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review 2018-09-15 06:04
David Copperfield (Audiobook) (DNF @ 48)
David Copperfield - Charles Dickens

Whelp, that's 0-2 for me and Charles Dickens. I was going to try to power through this - I had 8 more days on the audiobook loan from my library - but every time I thought about listening to this for another 8 days, it was like those dolly zoom shots. I just can't. This is so boring! The first quarter or so was decent, and I thought it was going to go somewhere, like maybe Davie wasn't all that he seemed or something. And I thought for sure something was up with Steerforth, but nope! Davie finds refuge with his aunt and the story grinds to a halt and never recovers. It's just chapter after chapter after chapter of Davie meeting a friend and talking to them, Davie meeting another friend and talking to them, Davie corresponding with friends and then meeting them again and talking to them. Talk, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah. So, I'm done y'all. I'm going to spend the next 8 days doing something that's actually interesting. Like watching paint dry. Or watching grass grow. Or listening to Ben Stein read the dictionary.


2 stars because the writing here was a vast improvement over the self-indulgent A Tale of Two Cities. But this turned out to be a different kind of self-indulgence, just dressed up in pretty prose. Simon Vance does a great job with the narration, but even he can't make these characters interesting.

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text 2018-09-04 19:44
Wrap up for the Summer of Spies
The Hanged Man - P.N. Elrod
Her Royal Spyness - Rhys Bowen
The Apocalypse Codex - Charles Stross

I am pleased to have finished 28 books as part of my Summer of Spies reading!  I knocked quite a bunch of books off my TBR and learned about some new series and authors that topped it right back up again.


I have to say that I loved the 4 Agatha Christie titles included in the total and that I appreciate the look into Ian Fleming’s work that I got through reading his biography plus 7 (!) of the Bond novels.  I also enjoyed Len Deighton and John Le Carré although I’m not sure that I’ll read much by either of them again.  I was very taken with Helen MacInnes and Somerset Maugham and can see myself perusing more of their writing sometime in the future.


I regret that I never did get to any books by Graham Greene.  His writing is a hole in my reading life that I must fill at some point, but unfortunately not this summer.


True to my fantasy-adoring self, my favourite reads of this summer were Rhys Bowen’s Her Royal Spyness series, Charles Stross’ Laundry Files, and P.N. Elrod’s The Hanged Man.


I hope that all of you who joined me in the Summer of Spies also had fun and got some memorable moments out of the experience.


And now, Happy Halloween Reading, everyone!



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review 2018-09-04 03:48
Bryce: The Project (Indie Rebels Book 3) by Miranda P. Charles
 Bryce: The Project - Miranda P. Charles


How does a work in progress see it's way clear to becoming a finished project? With a ton of effort, an abundance of heart and a clear head, anything can be accomplished. Charles is always so quick at putting the mystery front and center, that we almost forget that there's more to be offered. Behind the action lies gritty emotion. Bryce and Emma risk not just their lives, but their hearts are fair game as well. Beyond the danger and suspense is a message of hope that drives us to keep trying to beat the odds.

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text 2018-09-01 19:16
A Gentleman’s Position by KJ Charles $1.99!
A Gentleman's Position - K.J. Charles

Power, privilege, and the rigid rules of class leave two hearts yearning for connection in the sizzling new Society of Gentlemen novel from K. J. Charles.

Among his eccentric though strictly principled group of friends, Lord Richard Vane is the confidant on whom everyone depends for advice, moral rectitude, and discreet assistance. Yet when Richard has a problem, he turns to his valet, a fixer of unparalleled genius—and the object of Richard’s deepest desires. If there is one rule a gentleman must follow, it is never to dally with servants. But when David is close enough to touch, the rules of class collide with the basest sort of animal instinct: overpowering lust.

For David Cyprian, burglary and blackmail are as much in a day’s work as bootblacking—anything for the man he’s devoted to. But the one thing he wants for himself is the one thing Richard refuses to give: his heart. With the tension between them growing to be unbearable, David’s seemingly incorruptible master has left him no choice. Putting his finely honed skills of seduction and manipulation to good use, he will convince Richard to forget all about his well-meaning objections and give in to sweet, sinful temptation.

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review 2018-08-31 17:19
Un viaggio nell'infanzia!
I Racconti Delle Fate - Charles Perrault

"Tanto è vero che non tocca agli uomini, miseri come sono, ciechi, imprudenti, malevoli, formar dei desideri; e che pochi fra essi son capaci di ben giovarsi dei doni largiti loro dal cielo."

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