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text 2020-04-12 11:11
Office Shifting Services in Dhaka | Packers and Movers

If you are planning to office shifting into Dhaka to Chittagong then you should hire experienced packers and Movers Company so that you can moving and shifting as you are located at a height and transporting your household items will be in danger if you do not rely on safe hands or well experienced players in this field. Packers and movers packnshift is the first to give you the best and easiest movement and safe change.



Moving and Shifting has never been easier, especially when it already contains high risk and liability. Suppose you are moving only for Dhaka and then a misfortune occurred as you are in the upper valley and deep forests, and then who will pay or compensate you for the loss suffered. Dhaka packers and movers who have a lot of experience in this field and have well trained workers who can easily manage their tenure from the upper Dhaka safely and securely. Well-trained team workers will do their best to move your things to Dhaka or from Dhaka to any other place safely and even if loss or damage occurs, they will make up for it.


Money is not meant to be wasted in any way and we know the values ​​of your money and the household items that are for you, so our services are available at affordable prices so that anyone can enjoy the best of our service to best prices. If you are looking for packers and Movers in your budget with the best services offered, then your search ends here as packnshift is linked with experts of Dhaka packers and movers who work fo, commercial relocation, office shifting, Home shifting, transport of vehicles, or international travel, storage services, etc.


Make your move easy and safe with the best price Dhaka packers and Movers and have a fully satisfied experience with them. They will always be there to help you anytime services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which you couldn't easily find at any other relocation company. Tell us your need and we will fulfill your wish with the best relocation and Dhaka packers and Movers with whom we are associated to make your relocation safe and simple.

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text 2014-10-18 15:39
What is with this week and unhinged authors?

First John Grisham and his pro-child porn watching nonsense.


Then Dear Prudence being a whiny pretentious dick about Amazon Vine reviews. Tortious interference? TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE?! No, lady, no. That term, and "ad hominem attacks" do not mean what you think they mean. She's also being classless and tacky as hell on twitter. 

And now Kathleen Hale, who tries to spin her tale of stalking a reviewer to the point of showing up at her fucking house! into her being a victim of "catfishing". Again, that doesn't mean what she thinks it means. Someone she's stalking protecting herself isn't catfishing. It's amazing that its always the batshit insane ones who are the reason people need separate online identities who screech that everyone should post under their real names. Fuck. That. I don't need your crazy ass showing up at my house or calling me at my place of business because you can't deal with the fact that I didn't like your crappy book. 


Come on, people. If you can't handle negative reviews find something else to do with your life. Publishing books is not for you. 


ETA: If you want some really chilling reading check out these two posts, also by Hale, that details her stalking and assaulting a girl at 14 and joking about harming and killing small animals with no empathy whatsoever:








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text 2014-07-08 01:45
Dear Simon & Schuster . . .

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-06-02 13:32
Wizard and Glass (The Dark Tower, Book 4) Publisher: Plume - Stephen King

Who's a Stephen King fanboy? *raises hand* "I am! I am!" Stephen King has been a hero of mine since I was thirteen. Two decades of idolatry later and I'm still dumbstruck at what this man has accomplished. I do not wish to be like him, or write like him, because mimicry is the failure of self, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want his money. I preface this review with this paragraph because you should know that my love for King's work goes far beyond the reaches of a mere fan. I'm a fanatic of the highest order, and no matter how many times he lets me down, I will buy every book, in every format, that he releases upon the world. This review should not be taken as my opinion of Stephen King, only as an opinion of this particular work. Even the best have their bad days.


In my review for THE WASTE LANDS, I said that it was not only the best book in the Dark Tower series but one of my favorite King books of all time. WIZARD AND GLASS is the exact opposite of that. It is damn-near my least favorite, and is only beaten out for the bottom spot by FROM A BUICK EIGHT, of which I shall never speak of again. I have many problems with WIZARD AND GLASS, but some issues I have come down to personal preference. Although, there are some things that I don't think any reader will enjoy, and I'll start with those. Unfortunately, though, they are spoilers.




This book snatches you away from the characters you come to know and love - Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and Oy - and shoves you crotch first into a time and place you're unfamiliar with. This is my third read-through of this book, and it never fails to jar me out of my socks when we're thrust into Rhea's head for the first time. Then, just as jarringly, we're tossed into Susan's head. All the while we're waiting on Roland to pop up. When he finally does, he's not the man we remember, but a kid with his brain nestled firmly in the wrong head. Now comes the issue I have with this five-hundred-page flashback. We know Susan dies because Roland told us as much in the first book. We even know how she dies because, once again, we're told in the first book. Had WIZARD AND GLASS been written before THE GUNSLINGER (and yes I realize as an author myself how unfair that is to say, what with me knowing how finicky stories can be with the information they deliver and when) I wouldn't have half the problems I did with this novel. I think that's my biggest complaint: this book feels like an afterthought, as if King said to himself, "Shit, I need to toss this in somewhere..." and decided to weigh down this volume in Roland's tail with a bloated and boring romance. I couldn't let myself get attached to Susan because I knew she was going to die. Simple as that. I don't care how well-written this book is, it's a chore to get through because you know what's going to happen. 




Personal preference time.


I fucking loathe romance novels. There is no greater love story than the one I've lived for the past 13 years, and whenever I read about puppy-dog love and love at first sight, I grow sick to my stomach. Love rarely works the way romance novels would have one believe. Now, granted, I can count on one hand how many love stories I've read, but I'd been dragged to numerous rom-coms and Nicolas Sparks film adaptations before I met my wife, because it seemed that was the thing to do. Women like romance, so I took my dates to such movies. Surprisingly enough, none of those dates turned into relationships because I never had any fun during those outings. Anyfuck, what I'm getting at is, 75% of WIZARD AND GLASS is a romance, and that 75% of this book never fails to bore me to tears. Literal tears, because I can't stop yawning, and my eyes water when I yawn. So yeah... literal tears. There's fifty pages or so of just sex. Roland and Susan scrumpin' like bunnies on any flat surface they come across. Who cares. I know I don't.


Every fun moment of this book is stalled by King's need to follow up with banal characters and world-build a time and place I don't want to be in. I want more Mid-World and Path of the Beam. I give not a fuck about Mejis or the politics of a place that has, as King puts it, moved on. 


Then we have the plagiarism. Yes, I said it, plagiarism. King is famous for tossing in nods to other books from his prolific career, sometimes he even includes entire characters from other books (as is witnessed later in this series), but this go around, he completely rips off The Wizard of Oz, almost down to the word. It's lazy storytelling. I know he could have done better, yet he chose the easy road. There's the obvious nod to LORD OF THE RINGS, but instead of a ring, we're given a pink grapefruit. 


The final bit of bullshit dripping from this pile of offal is the appearance of the Tick Tock Man. Why was he spared in the last book? What was the purpose? Oh yeah... King needed to reintroduce Flagg, that's right! Still, Tick Tock Man's part in this book is pointless, and I'm left feeling as if King regretted saving him in THE WASTE LANDS so he simply tossed him into the fire, so to speak, in this volume. 


In summation: Not even this King fanboy can over look the boredom he feels while struggling through these pages. I only reread it because it's part of the entire experience, and Roland's overall quest is worth it. I tried to skip it during my last re-read in 2003 (when King finished the rest of the series), but found something lacking, so I ended up going through it again anyway. So there must be something redeeming about WIZARD AND GLASS, right? I just don't know what that is. There are only two books from King that I've ever given less than three stars to in a review. This is one, and I mentioned the other earlier in this post. We shant speak of the latter ever again. Even typing the name of that book above caused my bowels to quiver in rage. Now excuse me while I steam clean my chair. 

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text 2013-10-04 21:26

"A sexy novel about two seventeen-year-olds—one a victim of human trafficking; the other the son of the man who enslaved her..."


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