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review 2015-05-20 07:47
Finished — In the minority again.
Seraphina -

I feel like everyone I know loved this book, but it was only a lukewarm okay for me. The first half of this book was very boring. I don't know if it was the book itself or more the narration, but it was a snoozefest. Obviously not boring enough for me to flounce, there was something that kept me wanting to see where the story went. First person and all (bleh).


My biggest complaint in the latter half of the book is the love story. It wasn't well established. It was like the author realized this is a YA so of course there has to be a romance with the kids so let's throw one in there. Obviously the love interest was positioned to be such, but there just wasn't enough between he and Seraphina to carry it and definitely no chemistry. I hope that's better in the next book.


There was nothing really wrong with the narrator herself though she made the character sound older than 16. The quality of the narration was off. It sounded like it was recorded in an echoey empty room with her a little too far away from the mic. And the singing was kind of weird. She wasn't terrible, I guess it was more unexpected.


Since it ended on an upswing for me I'll listen to the next book though I might wait if this is supposed to be another trilogy.



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text 2014-10-16 02:53
50% – Why Does This Book Hate Me?
Shadow Woman - Linda Howard

Remember how I posted once that every sex scene in a book I'm listening to will come up when I'm in the shower and the book is on speaker? EVERY. FREAKING. TIME! This book is even worse because they're freaking DREAMS. Interminably long, excruciatingly detailed, tedious sex dreams. Why? Just . . . why? Is it because it is going to be a while before any real sex happens? I don't know, but it's super obnoxious. I have the worst luck.


There is a lot of tedious excruciatingly detailed writing in this book. I can't believe I'm as far through it as I am because not much has happened yet, really.


On the plus side it is kind of reminding me of The Long Kiss Goodnight.



I love that movie.

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text 2014-08-15 01:19
27% — This book is weird.
Ravishing the Heiress: Fitzhugh Book 2 - Sherry Thomas

I knew that this book was about the heroine, Millie, being in unrequited love with the hero, her husband Fitz, and that is what had me wanting to read it. But I was not aware that he was going to be in love with another woman. So I'm all WTF, how is this going to resolve satisfactorily? I hope it does, but I'm really skeptical right now.


I am loving the angst coming from Past Millie. It's so good. I'm less impressed with Past Fitz's. Maybe if he spared a thought for Millie, had a little compassion for the fact she had no choice in the matter (he at least had one) then I'd maybe feel bad for his pain. Right now I think he's being an overdramatic dick.


In the present of the story I'm kind of confused at how he seems to want to complete this pact when he's planning what he's planning. How has he not figured Millie out in eight years?

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text 2014-07-08 01:45
Dear Simon & Schuster . . .

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review 2014-06-15 20:50
Finished — I hate psycho POV
Divine Evil - Nora Roberts

Particularly when we don't get to see justice. And there were so many in this book. It was 568 pages and there was really no forward movement on the story until around page 300. And even then the resolution was left to the last 20 pages. All those words and I didn't get to see anything I wanted to see, and yet she still shoved in that bit of ~it continues~ at the very end. Frankly, if you're writing a book about devil worship and are already at 568, why not go the extra 98 pages? That would have left a lot of room to have a more satisfying climax and wrap-up. At least I really liked the hero and heroine, though there were some things I could do without.

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