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review 2018-03-08 19:04
The Nightmare Room by Chris Sorensen
The Nightmare Room - Chris Sorensen
The Nightmare Room lives up to its title. It is a slowly building creepfest fueled by nightmares for the first half then picks up speed in its later half.

Peter and Hannah need a new start after a devastating loss and move back to Peter’s hometown to help with his ailing parents and to heal themselves. They move into a property that Peter’s dad purchased that is huge, old and in disrepair. Hannah loves the idea of the old home but Peter’s not so sure. 

"Hannah had gotten it wrong. This was not the sort of house featured on her home improvement show; this was every house in every horror movie he’d ever seen."

Despite his misgivings, Peter, who is an audiobook narrator, sets up his studio in the dark, dank basement and soon realizes that he may not be alone down there! Is it real or is he starting to lose his marbles?

I just loved some of the descriptions of the house. It makes me long for an old haunted house of my own.

". . . he was facing a narrow, grey door. A basement door. His vision had steadied and the room no longer moved about him. But the door… It’s breathing."

This is a decent little horror tale that has a lot of layers that reach far beyond the haunted house trappings. It deals with aging, grief and past regrets that come back to haunt. The main characters come across as real and imperfect and as a reader who needs decent characterization I really appreciated this. I did want to learn more about Peter’s birth mother because I’m nosy and have so many questions but perhaps that will happen in a prequel or sequel? I can only hope.


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review 2018-03-07 16:07
Horrorlicious – The Nightmare Room by Chris Sorensen #Chris Sorensen @RoxanneRhoads
The Nightmare Room - Chris Sorensen

The Nightmare Room

The Messy Man Series

Book One

Chris Sorensen


Genre: Paranormal Fiction


Publisher: Harmful Monkey Press


Date of Publication: 1/25/2018


ISBN: 978-0998342412

ASIN: B07943P5S8


Number of pages: 273

Word Count: 45,000



Tagline: The past is always present in the Nightmare Room.




I love it…Don’t go in the basement. LOL Bad things happen in the basements of horror novels and I must admit, at least through words, I want to be one of the first to venture into the dark, dank depths of the abyss.


Once you read The Nightmare Room, you will realize how appropriate the tag line is to the story.


As soon as Peter Larson returned to his home town, Maple City, I knew…it’s on. The scenario made me think of Steven King and I am eager to see if Chris Sorensen can meet my expectations.


Peter’s life is messy and it’s not getting any better since the move. One problem after another. Isn’t that life for all of us? Peter is the thinker, Hannah is the doer.


Hannah thinks positive, when she sees the house:


A broke place we can put back together.


I wonder how long she’ll be saying that. LOL


Peter thinks:


This was every house in every horror movie he’d ever seen.


He saw the padlock and I thought, walk away dude. Don’t open that door. Don’t do it….then I thought, DO IT. DO IT. DO IT, as a big smile lit up my face. Oh yeah, some call me Scary Sherry and I’m proud of it!


A haunted house, yes, but it is so much more than that. Peter meets it up close and personal, while Hannah is along for the ride.


The suspense and anticipation kept me flipping the pages. Plenty of chills, thrills, and bumps in the night. First I feared for Peter, then Hannah, who would not let him face IT alone.


The story seemed familiar, but, it didn’t stay that way. I love the spin Chris Sorensen


gave The Nightmare Room, and the ending…Well done. In the last chapter, each page unfolded giving more delight than the last. Surprised me and I dare say it will surprise you too.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Nightmare Room by Chris Sorensen.


4 Stars




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Source: www.fundinmental.com/horrorlicious-the-nightmare-room-by-chris-sorensen-chris-sorensen-roxannerhoads
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text 2017-12-31 17:04
Reading progress update: I've read 190 out of 255 pages.
Nightmare - Lynn Brock

I'm totally enraptured; oh please, mr. writer, do not ruin this book with a rotten ending. it's hard to believe what sort of dull or crap-out finale could pull this ahead-of-its-time Psychological Crime novel down below a 4, or maybe 5, star rating--but I just hope it does not happen. please. it happened a bit with Family Matters, which I was really into, but then dropped all the great interplay and character dynamics for--in my opinion--a rather average, prolonged Inquest scenario.


I'm so impressed to find out that the English, irish, Scottish, Welsh writers were breaking formula like this, a lot earlier than I thought they were. risky--and it took over 70 years for this book to come back to us in a new edition (maybe because he doesn't give it the ending it needs to be truly great)--but amidst all the country-house, or drawing room, or locked-room, or unbreakable alibi scenarios being handled by countless Great Detectives, it's good to know there were more books like this one--some of which flopped when first published, but have more relevance than ever, now--than has been apparent for all these years.


I'll wrap this one up today, which means it will be one of those January 1sts that starts clean with a new book (graphic novel, this time). even if Nightmare ends with whimper, it mainly packs a bang...so, a good farewell to a solid year of rewarding reading, especially in the Crime & Mystery arena!

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text 2017-12-31 01:21
Reading progress update: I've read 78 out of 255 pages.
Nightmare - Lynn Brock

wow. what a disturbing and amazing story. aptly titled--what a nightmare is being presented! of course there is going to be a horrible murder...how could there possibly be a shred of doubt.


seem to be ending the year with a beautifully twisted blotch of Crime fiction.

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text 2017-12-30 20:02
Reading progress update: I've read 26 out of 255 pages.
Nightmare - Lynn Brock

I would have liked to have gone from the Bart Spicer novel to that graphic novel The New York Four...but due to my morning travel and shopping plans, alas it didn't work out that way. I finished the Carney Wilde Mystery at the coffee shop, but knew that, almost immediately afterwards, I would be heading downtown to a particular comics store where I figured a few surprisingly hard-to-find graphic novels would be available, and when I have something like that planned, I don't like taking previously bought graphic novels to comic-book stores; they usually make you check your bag (thefts a constant, at these places, I guess), and there are about four reasons I would just as soon not bother with that. so I only brought along another Crime novel, and that stuff I don't keep in a bag once I go in the store, so they can see what I have, and what it isn't.


so, New York Four after this weird Crime novel from 1932 called Nightmare...and I feel doubly guilty because I was carrying around something called Verdict of Twelve for after the Bart Spicer book, but then I went to the comics store...followed by a stop at a regular bookstore, where I found Nightmare, only just re-published, relatively speaking.


anyway, a sad story of two books put on the back-burner for various reasons, and Nightmare jumping the queue, once I started it during a "pit stop" before heading home. but, 26 pages into this long-neglected Lynn Brock thingy and I've mostly shed any regrets about what might have been. I'm getting a sense I'm in for something along the lines of The Cellar (aka The Partyat No. 5, but less cruelly amusing and more, well, nightmarish.


finally, Verdict of Twelve was going to be my way of ending a year (or starting a New Year, if New York Four had stayed in place on the schedule) with something hyped by Martin Edwards in his book The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books. a good plan...and Nightmare also qualifies! the snubbed-by-me Postgate novel not too long from now, you can be sure--although, to be honest, the New Year will likely see me getting to (finally!) The Count of Monte Christo, after the graphic novel.


all very exciting, with the twists and turns typical of a mind-changing, anti-bag-checking bookworm!

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