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review 2018-04-16 22:13
Historical Romance Fairytale
The Beast of Bath: A Regency Fairytale - Chasity Bowlin

The Beast Of Bath by Chasity Bowlin is a great read.  This is a fairly quick read, perfect for those with limited time for reading.  Ms. Bowlin has given us a book that is well-written and furnished with outstanding characters.  Thessaly is running from her step-father when she's rescued by Victor.  Their story is full of drama, action, humor and sizzle.  I enjoyed reading The Beast Of Bath and look forward to reading more from Chasity Bowlin in the future.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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video 2018-04-14 22:03

Not featured is the book I somehow forgot about, Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu.

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review 2018-04-09 23:25
The Sea Beast Takes a Lover
The Sea Beast Takes a Lover: Stories - Michael Andreasen

The content of the stories in The Sea Beast Takes A Lover by Michael Andreasen ranges from the bizarre to the more bizarre. Looking below the surface of the stories though, common themes do emerge. Each story seems to find its anchor in a character's need to be loved. In these completely unrealistic, often disturbing stories, the author manages to capture this very human emotion. It is this intensity that keeps me reading.



Reviewed for Penguin First to Read program.

Source: www.memoriesfrombooks.com/2018/04/the-sea-beast-takes-lover.html
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text 2018-03-29 21:39
Tea's TBR Thursday - March 29, 2018
The Women Who Wrote the War - Nancy Caldwell Sorel,Arcade Publishing Staff
Train to Nowhere: One Woman's War, Ambulance Driver, Reporter, Liberator - Anita Leslie
Cliffhanger - Amy Saunders
Romance Down Under: New Zealand Romance Starter Set - Tracey Alvarez,Book Cover by Design
Sacrificed to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons) (Volume 1) - Jessie Donovan
Wild Montana Skies (Montana Rescue Book ... Wild Montana Skies (Montana Rescue Book #1) - Susan May Warren
Destiny's Embrace - Beverly Jenkins
Bollywood and the Beast - Suleikha Snyder
A Dangerous Legacy - Elizabeth Camden
After a Fashion - Jen Turano

We found out we are moving back to the US sometime mid-summer. So now we are just waiting for our orders (telling us where we are moving to) to start the out-processing/clearance process. I am re-adjusting my summer reading plans and delaying grad school. I am really happy to be going "home" but I will miss some parts of living in England. 


To deal with my anxiety and stress (you would think I had a better handle on military moves considering this is my fourth move, but nope), I have been stuffing my eReaders with as much content as possible. One reason is that when we get close to leaving, my eReaders and laptop will be my only entertainment for weeks, since we will be staying in hotel rooms or temporary lodgings once back in the states. Second, my print collection will be on a boat with my other household goods, and that can take up to two months for it to arrive at our new house. So I am very dependent on easily portable reading material and puzzle books.


Added to the NOOK:

1. The Women Who Wrote the War by Nancy Caldwell Sorel

2. Undeniable: Book One in the Oregon Trail Series by Laura Stapleton

3. Lost Fortune (Unbridled #1) by Sandra E. Sinclair

4. Sacrificed to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #1) by Jessie Donovan

5. Train to Nowhere by Anita Leslie

6. Mad About Matt (Red Maple Falls #1) by Theresa Paolo

7. Restless Hearts (Gold Rush Romance #1) by Mona Ingram

8. Giovanna: The Cowboy's Calabrese Mail Order Bride (Sweet Land of Liberty #1) by Lorena Dove

9. A Mail Order Heart (Miners to Millionaires #1) by Janelle Daniels

10. The Wren (Wings of the West #1) by Kristy McCaffrey

11. The Christmas Mail Order Bride (Holiday Brides #1) by Kit Morgan

12. Romance Down Under: A New Zealander Romance Starter Set by Tracey Alvarez

13. Cliffhanger by Amy Saunders

14. McKenna (Nevada Brides #1) by Clara Kincaid


Added to the Kindle:

15. Wild Montana Skies (Montana Rescue #1) by Susan May Warren

16. After a Fashion (A Class of Their Own) by Jen Turano

17. The Bounty (The Malloy Family #1) by Beth Williamson

18. Then Came You (Bradford Sisters #0.5) by Becky Wade

19. True to You (Bradford Sisters #1) by Becky Wade

20. Destiny's Embrace (Destiny #1) by Beverly Jenkins

21. Destiny's Surrender (Destiny #2) by Beverly Jenkins

22. Destiny's Captive (Destiny #3) by Beverly Jenkins

23. A Dangerous Legacy (Empire #1) by Elizabeth Camden

24. Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden

25. Dawn's Prelude (Song of Alaska #1) by Tracie Peterson

26. Gentleman of Her Dreams (Ladies of Distinction #0.5) by Jen Turano

27. Spice and Smoke (Bollywood Confidential #1) by Suleikha Snyder

28. Spice and Secrets (Bollywood Confidential #2) by Suleikha Snyder

29. Bollywood and the Beast (Bollywood Confidential #3) by Suleikha Snyder





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review 2018-03-26 12:50
The Nature of the Beast
The Nature of the Beast - Louise Penny

Well after some ho-hum books in the Inspector Gamache series, "The Nature of the Beast" brought me back to why I initially loved this series. We have Gamache retired and living in Three Pines. He and his wife Reine are doing what they can to recover from all of the corruption and almost near death experience that Gamache has dealt with in the past few years. However, death finds them again in Three Pines which leads to a larger mystery of an object linked to the Cold War. 


"The Nature of the Beast" deals with the shock of the village when 9 year old Laurent Lepage is found dead one dead. Laurent was not well liked by many in the village because of his habits of telling tall tales. Though Laurent was annoying, he was still a part of the village and many are hit hard by his death. When Gamache starts to think that the crime scene doesn't look right, he begins to suspect murder and is proven right. 


I don't want to give too much away since I think Penny did such a great job with the layers of this book. For once we have people actually talking to each other. We don't have long philosophical segues into Gamache's head or anyone else. Though the main plot is the murder of Laurent, another plot dealing with an infamous Canadian serial killer also gets weaved into the story. Although at first I wondered why in the world the two stories were in the same novel, Penny eventually shows you the connection. 


Gamache was great in this one. Even though he is loathe to leave retirement, it appears that many around him want him back with either the Surete or somewhere else. He is sure of himself in this one and is ready to do what is necessary to bring the killer(s) of Laurent to justice. When things get entangled from an almost begone past in Three Pines, Gamache steps in to make sure that things don't fall into the wrong hands.

I finally liked Jean Guy again. Yeah it was a rough couple of books there. He is now working alongside Inspector Lacoste (promoted into Gamache's position). They have an ease together and I liked seeing that Jean Guy respects her and even calls her patron like he did Gamache. I wish that Penny would consider spinning off the Gamache series into focusing on Lacoste. I am more interested in a woman in power in her position. We know she's married and has two boys (from what I can recall). It would be interesting to see her at home with her family and how her minds works. 


Reine (Gamache's wife) is concerned that she is not going to get the sweet retirement she is after with Armand. I have to say though even though the book paints her as perfectly happy with living in Three Pines, I wonder about them not living in Paris to be near their son. Or at least not living closer to their daughter and son-in-law (now Jean Guy).

The villagers of Three Pines are still there and still being there usual selves. I do have to say though that Ruth is quickly becoming a caricature. We do get to see Clara's grief from losing Peter still hitting her and I was glad that was not glossed over. I can't tell how many months it's been since Peter has died, but it's been a few based on what is said. I do have to say that there wasn't a lot that the villagers did in this one really. We had them popping in and out and of course everyone sitting down to have dinner with each other. I think that the magic of Three Pines was definitely showcased in this one, but after reading the second book think it's starting to dim a bit. 


Also I would love a characters description upfront of the villagers who will appear in the current book. At this point I think this is like the fourth or fifth book mentioning someone that has lived in the village forever, but we never heard of before now. Also it would be nice if we had follow ups from previous villagers instead of the usual suspects (Clara, Mryna, Ruth, Olivier, etc.).


The writing was very good in this one. There was no hanging sentences. There was no digression into some piece of literature/movie, etc. that did not have meaning. Characters had actual conversations with each other. I was not left wondering what did such and such mean. The flow was excellent too.

The ending left me gobsmacked (in a good way) and I was left worried for Gamache and his future. 

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