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review 2019-03-20 20:46
Love On the Slopes (One Night to Forever #4) by Melissa McClone
Love On the Slopes (One Night to Forever #4) - Melissa McClone



Letting go of the past means taking control of the future. How is that possible when the past you're trying to forget refuses to allow you to move on? To err is human. To forgive is hard. Love on the Slopes is about learning to forgive. McClone speeds full - throttle into the pain of heartache and the power of forgiveness. Brynn and Ryland have history. Each thought they had moved on, but their heart's had other plans. Their path is a journey that blends sweet and sour. Can they turn bitterness into a forever kind of love?

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review 2019-03-20 12:58
ARC REVIEW Taming Her Mate by Kathy Lyons

Taming Her Mate (Grizzlies Gone Wild #6)Grizzlies Gone Wild #6, The conclusion to the Detroit Flu/Bears vs. Wolves story arc. I didn't realize that when I first started reading and felt lost so I went back and read the previous two and got all caught up. I love this series, I love the slow process between bear to man it takes them mentally, especially when they have been bear for too long or how they can't shift more than once a day unless you're a powerful alpha and now one of the hybrid shifters, assuming they didn't go crazy. The poison being dumped into the water supply activates dormant shifter DNA causing anyone with the latent gene to become a hybrid shifter, with it comes the risk of brain damage and unless they can figure the shift out they die. When shifters drink the water it amps up their already existing powers especially in the undiluted form.

Detective Ryan Kennedy, who just days ago was about to be killed by his alpha, is about to break the case about where the wolves are dumping the poison in the water when he gets attacked by two wolf shifter jacked up on the poison making them stronger and more vicious. Francesca Wolf is the daughter of the wolf pack Alpha, she knows who is really behind this and has been trying to stop them and get the pack to support her. Frankie is able to save Ryan but just barely, now the two are working together to stop the responsible party. But between the lust and his bear wanting to mate with Frankie and the fact that Ryan wants to take down everyone responsible and Frankie who wants just the one person behind it all to be held responsible, oh, and Frankie thinking she can handle it on her own they are fighting an uphill battle.

The relationship between Ryan and Frankie steams up the pages. But they are both uncertain if they can even mate bond because he's a bear and she's a wolf. I enjoyed the pairing between Frankie and Ryan they were a good match.

Overall, fantastic book. Kathy Lyons with the whole series has created addictive storylines, characters you care about, a great mysteries, and a steamy romance. I loved the whole series and I really hope it's not over yet.


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review 2019-03-07 20:57
It's In His Forever (Red River Valley Novel Book 5) by Shelly Alexander
It's In His Forever - Shelly Alexander



Can a broken heart and a bruised ego be healed by a secret romance? Or will pride and pain destroy something that could be beautiful? Shelly Alexander has done it again. She puts her heart in it and walked away with mine. It's in His Forever, could be touted as another sad love song, instead Langston and Sandra become a redemption song. He's the hope she lost when the people she trusted labeled her a disappointment. She's the future he wants despite the odds that stand in their way. At it's most heartbreaking is when this story becomes the most inspiring.

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review 2019-03-02 22:26
Dramatische Liebesgeschichte, die trotz kleiner Unstimmigkeiten Spaß macht
Cole & Autumn – A San Francisco College Romance (College-WG-Reihe 2) - Christiane Bößel

A San Francisco College Romance ist eine Buchreihe, die bisher 4 Teile umfasst. Cole & Autumn ist der zweite Teil. Die Bücher sind in sich abgeschlossen, die weiteren Teile erzählen Geschichten der Nebencharaktere. 

Worum geht es: 
Cole sieht richtig gut aus, hat Erfolg bei den Frauen und einen großen Traum: Er will Profi-Footballplayer werden. Dank seines Stipendiums trainiert er dafür jeden Tag an der San Francisco State University mit seinen Kumpels. Natürlich haben die Jungs in ihrem Alter auch viel für Partys und Bars übrig und so lernt er eines Tages Autumn, die Schwester seines Teamkollegen Gavin, kennen. Doch Autumn hat mit Sportlern bisher nur schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht und will sich, auch aufgrund ihrer eigenen Probleme lieber verschanzen.

Meine Meinung: 
Ich habe ein wenig gebraucht, um in die Geschichte rein zu kommen, doch die Charaktere wurden mir von Seite zu Seite sympathischer. Die einzelnen Figuren sind gut auseinander zu halten und handeln größtenteils schlüssig. Es gab zwei bis drei Situationen, die ich nicht wirklich gut gelöst fand und die charakterlich auch nicht ganz passten. Trotzdem mochte ich die Geschichte und die Charaktere darin sehr gern. Das Buch ist interessant, romantisch, tragisch und teilweise höchst dramatisch. Der Schreibstil war locker und leicht verständlich, so, dass ich das Buch an einem Tag lesen konnte. Die Wortvielfalt bei den erotischen Szenen hielt sich jedoch eher in Grenzen. Das Buch ist abwechselnd aus den Perspektiven von Cole und Autumn geschrieben, so, dass man sich in beide Charaktere gut hineinversetzen kann. 

Das Cover wirkt nicht zu überladen, ist farblich ansprechend und passt zum Genre. Es ist ein wenig 0815, aber das stört mich hier ganz und gar nicht. 

Auch wenn hier zum ersten Band der Reihe ein wenig gespoilert wurde, würde ich die Geschichte von Ethan & Claire gerne noch lesen, da ich die beiden Charaktere mochte. Der dritte Band interessiert mich ebenfalls sehr. Die Figuren aus dem vierten Band sind mir noch nicht bekannt. 

Eine teils schöne Liebesgeschichte, die aufgrund der Thematik ein wenig tiefer geht, jedoch leider nicht ihr ganzes Potential ausschöpfen kann. Trotzdem empfehlenswert.

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review 2019-03-01 15:00
ARC REVIEW The Cowboy Next Door by R.C. Ryan

The Cowboy Next Door (Montana Strong, #2) Montana Strong #2, can be read as a standalone. All things are quiet on the Monroe Ranch but it's about to get shaken up when Mac Monroe does a favor for a very dear friend. Mac hires Penny Cash on at the ranch to help out with cooking and cleaning when her teaching job at Haller Creek falls through. When Mac adopted Sam and his brothers over sixteen years ago he turned the three foul-mouthed troublemakers into ranchers. Sam Monroe took to ranching like it was something he was meant to do. Sam was in no hurry to settle down he was content to go out drink beers, hustle a little at pool, and sleep around that was until he walked into the house after three weeks out with the cattle and found Penny in his kitchen.

Penny was used to being in a household of all men, she practically raised her three brothers all by herself after their parents death, so she was prepared for what to expect when she started on at the Monroe Ranch. What she wasn't prepared for was how strongly attracted she was to Sam. A slow burn romance that builds their relationship before anything else. Both are hard workers who know the value of a hard days work but where Sam knows how to kick back and relax Penny doesn't. Penny has worked hard her whole life when she wasn't taking care of her brothers or her elderly aunt she was studying to be a teacher, it's been her dream for as long as she can remember. Penny discovers that her youngest brother is working on a ranch outside Haller Creek, she also finds out he's been betting and losing money playing pool and when trouble follows him Penny gets caught in the middle. Sam just found happiness with Penny and now he's will to put his life on the line to save her.

Overall, it's a contemporary western with a splash of suspense, just the way I like it. R.C. Ryan hits the spot with this heartwarming family relationship, sexy and smart cowboys, a picturesque setting, and a romance that burns slow but hot. Sam and Penny have a lot in common but just enough to keep it interesting. Finn said the dreaded famous last words of a single man, "I guess it's up to me to stay strong and resist whatever love virus is going around." *maniacal laugh* I can't wait for his book.   



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