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review 2017-07-16 03:52
Outlander fan fictionish
Tales of a Traveler: Hemlock - N.J. Layouni

Thank you to Anne for the recommendation.

Well, this had the unfortunate timing of being read after an amazing 5 star read, it probably only had a hope of paling in comparison. 

It kind of felt and read like slight Outlander fan fiction; the author got inspired after reading Outlander and tried to craft a story like it. The world the heroine time travels to is like a medieval Europe but suppose to be a different dimension. I'm not really sure because it is not truly explained. Honestly, it gives the feeling that the author wanted to set it in a medieval time period but didn't want to do research and work to make it feel authentic. 
The characters and main couple's relationship felt shallow and while this ends on a cliffhanger, I think I'm going to stop here.

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review 2017-04-30 13:58
Good Story and Characters
Once Bitten (The Wolves of Hemlock Hollo... Once Bitten (The Wolves of Hemlock Hollow) - Heather McCorkle

Sonya was making out with a man- Raul - she had met two weeks ago. They were in the alley as she wouldn’t let him in her apartment. The alley was in front of her low income apartment. Sonya didn’t see fate coming for her. Then Raul bit down and locked onto her neck drinking her blood. Then his fangs went back up into his mouth. Then Raul told her he was sorry it had to be this way. There had been a car with the headlights then Raul took off running a man with cold blue eyes and golden hair named Ty. Ty came and told her she should go inside and lock her door and he would go after Raul. Then she warned Ty to be careful and Raul was dangerous and the man said so was he. Sonya was six years into her medical degree Sonya also worked full time at the bar while going to school. Ty caught Raul and said you bit a woman and The Council will have your hide for that. While at the bar Sonya found out she was fired but she had been unconscious for two days. Then she got mad at the owner and discovered she had two sets of fangs two sets on top and two sets on bottom. Then she found a letter from Raul saying to come look for him if she wanted her questions answered about what she was becoming Then Sonya remembered her dad once told her that she was special chosen by Loki and someday it would all make sense Ty Vioarrrson  had been captured as a horse tranquilizer had brought him down. Then the police officer declared Ty was free to go. He requested  to be Sonya’s Kennari He said he had tried to save Sonya and she probably already had some trust for him. But even though she pulled something in Ty if he became her Kennari he had to keep his emotional feelings distance from her the code demanded it. At least she would be safe in his care and he would not allow Raul near her again. One of the six that were part of The Council was Raul’s parent and another was the parent of the girl Raul was engaged to. Ty said neither party’s Kennari would be impartial. This woman deserved the right to be brought through the Veroa by someone by someone without an agenda. It was the law. The six people were The Council. She had just driven three states and six hours. She recognized him immediately when he stepped in front of her. A thrill ran through her. He told her his name was Ty and he was a professor. Then as Sonya asked ty what Raul had did to her she teared up he pulled her in hug her. Somehow Ty put Sonya at ease in a way no one had before him. Sonya’s dad had told her tales of Viking werewolves her whole childhood.

I liked this story a lot. At times I felt bad that Sonya was alone even if she had a busy life between work and school.  At times I chuckled and that is always good. I thought this had a good plot. It was fast paced and had a lot of turns and twists to this story. There was  a lot in this story. There was a lot in this story: werewolves, heat, action, drama, Norse lore and mythology, drama, romance, a bite, people trying to take Sonya, a lone wolf, sexual tension, danger, suspense, mystery, adventure, and a lot more. I did however get a little lost at times. But I still kept going and really enjoyed the story. I loved the characters and I recommend.

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text 2016-09-08 23:26
Reading progress update: I've read 6%.
Hemlock Grove - Brian McGreevy

Oh, now you're going to insult the French, are you book?   Well, guess what, the French don't like you, either!


I do like that there's an extended argument about who would win a fight between Wolverine and Batman.   I feel like I would rather read about that argument, though.

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text 2016-09-08 23:11
Reading progress update: I've read 5%.
Hemlock Grove - Brian McGreevy

"'Don't be retarded,' said Peter."   Yay.   Ableism.  /sarcasm.


Rape is treated in risibly casually - who was raped by whom is included in a list of things to know when school starts.


The use of the word mulatto is so odd given that this is so much else wrong with this novel, with the casual, even thoughtless, ableism and misogyny.   I'm thinking this is a whiff of racism only because I don't trust this author at this point.

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text 2016-09-08 22:27
Reading progress update: I've read 2%.
Hemlock Grove - Brian McGreevy

I'm going to continue reading this to keep calling the author out on his shitty behavior.  


"...smelling her trampy perfume..." 


Two percent and we're slut shaming women on scent.  I'm not surprised after reading this author's non-fiction.


Roman puts a syringe into the ass of a woman he was stalking in thsuddene mall.  The trampy smelling one so I'm assuming the message is she deserved to be violated for her perfume choices?


Roman is "...depressed suddenly and terrifically by the defeated life of this lying whore..."   WTF?   Rinse and repeat the WTF?

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