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review 2022-12-11 21:27
Dangerous Curves: The Ultimate Curvy Collection - Skye Eagleday

These are short stories some of which are interconnected. All involve a big, beautiful woman and a man who likes them curvy. Some of the characters are Latino. Others are Native Nations, Others are paranormal creatures. I liked them most of them.


The first story, Loving a Wounded Hero, deals with a returned veteran who is hospitalized with war wounds and his physical therapist. She has been the only one who has stayed with him and gotten through to him. I liked Clay and Kloe. He may be an SOB at times, but Kloe is just as stubborn as him. She breaks through his walls and lets him be a man despite how messed up his thinking is.


Next comes How Bad Can a Cowboy Be? Kathy has inherited a dude ranch from her mother and goes to see it. She meets the resident cowboys. She has preconceived notions about the personnel at the ranch. She finds out she is wrong plus she and her mother had the same tastes. Meanwhile, her cousin Bree, who is also her roommate, is a counselor at summer camp where she meets Jesse. Since all the women flock to Jesse, Bree wants nothing to do with him. When she finally has him, she realizes she was wrong about him wanting a big woman. I like Kathy and Bree. They are free from societal conventions and open to enjoying themselves. Although not quite as free as Bree's sister Delia, who we meet in the next story.


The next story, Dominatrix and her Cowboy, is connected through the people with How Bad Can a Cowboy Be? Delia, who is Bree's sister, has gone to the Pendleton Round-Up to take care of her family's tepee for a day while they are away. A drunk cowboy wanders into her tepee while she is getting her luggage for the night. She finds him in her tent, explains the tepee was no historical exhibit, and punishes him for his error. Delia is harder to like than Bree. Delia just takes charge and expects people to do what she wants them to do.


Loved by a Cowboy is a standalone story. Tony Biggs, a rodeo star, stars in a music video. He becomes even more known but his world collapses when his wife dies. He starts keeping company with Jack Daniels. One night he goes to a neighborhood restaurant/bar where he gets drunk. Claudine, daughter of the owners, drives him home. Her truck won't start, and the weather is getting back so she stays the night at Tony's. She makes him dinner then goes to bed in the guest room. He takes a blanket into her room and is attracted to her. What's he going to do about it? I had some problems with this one as he did not have consent. She was okay with it as she had wanted him a long time, but I think he should have woken her up and asked first.


Handyman Loving was another standalone story. Toby is hired by Bettina to remodel her kitchen. She is highly attracted to him, so instead of remaining in the kitchen and staring at him, she goes back to one of her bedrooms and uses her battery-operated boyfriend. Toby has a question and goes to find her. When he does, she is fulfilling her fantasy of him. He's drawn to her and does as she asks, only to find out she was fantasizing. He lets her know she is his dream, and they let their feelings go. I liked Toby. He does have second thoughts about what he is doing to her as she sleeps and gets a shock to find out she was not sleeping but things work out for them.


Messing with the Missionary Man is about a stepbrother and stepsister finding out they like each other before he goes on his mission. I did not like this one. It was not as erotic as the rest of them. I did not like the characters. Aaron seemed to coerce Jessi. The story did not flow smoothly into the erotic like Loved by a Cowboy and Handyman Loving even though consent was iffy in all three stories.


The last story is interconnected with Bree and Delia again. Bree is camping and trying out a new BOB when Mikah's pack is taking a Run during the full moon. He smells her along with four other pack members and goes to her tent. Bree invites Mikah in not knowing he is a werewolf. They begin a relationship and get engaged. Delia goes camping also but being the Dominatrix she is, her camping trip is different. She's waiting for the werewolves to appear and gives them a welcome they'll never forget. She also gets a reputation that none of the wolves will challenge. Mikah and Bree marry. At their wedding, new information comes out about Bree and Delia's family from their grandmother. I liked this story. I liked the different points-of-view. I like Bree and Mikah. They bring out the best in each other. Both get want they need and want. Delia also gets what she wants. She can dominate as much as she wants and not have to worry about permanent injury.


I liked Skye Eagleday's writing. I enjoyed the little she shared about Native Nations. I look forward to reading more of her.

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review 2020-07-16 18:50
Book Review for Devious Savior (Vicious Vipers MC Book 6) Lynn Burke
Devious Savior (Vicious Vipers MC Book 6) - Lynn Burke



What an enjoyable story this was after the whopping ending with Virgil's story and with his brother's continued attempts to self-sabotage and continuing down the rabbit  hole we were more intrigued than ever what his story was.

The answers to Ricky's past are revealed and he finally comes face to face with his demons that have been haunting him for over 20 years and with a little help from a blonde tiny dancer he even may overcome them once and for all.

I have to say that I really enjoyed Ricky's character because I found him to be real, vulnerable, protective, heartsick, guilt stiffened while having a lot of insecurities all probably stemming from his life choices and past deeds but, not so gone that he wasn't the type of man who wouldn't be redeemable.

I loved Casey from the moment that women graced the pages because that woman was a spitfire also sexy, independent, bold, beautiful, forward, and not the kind of woman to give up what she wants. Casey had me smiling and laughing out loud at her antics and forwardness and she kept that  smile plastered to my face the entire book. Casey may have been all those things but, like all women, she had her own insecurities which made her even more of a love-able character.

Lust and love, at first sight, we're pretty much what drew Ricky and Casey together in the first place baring her amazing resemblance to Ricky's past lover who haunts his dreams but, in the reality, they are complete opposite's. The chemistry and pull between the two was scorching hot  and sexy but, as always the road to getting want you to want is never an easy one and for this couple will love to be able to conquer all and lay those demons to rest once and for all?

We loved the story from beginning to end and we loved that it was heartfelt and emotional and complicated and had awesome characters that felt real so much so you felt their pain and suffering. A touching story about addiction, and healing, love, and forgiveness all wrapped up in one but, along that path and through all that chaos it leads you to the one woman destined to be your soulmate. A tale that kept you glued to the pages the entire time.
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review 2020-07-16 18:27
Book Review for Twisted Devil by Lynn Burke
 Twisted Devil (Vicious Vipers MC #4) by Lynn Burke - Lynn Burke



Twisted and Dasia's story was touching and heartfelt. I have to say Twisted's character surprised me as he was so much more than a hacker and not your typical computer nerd that is obsessed with his craft he is outgoing, outspoken and likes kinky sex and is obsessed with a girl almost half his age. The age difference had a bit of an ick factor for me but, Dasia's age is nothing compared to all this young girl as already endured and she is already wiser beyond her years as she had to grow up rather quickly to overcome all that she has already suffered just to survive.

Twisted has been drawn and obsessed with Dasia since she showed up at their gate broken and battered but, she is lost and broken and the last thing she needs is a man who needs dominance and obedience in and out of bed even if the age difference isn't really a factor.

Our heart broke for Dasia and time again as that girl was dealt nothing but, hard breaks her entire life but, Pia and Ryder aka Callous are there to pick up the pieces and for the first time in her life has made her feel safe and loved. We loved how Callous was Dasia as it was quite out of the norm for him but, one thing for sure she quickly wormed his way in that dark heart of his. We also loved how quickly she also wormed her way into the hearts of the other club members so much so they considered her one of their own and would give their lives to protect her.

Dasia story just broke our heart time and time again and its a miracle that life didn't completely break her.Dasia had some sort of bond with Twisted from the moment she meets the gorgeous biker and is obsessed with the man just as much as he is with her but, she felt no man would ever want her so this just adds to her torment.

Dasia and Twisted had some off the chart chemistry and perhaps his kink is just what she needs to feel cherished and safe.

Overall the story had enjoyable characters a suspenseful plot and one that broke one's heart. We really are enjoying this series as well as this story as it had us engrossed in the pages to the very end. The series and this current read also had so many loveable characters that you can't help but love each and everyone one of them and we just love that!

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review 2020-06-28 18:36
Book Review for Ruthless Sentinel (Vicious Vipers MC Book 2) Kindle Edition by Lynn Burke
Ruthless Sentinel (Vicious Vipers MC Book 2) Kindle Edition - Lynn Burke


We really enjoyed this story as it had really great characters that were fun and flirty and they made you laugh.

The more we read this series the more and more we fall in love with it's characters.Stone was one of those characters that you loved from the onset of the story although serious he was funny,sexy as sin, handsome,rugged and one of those who does not shy away from feigning interest in a women who he is lusting after and yet, has no business wanting but, can't help obsessing over a women he cannot have.I loved him as I thought he was frig-gen hilarious as he was fighting his feelings and sexual desires!
"It made for a whole lot of laughs!"
"He reminded me like a fish on a hook!"

Giada was our favorite character as she was witty and defiant ,one who chose her own path, had a huge heart ,suffered bullying and abuse and betrayals and was full of sadness and had a sh** family other than her siblings yet, she still carved out a successful life and remained sane through it all but, did not become a bitter person in the process. Giada was beautiful and kind and caring and was beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

Overall the story was a really good one that was full of action and suspense,pretty much from the onset of the story and kept you glued to the pages to the very end.The story also had great characters that were engaging and funny and interesting and we are loving getting to know these new character's and we are looking forward to reading the other members stories.The story took a bit of a twist and one that we did not see coming and we like when that happens and we also loved that fact that opposites attract and these two had amazing chemistry and yet, end up perfect for one another.
This was one hot sexy read!


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review 2020-06-28 17:46
Book Review for Brutal Beast (Vicious Vipers MC, #5) by Lynn Burke
Brutal Beast (Vicious Vipers MC Book 5) Kindle Edition - Lynn Burke


This was and enjoyable read and we loved Virgil,Mila and Devon and their story.

I always pick a favorite character that stands out and my favorite this time around was Virgil because he always seemed almost unapproachable most of the time but, when it came to spending time with both Mila and Devon he was anything but.We loved Devon and Virgil's interactions and so forth whether Virgil realized it or not he was taking on the role of a parent while also extending friendship to a boy who seemed to be a little bit lost.

We loved the chemistry between Mila and Virgil because if you just entered a room you could feel it between them but, Mila is constantly Waring with both her heart and mind but, with very good reasons to be that way after the situation she has found herself in but, one thing is for sure is Virgil has met his match in Mila and he is addicted to her sassiness.

I really loved Mila and Virgil together they were super sweet together and even when she was trying to avoid him she was constantly drawn to the cocky alpha biker so much so her attempts made us smile.

Overall we felt it was a heart felt story and the characters we easy to love and as always we love all the teasing and so forth among the clubs members added with a bit of suspense and bitter betrayal and unanswered questions about Virgil's brother created a bit of a mystery so much so we want answers too it was the perfect read to pass the time.


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