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text 2015-03-16 04:57
[Reblog] Who is Excessica? And why are they caving in to bullies?

OA Comment: Wow. So many people who need to fuck right off. Particularly Anne Rice's unhinged ass. I don't know what Excessica is either but I'll be sure never to give them any money. Good for the authors who pulled their books. 



The digest version, I think:


Jenny Trout speaks her mind about a racist/rapist book.  Jenny Trout encourages readers to let booksellers know how vile the book is and encourage them not to sell it.


Anne Rice puts pressure on Excessica, who is apparently (I didn't do any real research; it's late and I'm tired) a publisher, not to publish Jenny Trout's book in a boxed set, Bad Boy Next Door.


Excessica caves to Anne Rice's bullying and pulls Jenny Trout's book from the boxed set.


Jenny Trout's fellow authors stand up to Anne Rice's bullying and pull their own books from the boxed set.


I don't know who or what Excessica is, but I don't like them and I won't support them.


They're spineless worms.

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text 2015-02-09 01:09
*That* Fanfic and Why It's Okay to Still Be Pissed

With the imminent release of the movie adaptation of that Twilight fan fiction people will not shut up about it and it seems like people are suddenly falling all over themselves to defend it and its writer. 'It's not her fault if people can't see it's abusive.' 'I don't like it but I can see what others see in it.' 'Abuse is NBD, people, jeez!' 'People just hate anything that elevates female sexuality!' Oh, God, you guys, can we please not?


You know, if this were an actual book I'd maybe feel that way as well. Hell, Twilight was a steaming pile of abusive crap and I was still able to find the fun in it. This, however, is a different story. There's nothing fun about this fic. There's nothing fun about the content or what it's done in the publishing industry.


1. This is fan fiction, not a book. One that is tied heavily to the source material and takes directly from it in many places. Really. Please don't lose sight of that fact.


Long list of links about this thing, but there is a whole section for you to explore the similarities and outright instances of directly taking from the source text.


This is not okay and should not be okay with anyone. Especially real authors who spend their time writing their own characters and stories. The slew of fanfics picked up by publishers in the wake of the success of this thing is not okay. Just think about your book or the books of writers who slogged their way through their own work sitting in slush piles on editors' desks or getting rejection letters while those editors are trolling fanfiction.net and AO3 for stories written from other people's work.


Even if you're going to forgive everything else wrong with this fanfic, if you are on board with how unethical and wrong this is please don't shrug it off.


2. This fic is not a romance. It's just not.


Also, the "hero" of Fifty Shades of Grey does something at the end that is not redeemable by romance novel standards. I won't spoil the story for the three people who haven't read it yet, but bottom line: Not a romance novel, not a romance hero. And that's not because of his BDSM tendencies -- you'll see why if you keep reading. –from here


And while there are a lot of books in the romance genre labeled as romance that are not romances this one is by far the worst because (well, it's not a book) it is so popular and so many people who don't read, and especially don't read the genre, think they are well versed on it because of this fic. Don't we have enough to deal with as romance readers without having people think this is what we read? Or having a bunch of people tell us what the genre is or isn't or should be based on this one fic? We should really all be completely insulted by that.


3. The general insult to BDSM. I was sick of BDSM before this thing got popular. Like with this fic a lot of times it's thrown in as something that has to be corrected for the characters to find their HEA. Or, it's poorly researched and poorly done. So the first insult is using BDSM to make money without having any respect for it. This fic takes it much further in that every practitioner of BDSM in it is a child molester, or mentally unstable, or deeply psychologically damaged. Then they must be fixed. Insult number two. There is only the mildest of kink. Like I can imagine people reading it going, "Wait, that's BDSM? Honey, did you know what we've been doing is BDSM?!" Insult number three. All the fans of this drivel who refuse to bother to find out what BDSM actually is but will attempt to shout down actual practitioners that this IS BDSM and 'what do you know?!' Insult number four. Then there is all the abuse. They were never within the confines of a safe, consensual, and sane BDSM relationship. The story just uses that term to cover up what he was doing as okay. It's not. Insult number five.


4. Speaking of abuse. There's liking something problematic and then there's trying to insist that it's not problematic, or even worse in this case, that it's okay because it's something that you don't understand. And another reason why it's so heinous to call this a romance. We're supposed to be moving away from abuse and rape as romance. You can dig a man who rapes a woman, tortures her without permission as punishment, and leaves bite marks and bruises all over her chest to prevent her from showing skin, but dear God, don't sully an entire book genre or lifestyle with it. It's funny, I remember all the people defending the abuse in Twilight, particularly because it was more insidious and thought maybe the next thing with more overt abuse would get people to understand. And now there's this fic and people are going out of their way to say it's okay. When, exactly, will it not be okay? Yeah, I guess I'm an "asshole" because I think we should be doing better as a society and a genre.


5. People can have problems with this fic without it being a ding on female sexuality. Hell, I don't want my sexuality tied to it in any way shape or form. Do you? By all means, if you see someone applying the "all" label to the genre or to women because of this fic then take them down. (Oh, and that mommyporn thing. That's just insulting to moms. No moms I know like this crap. And, shocker, moms can like well written erotica and actual visual porn, too!) But specific criticism of this fic and stories like it isn't inherently anti-female.


6. ELJ's behavior in fandom and as a *gag* popular "author". Just, ugh.


7. "New adult". Enough said.


8. General disgust for something so poorly written being so popular is totally okay, too. It is objectively bad on every level and we should definitely not shrug that off as okay either. Do we really want people thinking that producing something this bad is fine? Is that really the direction in which we want literature and publishing to go?


I'm not sure why there is so much positively toward this thing happening now, but this is definitely not one of those times where it's deserved. It especially perplexes me seeing it from real authors. All P2P and P2Pers should be ostracized from the real book community. Or maybe it's too much to think that there should be consequences for people's actions. Of course it is. I mean, how many books have I read that should have made the bajillions this woman has made from cobbling together other people's work and calling it her own? Anyway. I'm not going to take the finger-wagging. If you want to make all of this perfectly okay, that's your business but I am certainly not going to follow and I hope I'm not alone in that.

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text 2015-01-16 02:12
Having A Book Meltdown!
This Side of the Grave - Tavia Gilbert,Jeaniene Frost



This is the reading order for the Night Huntress novels, apparently:


There is a specific reading order for the Night Huntress series, including all other Night Huntress World series books, and some novellas. If you do not read them in the Author's suggested reading order (below), other than 'Reckoning', the books will not make sense, or you will read spoilers. The author's recommended reading order is:
RECKONING (eBook prequel novella set in Bones’s point of view before he meets Cat*)
though I would recommend reading this after Book 1 so that you know the characters...
HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE (Book 1: Night Huntress Series)
ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE (Book 2: Night Huntress Series)
HAPPILY NEVER AFTER (eBook novella*)
AT GRAVE’S END (Book 3: Night Huntress Series)
DEVIL TO PAY (eBook novella*)
DESTINED FOR AN EARLY GRAVE (Book 4: Night Huntress Series)
MAGIC GRAVES (eBook anthology featuring a Cat and Bones story*)
FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON (Night Huntress World novel)
ETERNAL KISS OF DARKNESS Night Huntress World novel)
THIS SIDE OF THE GRAVE (Book 5: Night Huntress Series)
ONE GRAVE AT A TIME (Book 6: Night Huntress Series)
THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (contains a long Cat and Bones novella, “Home for the Holidays”)
ONCE BURNED (Book 1: Night Prince Series)
TWICE TEMPTED (Book 2: Night Prince Series)
UP FROM THE GRAVE (Book 7: Night Huntress Series)
BOUND BY FLAMES (Book 3: Night Prince Series)(releasing January 26th, 2015)


There are like two side series and a bunch of novellas meant to be read in between the main Night Huntress books. So it’s no wonder I was so god damn confused this book because there were TWO FULL BOOKS AND A NOVELLA that I was meant to have read/listened to prior to Night Huntress book five.




So now I’m going to go back and listen to those two books, but I have so many spoilers of what happened because it’s summarized in book five! GAH! I hate that! And to make matters worse the first audiobook of this Night Huntress World side series is checked out of the library right now. Do I listen to book two? Go ahead and listen to book six because that is next after five? But what if there are even more spoilers of what happens in the Night Huntress World books? I DON’T KNOW AND I’M ALMOST DONE WITH FIVE SO I NEED TO DOWNLOAD A NEW BOOK NOW! *UNINTELLIGIBLE SQUEAKING* (And I screwed up and missed the check out deadline for my hold on Unbroken. Now I'm back to 30th in line, dammit.) Not to mention the library doesn’t have book two of the Night Prince series in audiobook. So what in the hell am I supposed to do there? My physical book reading is so super slow right now because I have so much to do and I’m so sleepy after work. I’m going to have to pause forever if I have to read physical books before moving back to audiobooks. Even worse, Tavia Gilbert won’t be reading it to me!


THIS IS A REALLY, REALLY TERRIBLE WAY TO WRITE A SERIES. I only found this order because it’s in the blurb on the first book’s Goodreads page. I would never have known otherwise (other than trying to find out what happened because book five was so damn confusing) because my first assumption wouldn’t be that I needed to go to the author’s page to find out how to read a series the right way. I just read books one through seven like a normal person. She should have written the series in this order if this is how she envisioned it. I’m so pissed off about this!

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text 2015-01-14 07:46
55% — Shower Sex
This Side of the Grave - Tavia Gilbert,Jeaniene Frost

The problem with Tavia Gilbert being such a good vocal actress is that the sex scenes—especially the protracted, chapter long ones—basically sound like straight up porn. And, of course, since everything in my life has to be negative and ridiculous, even though I'll have listened to the book in the car by myself for an hour to two hours, without fail the sex scenes will come up when I'm in the shower at home with everyone. Because, OF COURSE. So the ones in these books are kind of mortifying.

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text 2015-01-14 04:09
53% – "Hello . . . confusion."
This Side of the Grave - Tavia Gilbert,Jeaniene Frost

I'm still loving this series, the characters and everything but I am really thrown by this book. I guess there was a novella in between the fourth and fifth books and apparently a lot went down in it that is now a part of the overall story. A lot. There have been so many points in this book where I've gone, "whoa, whoa, whoa, WHAT?! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!" or "WAIT, WHEN?!" At a certain point I kept double checking that I was listening to the right book and that I didn't miss a full book in between four and five. It's confusing and I don't like it. Major series plot points should be in the main books! Since I'm listening to these as audiobooks the library doesn't have the novellas (although thankfully the do have the one between books six and seven but not as an audiobook unfortunately), so I feel lost. And, of course, it seems all her novellas are $1.99 except for this one, which is $2.99. Blargh. I'm going to buy and read the novella, but it's not going to help me now.


On the plus side, Tavia Gilbert is pretty much my favorite audiobook narrator at this point. I'm not even sure I'd like the books as much if I were reading them and not listening to her narration. She's brilliant.

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