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review 2017-02-11 19:59
The Telling (The Telling #1) by Eden Winters
The Telling - Eden Winters

I really feel bad giving it 2 stars. BUT:

- I could not connect with the MCs. The narration was dry, the interaction between the MCs was too easy: A student with a hero worship + a soldier with a PTSD in need of love and care = Uber Quick Instalove
I am not usually the one to condemn love at first sight, but this one wasn't convincing even to me.
- Angie was annoying as hell; she set my teeth on edge every. single. time.
- The evil stepfather was extremely sketchy (literally)
- ...And so was the local playboy - Trevor? Terry?
- Ryan... plenty of him in the past, but he was brushed off many a time at the time of the narrative. Why was he even there? Nothing but a prop, like most (all) of the secondary characters here. I hoped and waited for him to show up in book two, but - nothing.
- Rainbow flags were everywhere (in 'spirit' at least). Everyone was sooooo tolerant and accepting and not in the least surprised about everybody else being gay. Except for the evil stepfather, of course, he was one ugly bastard with a foul mouth.

So, a number of things didn't work for me here. Once again - book's too short? I don't know :( I suspect it might be me, since everybody else loves it.

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review 2017-01-12 04:52
Out of the Sea: A Yaoi Merman Fairytale (Beloved #1) by Amelita Rae (Goodreads Author), Skyler Thacmis (Illustrator)
Out of the Sea: A Yaoi Merman Fairytale (Beloved Book 1) - Amelita Rae,Skyler Thacmis

This was sweet and cute and adorable! This is why I keep coming back to yaoi novels =)

Innocent and sexy at the same time. Did I mention actual illustrations? I am going to add my own findings in a few minutes just to keep the menfolk love going :)

This is how I felt after finishing this novel:


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review 2016-06-09 04:40
Rarely Pure and Never Simple by Angel Martinez
Rarely Pure and Never Simple - Angel Martinez

What, it ended? Just like that? How is it possible? What about Shudder? I need to know more about Shudder! Oh, crool, crool almost-cliffy!!!

Funny how I came to care about Shudder even more than Blaze or Damien. Of course, they are going to get their time together in the end, but poor Shudder, all alone and in pain... what about him????

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review 2016-05-11 05:38
Unexpected Demands by Kaje Harper
Unexpected Demands - Kaje Harper

I am honestly not holding the following faux pas against the author:   ;)


I am very happy with this series so far. Except maybe being stuck in Aaron's head a bit too much, but hey, if it brings me to this, who am I to complain:

"He lay sprawled face-down on the sheets, blankets kicked off down by his feet. He had pulled off his T-shirt and jeans, but still a light sweat slicked his skin again. He shifted restlessly, and looked over at me in the doorway..."

"He lay there blinking up at me, his eyes heavy with sleep. His hair was a tousled black halo around his head on the white pillow. He slept nude."

Imagine that baby kitteh puppy, only nude =)`

Some time later:

"I spun Zach in my arms and shoved him against the wall by the stairs. The sweatpants he slept in slid down easily and he was bare to my hands. For a moment I lost myself in the glorious curve of his ass under my fingers."

But then, but then!!!! Just brace yourself here... Put away all your beverages, hot or cold. Because - displaced modifiers! *rolls eyes*

"Reaching around, the unexpected size of him filled my hands."

And there it was, the gif I pinned not a day ago, popping up in my head:


(spoiler show)

Йаду мне, йаду!!! I mean Bleach for my brainz, bleach for muh brainzzz!

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review 2016-03-30 00:02
Blood for Magic by Aundrea Singer
Blood for Magic - Aundrea Singer

WARNING! NOT a spoiler (people need to know about this, before they get into the book. Granted, the scene was short): Jerk off session with a man-lizard (and not a Cardassian kind). Half shifted form.

Among crazy amount of magical species (what the hell is wosu?), lectures on magic and local history, we follow pain and suffering of Tarquin the Prince, his man-lizard, his brother, his cousin, his sister-in-law... wash and repeat 3-4 times. Tarquin is constantly injured, bleeding, sick and dying. Five, his man-lizard lover, is constantly injured from fighting, he is always cold, he is underfed and mute and is suffering from amnesia on top of everything. Fali, Tarquin's brother, is suffering from a curse. Tarquin, in turn, is suffering from guilt. And it just goes round and round. More pain, more suffering, more grief and guilt.

I am not going to get into how unprepared higher ups are when it's time to come up with a strategy to defend the Capital. They don't even know whenthat attack is going to happen, two days? four days? Send out a scout or two for god's sake! There is no higher military personnel to guide the Queen, either. A very odd country, I don't know how they survived to the day.

Another issue I have, which seems to be a trend in m/m books lately - a 20-something virgin. I am talking about strong, healthy, capable men who did not jerk off once in their entire life since they hit puberty. Tarquin's "first time" was with Five, jerking each other off. Tarquin, of course, had no idea how amazing "sex" was until then *desk, meet face* OK, maybe I will just roll my eyes, it'll hurt less.

In the end the author manages to pull everything together, more or less. Quite an imagination and I wish it was used evenly throughout the book. This is no Rifter Series with twists and turns so wicked it holds you all the way to the amazing end. This particular ending is lost on me simply because I was tired and bored for 75% of the book, which was mostly spent in the castle and the sickroom. But whatevers, I will throw in a star for the potential.

Oh, and did I mention, there is absolutely no chemistry between MCs? None whatsoever until the last 20% or so. Yep :(

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