of the road.

There was something else that did not work for me even more that the letters. I usually really enjoy how Megan Derr portrayed ruthless court intrigue and political machinations in several of her novels. In this book I enjoyed reading about all the trouble Kamir had to endure because I enjoyed watching his quiet strength endure so much. I also worried for him, but I knew he would prevail at the end.

Unfortunately Jader’s troubles in Benta left me very much indifferent. I am not even sure why – as I said I love political intrigues. I wonder if I had some characters in Benta I could relate to I would feel more engaged?

In any event, this was a weird book. I liked Kamir and I liked Jader and I liked them together, the writer however did not give them nearly enough time together to satisfy me.

Grade: C



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review 2017-09-02 15:12
Cutest tentacle porn ever
Wriggle & Sparkle: The Collected Tales of a Kraken and a Unicorn - Megan Derr

Not my favourite Megan Derr and I'm struggling to put my finger on why. 

The characters are great. Sarcastic, funny, snippy. Anderson especially is so against 'type' as unicorns are expected to be. I loved their banter and the way this didn't stop as the romance progressed. The concept of the story really appealed to me as well. And as usual the writing is excellent. It's gender/sexuality positive across the board, with a genderfluid (quite literally) kraken and a (formerly promiscuous) bi(pan?)sexual unicorn.

So why didn't it completely work for me? I don't know. Lynn had a habit of slipping between genders and as he always kept the same pronoun, I wasn't always aware of this until breasts or clothes were mentioned. This didn't help with my visualisation of the scene.

The greater problem was the format of the book. It was a collection of shorter stories taken over the first few years of their relationship. This gave the book a disjointed feel and I never really connected with the relationship. I also felt Lynn's character shifted in the last part of the book and I couldn't quite reconcile this wedding obsessed person with the foul mouthed kraken we encountered at the beginning of the book. I actually preferred the first 75% of the book. Once the wedding became the main focus I more or less lost interested.

Great characters, an interesting idea, and the cutest tentacle porn ever.

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review 2017-09-01 21:59
It's said that 'we should start as we mean to go on'...
The Heart of the Lost Star - Megan Derr

It's said that 'we should start as we mean to go on'...


So that's what I'm going to do. From the first book my reviews have started at the cover and this one is no different. Seriously, these are some of the most beautiful book covers that I've seen in a very long time. While each cover is uniquely beautiful. They are also tied to each other by how their similarities. it's a thing that I tend to notice about book covers and while the book cover isn't a factor when I'm rating a book, when it's as beautiful as these I like to give them the admiration they so richly deserve.


'The Heart of the Lost Star' is once again set in the world of Harken and while we've met both Kamir and Jaden briefly in previous books, mainly 'The Pirates of Fathoms Deep'. Those glimpses were brief and gave us very little information about either of this books MCs. Kamir is the youngest and sadly mistreated son of some minor nobles and in this third book we find out the full extend of how hard Kamir's life has been and how strong Kamir truly is. 


Kamir has suffered abuse at the hands of his parents...mostly verbal and emotional, it would seem but that can be every bit as damaging, sometimes even more so than physical and this was compounded by marriage to Theoren, an abusive man who had no problem with adding physical abuse to the mix. But Kamir's strong so incredibly strong and he does what he needs to do to protect his children and to get himself and his children away from Theoren. He's worked hard to make a life for them which unfortunately has also put him back under his parents influence. It's while living in the castle that he first notices and finds himself attracted to High Commander Jader.


Jader grew up an islander his origins lost to him because of a shipwreck that left him on Pearl Island where he was adopted and grew up with a large and loving family and worked his way through the military to become the High Commander of the army, upon Lesto's departure with his husband, Shemal, in the second book.


It's not until Kamir crosses Jader's path in the royal gardens that he truly notices him and their relationship begins only to see duty take Jader away from the capital for weeks. It's while Jader is away that he begins to realize that Kamir has come to mean so much more to him than a dalliance of a night or two. 


Megan Derr has once again worked her magic to create the Kingdom of Harken and the people who reside within it's realms creating a story that's intricately woven giving it depth and texture to both capture and hold the reader's attention and once again we are given characters who have depth and personality and are very likable.


Fantasy is my catnip but I have to admit I am one picky soul when it comes to fantasy and I have a very small list of books on my go to list when I want to read a fantasy novel and with this book Megan Derr has ensured this series has a permanent place on that list. 


'The Heart of the Lost Star' is a book readers biggest quandary...it's that book that you can't put down and yet at the same time you are praying that it will never end...all the while knowing that 'all good things do come to an end'...that is until the next book is released.



An ARC of 'The Heart of the Lost Star' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-08-27 23:14
No better way to pass 30 minutes
The Royal Inquisitor - Megan Derr

I adore Megan Derr's short fantasy stories/fairy tales. 


Second chances and betrayal wrapped up in a short story. With only being in Esmour's POV this story gave me all the feels. As is often the case with Megan Derr's short fantasy stories, there is no sex scenes, which means it's all story.


I'd have happily read a novel based on this short.

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review 2017-08-12 07:48
Another worthy addition to the series
The Heart of the Lost Star - Megan Derr


The Heart of the Lost Star


Series name/number

Tales of the High Court #3



Megan Derr


Date started



Date finished



New to me author



Reason for review

Netgalley & Fave Author & Series Read



Fantasy & romance



5 to 6 hrs reading time



I adore these covers. Excellent.



Long distance relationship, long lost heir, pining


Heat level

Some scenes, more sensual than graphic



Jadar. Previously Deputy High Commander. Taken over as High Commander since Lesto hung up his sword. An Islander in all but birth. Loves pretty things. Family is important. Never sleeps with somebody more than once.







Kamir. Sweet but strong divorced father of two. Abused by his former husband & with a family that tries to control him into doing his bidding. Kamir is FTM transgender. Kamir has low self-esteem because the High Court and is parents treat him like damaged goods.









Kamir has been in love with Jader for a long time but thinks he is below Jader's attention.  Jader isn't used to wanting the same lover more than once or twice. And just when it appears that maybe he wants more with Kamir, Jader is dragged off to another country.








What worked

Megan Derr's world building is excellent and her characters are rich and diverse. All of the previous characters appear in various degrees in this story and it's great to catch up with them.






What didn't

The lovers are apart for about 50% of the book and only carry on their relationship through letters. This makes for some great pining.




Extra info

This is book 3 of the series and I highly recommend reading the other books first. They are excellent in their own right but also provide background information to the ongoing political climate and character relationships. There will be at least two more books in the series.









Excellent addition to the series. Jader's surprise as he falls in love is adorable. Kamir is strong despte the abuse he suffers and yet he learns that it is okay to accept help. And it is fun to catch up with all the other couples in the series so far. Well-written with some amusing scenes to temper the parts that made me mad and the ones that choked me up.










Star rating





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