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review 2016-11-22 19:06
Seriously funny!
My Family and Other Animals - Gerald Durrell

I read this after someone here on BL recommended it to me, and it's now one of my favorite books. What a crazy, whacky family--but I love them. Mrs. Durrell is an overwhelmed widow doing her best to raise a family of colorful characters, and she does her best to balance all their eccentricities with the harshness of reality and everything that being a widow with four children entails. PBS now has a series called The Durrells on Corfu. The series is inspired by Gerry Durrell's family's adventures recounted in this and the other two books that makes up the Corfu trilogy. The tv series is good, but yeah, the book is better. This was a great read that made me laugh out loud and has me thinking that sometimes the best way to be happy is to learn to let go and just enjoy the ride life provides. Highly recommended!


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review 2016-07-24 05:29
The Gentleman
The Gentleman: A Novel - Leo E. Forrest

I knew I would like Lionel Savage from the start. The poor poet's not impoverished for a lack of sales but from spending his income on books. To climb out of poverty's pit, he hatches a quixotic scheme that lands him in an unhappy marriage to a "vapid, timid, querulous creature," whom Savage accidentally ends up selling to the devil at yet another of the new bride's insufferable masquerades. One thing leads to another, and Savage and a motley cast of characters embark on a madcap adventure to Hades, Hell, Sheol, and/or the Underworld, in order to bring her back.


The Gentleman is Forrest Leo's first book, and I certainly hope it won't be his last as this zany, witty, light-hearted novel is entertaining, fast-paced, and fun. The illustrations are a nice addition to the plot, and I particularly enjoyed the repartee between Savage and his butler Simmons. (Think Jeeves and Wooster-- but with Jeeves willing to strip down to his skivvies for the sake of art!)


The Gentleman is just what I needed to help pull me out of the doldrums that this current election-cycle has me in. It was nice to be able to sit back for a few hours, drink a pot of tea, and enjoy a book that really needs to be made into a movie or Broadway show just as quickly as possible.


One thing this world needs more of is fun, and Forrest Leo delivers.


I recommend this to fans of P.G. Wodehouse and as a nice companion read to go along with "The Devil and Tom Walker."


(ARC, but views my own.)


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review 2016-07-14 20:41
Jeeve and Wooster back from the dead
Jeeves and the Wedding Bells - Sebastian Faulks

My first thought when I saw the title in the bookstore was, "How in the world did I miss this?! I've read EVERY Jeeves and Wooster in the series!" Looking more closely, of course, I realized that this is an homage to P.G. Wodehouse's beloved characters, written by Sebastian Faulks in 2013. I bought the book (of course I bought it!) feeling equally split between excitement and anxiety. I really wanted to read more Jeeves and Wooster--but I really didn't want someone screwing up something I love so much.


In the author's note, Faulks says he wasn't trying to imitate Wodehouse insomuch as he wanted to try to introduce Jeeves and Wooster to the younger generation. He calls himself not an expert but a fan. I decided to give him a chance, so with slitted eye like the chihuahua in the popular meme, I turned the page.


This was better than I had expected! Yes, there are two parts that didn't feel like Wodehouse wrote them, but that's okay because Faulks addressed that issue in his author's note. For the most part, though, he really nailed Jeeves's and Bertie's characters, and that, to my mind, is what matters. The only real issue I had is that he had Bertie use the word "bunged" at least ten times. I mean, it was noticeable, and while I know Bertie would have used "bunged," he wouldn't have used it so many times in one book. Nit picky on my part, perhaps, but there it is. Other than that minor point, Faulks nailed the dialogue, the characters' distinct tones, and he even managed, for the most part, to capture the zaniness of a Jeeves and Wooster adventure.


Was this Wodehouse? No. Was it humorous and enjoyable? Heck yea! I even found myself literally laughing out loud, and I could "hear" Bertie and Jeeves in my head (thanks to Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie). It was like Faulks brought my two good friends, Reginald Jeeves and Bertram Wilberforce Wooster, back from the dead and gave me the chance to spend just a little more time in their presence. For that, I truly thank him.




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review 2016-06-28 05:06
Aunts Aren't Gentlemen
Aunts Aren't Gentlemen - P.G. Wodehouse

I'm in the camp of Wodehouse fans, so even though his novels generally follow a certain pattern, and everything eventually works out in the end, I still enjoy the romp along the way, and anything with Bertie and Jeeves is worth reading. Good ol' Aunt Dahlia cracks me up when she gives Bertie what for, and goodness knows she's a few spices short of a rack herself, but that's part of what keeps me coming back for more. This is the usual fare of misunderstandings and misguided plans, but that's why we love Plum.  

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review 2016-06-27 23:00
Supreme comedy
The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat - Edward Kelsey Moore

The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat literally had me laughing out loud, and I couldn't wait to pass it on to my mom. Superb character development  from start to finish!  This is a novel about the power of friendship, family, and community.  The story surrounds a group of women who grew up together and helped each other face some of life's most difficult challenges, everything from adultery and abuse to drug use and death, and though there are certainly some tear-jerking moments in the book, there are many more moments of  celebration, joy, and laughter along the way.  It was so good that I read it in one sitting.  Very few books make me actually laugh out loud, but this one did!

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