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review 2017-09-12 22:30
Random Thoughts: The Tokyo Zodiac Murders
Tokyo Zodiac Murders (Detective Mitarai's Casebook) - Shika MacKenzie,Soji Shimada,Ross MacKenzie

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders
by Soji Shimada



Japan, 1936. An old eccentric artist living with seven women has been found dead--in a room locked from the inside.  His diaries reveal alchemy, astrology and a complicated plan to kill all seven women.  Shortly afterwards, the plan is carried out: the women are found dismembered and buried across rural Japan.

By 1979, these Tokyo Zodiac Murders have been obsessing a nation for decades, but not one of them has been solved.  A mystery-obsessed illustrator and a talented astrologer set off around the country--and you follow, carrying the enigma of the Zodiac murderer through madness, missed leads and magic tricks.  You have all the clues, but can you solve the mystery before they do?

I'm not entirely sure I know what I want to say about this book.

The truth is that while it was easy to become completely immersed into our two main characters' discussion and dissection of the Zodiac Murders that occurred forty years prior to the book's 1979 setting, I had also found I had a hard time keeping up with some of the deductions tossed out by our main astrological detective, Kiyoshi Mitarai.  I honestly have to admit, I was confounded by all the clues--maybe I'm just not made out to be a detective.

I was as confused as the narrator, Kazumi Ishioka, and found myself truly wondering how Kiyoshi had come to certain conclusions.

I had a slight inkling of what kind of person might be the culprit behind the Zodiac Murders, but I was flummoxed by how the act could have been committed, as well as who exactly could have been the murderer.

Of course, when we get into the "Kiyoshi Reveals All" part of the conclusion, I can see how cleverly the entire thing was constructed.  I didn't see it coming, but I see how it all worked.

I liked the build-up and introduction of the Zodiac Murders--the first half of the book consisted of Kazumi giving Kiyoshi the rundown of the case, what happened forty years ago, and some brief background on the victims and suspects.  By all rights, this should have felt like a massive infodump, but with Kiyoshi's random interjections and color commentary, it was actually quite amusing to follow.

The second half of the book, wherein Kiyoshi finally gets serious and goes out to do some of his own investigating might have lost me a little bit, since I'm not entirely sure if a whole lot was accomplished aside from a nice visit to Kyoto.  The visual of the cherry blossoms was lovely, and the mentions of some Japanese foods made my mouth water.  I know... this is a book about a grotesque serial murder...

But I appreciated some of the random tangents, even if I thought that Kiyoshi might have gotten a bit overly dramatic at some points.

A couple other points that came to mind:

  • The talk about longitude and latitude kind of lost me.  But there was an obvious emphasis on the depths at which the girls were buried that got me thinking, even if I couldn't figure out the significance.
  • The ending came off as kind of sad, in a heartbreaking way, when the culprit is revealed, and the reasons why, as well as a few other things that were mentioned.  Explaining why I felt a pang of sadness, however, would reveal the identity of the culprit, and I hope I didn't already say too much.

Overall, The Tokyo Zodiac Murders was a very excellently outlined story.  And while I DID find the cheek at Sherlock Holmes a bit amusing (I've only read a few Sherlock stories), I also kind of found Kiyoshi's snub at famous fictional detectives a bit overmuch--like, I couldn't figure out if he was sincerely ignorant of the mentioned names while making fun, or if he was just being arrogant and sarcastic.

The truth is, it was a bit hard to tell sometimes if Kiyoshi was being sarcastic or not, but he sure as heck DID come off arrogant, even when he had a few sheepish moments.  I DID like the interaction between him and Kazumi, though; it somehow came off quite endearing.



Halloween Bingo 2017

Other Possible Squares:

  • Murder Most Foul:  For obvious reasons.
  • Amateur Sleuth:  Kiyoshi is an astrology professor (?) and Kazumi is an artist.
  • Serial/spree killer (?):  To be honest, the murders in this book seem more in line with a mass murder than serial killings, but the term serial killing had been used, so I'm not entirely sure about this one.
  • Diverse Voices:  And, of course, because this book was written by a Japanese author and set in Japan, translated into English for those of us who haven't yet learned how to fluently read kanji, hiragana, and katakana.



Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2017/09/random-thoughts-tokyo-zodiac-murders.html
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text 2017-09-06 01:32
Southbourne Tax Group Review - Säg adjö till skulder idag med dessa steg

Markera kubanska en gång sade: ”betala din skuld först. Frihet från skuld är värt mer än eventuella belopp som du kan tjäna ”. Varje person bör sträva efter att nå sina finansiella mål och vara fri från enorma skulder. Med detta är en framtid med en stabil finansiell ställning vissa.


Säg adjö till skulder idag med följande grundläggande steg av Southbourne grupp. Varje steg kom från finansiella experter som ville dela sina egna finansiella tips och hjälpa människor att uppnå finansiell stabilitet. De vill också uppmuntra personer att komma ur skuld som deras första steg att nå sina finansiella mål.


Alltid ha kontroll på din privatekonomi


”Pengar är en mekanism för kontroll”. Du ska lära dig att korrekt kontrollera dina pengar för att stoppa dig från att ha enorma skulder. Det är sagt många gånger innan men du verkligen behöver disciplin att nå dina finansiella mål. Överskridanden bör inte ingå i ditt ordförråd. Följ en strikt budget för att börja din resa till en skuldfri finansiella liv.


Livet är fullt av oväntade händelser. Låt oss säga en dag din partner förlorar sitt jobb eller din chef beslutade att bara ge dig ett deltidsjobb, ta bort dig från listan över heltidsarbetande. Med sådana händelser förväntas du göra justeringar i din finansiella livsstil. Inte spendera pengar som du Använd tidigare, göra nödvändiga ändringar för att överleva dina finansiella villkor.


Är din gamla skulder spökar dig redan? Inte panik och Lägg inte till fler skulder bara för att betala din gamla eftersom det blir bara en oändlig cykel. Lösa ditt problem genom att hitta ett jobb som är tillgängliga under din fritid såsom en bisyssla eller en ytterligare deltidsjobb som inte, naturligtvis, skulle påverka din nuvarande en för att tjäna mer pengar. Maximera din tid och träna på att betala dessa skulder.


Gör ditt bästa för att uppnå ekonomisk frihet


Ekonomisk frihet handlar om – tjäna tillräckligt med pengar och bygga den mental disciplinen för att förhindra att pengar styr du, Scott Young sade. Mental disciplin är verkligen avgörande för kontrollen av dina pengar. Med ingen kontroll över dina utgifter, du kunde fastna i din ekonomi och kommer att ställas inför en ekonomisk nedgång senare. Men med varje problem, kommer en lösning, så att inte bli deprimerad och se till att ändra i morgon till bättre för ditt finansiella liv och hitta rätt sätt att lösa dina ekonomiska problem.


Låt inte dig själv styras av pengar


Pengar är viktigt eftersom vi använder det för att köpa de saker som vi behövde för att överleva. Det kan ge oss mat, vatten, kläder och husrum. Ja, du behöver arbeta hårt för att tjäna tillräckligt med pengar, men glöm inte ditt emotionella väsen, Southbourne momsgrupp sade. Du behöver att känna sig levande genom att bilda en vänskap med olika människor och göra vackra minnen med din familj. Att skapa obligationer kommer att ge dig olika känslor såsom glädje, tillfredsställelse, innehåll, etc. men också sorg och sorg. Tja, är de nödvändiga att känna sig mänsklig.


Har en bra finansiell lösa


Använda denna beslutsamhet för att avsluta dina finansiella misstag. Inte få några fler skulder och undvika det till bäst av din förmåga. Se till att du tjänar tillräckligt med pengar för att tillfredsställa dina grundläggande behov och förbereda en nödfond samt.


Southbourne-gruppen kommer att avsluta denna artikel med fyra stegen ovan. Om du behöver mer råd och tips om att komma ur skuld, tveka aldrig att kontakta dem idag.

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review 2017-09-01 14:52
Great Locked Room Mystery in Japan
The Tokyo Zodiac Murders (Pushkin Vertigo) - Shika MacKenzie,Soji Shimada,Ross MacKenzie

I am reading this for "Locked Room Mystery": The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Soji Shimada. This apparently is a locked room mystery novel that has been getting rave reviews. 


Wow all I have to say is that this book was great. More than anything I love clever books like this, and this was definitely very clever. I honestly was a bit worried for a couple of minutes that maybe I wouldn't be able to get the book since the setting is in Japan. But wow the author Soji Shimada is able to pretty much show you that murder is murder no matter where it takes place.


This book is broken into two time periods. The first is Japan in 1936 and the second time period is Japan in 1979.


In 1936, we are treated to a letter that is left by an artist named Heikichi Umezawa. Umezawa wants to "build" the perfect woman. We read of his obsession with women and their bodies as well as his comments on astrology. We realize that he plans on doing away with his children, stepchildren, and nieces (all female) and using parts of them to build his perfect woman and bring Japan back into a state of harmony. 


Oh here's the problem, Heikichi Umezawa is found murdered in a locked room. Yet the murders still take place. Who could have decided to follow Umezawa's plan?


When we are back in1979 we follow two amateur detectives (Kiyoshi Mitari and Kazumi Ishioka) our Sherlock and Dr. Watson if you will. FYI that would tick Mitari off since he had some hilarious bad opinions about Sherlock. We find out that the murders are famous in Japan and many people have tried to figure out who killed the women after Umezawa was dead where the perfect woman was left. Just like Sherlock, Mitari is subject to depression, and Kazumi is hoping that the puzzle of the Tokyo Zodiac Murders will drag him out of his depression. 


I was fascinated with Mitari since he is a respected astrologer and fortune teller. It seems an odd hobby for our amateur detective, but it makes sense when you get into the astrology aspect of this book.


There are a lot of characters in this one, but I was able to keep them straight. The author provides you the names of everyone up front and throughout the book. We really only get Kazumi's deductions and point of view since he is telling us the story. We do get glimpses of what drives Mitari though. 


I loved the writing. Reading about hos corpses were dismembered repeatedly may not be your thing, so be forewarned. The flow was great too. I also applauded the author for including illustrations of the locked room, and diagrams of other rooms, as well as the corpses being dismembered, and also people's names to family trees, etc. There are a lot of really good illustrations in this book and it made it for me, into a five-star read. 


I will say that aspects of this story just thrilled me from beginning to end. Trying to work out Umezawa was murdered and how an unexpected snowfall came into play was great.



I also loved thinking of Kyoto and cherry blossoms.



The reveal of who the murder was and how they carried it off was brilliant. I would imagine that Dame Agatha would have given this author kudos. Because once was revealed I had to go back and re-read clues.


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