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review 2018-04-13 22:47
Awful Darth Vader NNOOOOOOO!!!!
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 - Kyle Higgins,Daniele "Kota" di Nicuolo,Matt Herms




A Power Ranger comic is NEVER SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU CRY!!!! Why?!?!

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review 2018-04-02 20:05
Redwall Graphic Novel
Redwall: The Graphic Novel - Stuart Moore,Bret Blevins,Brian Jacques

I got this for $1 at the Metro Library Book Sale. I had no idea they ever made a graphic novel of Redwall, so I was excited. But given how thin the book was I had my worries. And it turned out to be what I feared. They condensed this far too much. Numerous characters were glossed over or left out. They didn't even mention otters, who are major creatures in Mossflower. Moles, especially Foremole, was only seen on one page. Some dialogue was hard to understand, and some panels were convoluted. This really needed to be at least 50 pages longer to fully flesh out any Redwall tale. We even cut the ending rather short so you didn't even have time to fully grieve for those lost in the final battle. Just a neat bow on things. 

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review 2018-03-28 17:33
An inspired sequel diminished by inferior writing
Second War of the Worlds - George Henry Smith

H.G. Wells’s 1898 classic has long served as fodder for other writers, from Garrett Putman Serviss’s Edison's Conquest of Mars to Alan Moore’s more recent League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 2.  George H. Smith’s novel is firmly in this tradition, albeit with an interesting twist: having failed in their invasion of Earth, the Martians now set their sights on Earth’s parallel world Annwn, a planet technologically similar to Earth but one in which magic enjoys a presence as well as science.  Aided by a group of worshipers, the Martians inoculate themselves against the microorganisms that frustrated their previous attempt and prepare for an assault on a much larger scale.  Alerted by a few figures from Earth, a small group of Annwnians mobilize to thwart this new effort, but it’s a race against time with a cool and calculated foe – and one determined to learn from their mistakes the first time around.


Smith’s novel benefits from both the novelty of its premise and the infusion of a number of interesting ideas, particularly his inspired concept of pro-Martian humans working for the destruction of their own species.  The chapters describing the battles between the humans and the tripods are also excellent, conveying a sense of tension and excitement in many ways even better than Wells did in the original.  Yet before readers can get to them they must wade through a considerable amount of tepid dialogue and poor characterization, particularly of the main female protagonist Clarinda McTague, whose jealousy-driven anger detracts from the story whenever she appears.  The addition of the certain English detective and his medically-trained sidekick is even more questionable, especially as the conceit of disguising their identities wears thin quickly.  Together these factors drag down this otherwise imaginative novel, one that squanders an otherwise interesting departure from Wells’s famous work.

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review 2018-03-24 18:02
All Good Things by Emma Newman
All Good Things: The Split Worlds - Book Five - Emma Newman

Series: The Split Worlds #5


*Mild spoilers but nothing that isn't hinted at earlier in the series*


This was the last installment in the Split Worlds series and it was great! The Split Worlds is an urban fantasy series that features Cathy, a woman who grew up in the Nether (a kind of pocket dimension that divides our world, Mundanus, from the world of the Fae) under the patronage of the Fae. She wasn't keen on spending the rest of her days under the yoke of this ultra-conservative society (people don't age in the Nether, so the people in charge were born hundreds of years ago), so she arranges to go to university and then runs away.


The series starts off with her being dragged backed to her family kicking and screaming to be married off, and as the series progresses she tries to find avenues to be a force for change from within. This book starts off with her having run away from her husband and her learning more about sorcery (note: the sorcerers in this universe are pretty awesome but are also major dickwads) and then she finds herself in a position with the possibility of burning the whole thing down. Should she help merge the Fae reality with the mundane world and would this essentially mean condemning the people who have lived in the Nether with the expectation of living more or less indefinitely to death by eventual old age?


Well, read to find out. I definitely recommend this series. I shall have to pick up the last three books in audio so that I can enjoy them again on a reread.


I just keep picturing the final world having the possibilities of that episode of Doctor Who where time got broken.

(spoiler show)


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review 2018-03-24 04:24

This was over all a fun read, though at times felt a little slow.




In my opinion, it felt like it was missing a lot of details and actions. I could not get a clear picture of the surroundings or characters. However the descriptions of the bones and dinosaurs was handled really well.

I liked the main character. She was spunky, spoke up for herself and knew what she wanted to be and didn't let stuffy scientist guys stop her.

This is a fictional take on what if a little girl discovered some of the most known dinosaurs. The story was cute, there was segments that told the true facts of the dinosaurs she discovered, which I found really neat.

Any dino loving kid sound read this and hopefully it turns into a series of kids doing great things.

But, let's forget about age; anyone who enjoys middle grade may like this book. It is well written and if you like diary format, that is a plus. I also want to point out that I loved the artwork by Sarah Horne.


*Provided by Netgally*

Source: www.goodreads.com/book/show/38495405.The_Long_Lost_Secret_Diary_of_the_World_s_Worst_Dinosaur_Hunter
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