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text 2017-04-20 14:21
The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho



This wonderful book from the author of the alchemist succeeds to convince the reader to question himself about his life. It is a perfect amalgamation of philosophy and literature. The story explains about the great history of the various pilgrimages of Europe as the protagonist is on a quest to find his miraculous sword. It defines the universe as our own different world. Reading this novel can give us our ultimate reason for reason for existence.

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text 2017-04-17 12:07
The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

'Because , wherever your heart is thats where you'll find your treasure.'

Well said.it's not just a book but a beautiful work of art and inspiration! As we grow up we usually dismiss some of our dreams as childhood fantasies.we forget about our actual goal and pusue careers which others expect us to, because thats what everybody does.Recognising personal legends, being able to talk to trees , making wind personal companion, connecting to the core of earth, no fears, listening to your heart, moving in your own way, direct contact with god and a feeling of oneness.yes, thats what Santiago does! Santiago's journey surely taught to believe you can do that and you are the only one who has the spirit inside! Reading alchemist brought me to the right path, the path which leads to my dreams.alchemist has crossed the boundary of books and has taken a life of its own , creating a movement across the world.It is truly a maktub for paulo coelho to  write this book and share it with the world!and above that it was a fabulous experiance reading the alchemist. 

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review 2017-01-26 16:40
Delightful and Quirky
The Elusive Elixir (An Accidental Alchemist Mystery) - Gigi Pandian

The Elusive Elixir is the third book in Gigi Pandian’s Accidental Alchemist Mystery series. The two previous books are The Accidental Alchemist and The Masquerading Magician. However, like I did, you can jump into the series here and still thoroughly enjoy the book. The author gives enough background details along the way, without ever info-dumping, for the reader to get up to speed with current events. I shall be reading the first two books now. I might be doing things backward, but with these books in which backward alchemy has such a part to play, then I feel justified!

The action takes place in Paris and Portland as Zoe Faust, our alchemist heroine who is somewhere around 300 years old having discovered the Elixir of Life, tries to find a cure to help her dear gargoyle friend Dorian from turning back into stone. She has to foray into the dark world of backwards alchemy, and places herself into considerable danger. Events and people from the past come back into her life to cause her rather a lot of trouble.

This is a fabulously original book, and series, combining those formidable looking gargoyles of Notre Dame cathedral with alchemy. The author lends her own twist to the magic with her idea of backward alchemy, and the mysterious books of alchemy that Zoe is so eager to get her hands on. Zoe is a lively, interesting character, full of courage and initiative. Dorian is a wonderful counterpoint to her, with his, dare I say it, stereotypically slightly grumpy Frenchness and love of food! He’s irrepressible, even when facing such an uncertain future. Luckily he’s as resourceful as Zoe, as things don’t quite go the way she planned.

There’s a fascinating cast of rounded characters all bringing their own action and interest to the story too, including Max, her calm, understanding boyfriend, and Brixton, her typical-teenager friend. There are secondary strands to the story making for a very rewarding, rich experience. It really is an absolutely delightful novel to read.

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review 2017-01-07 21:15
The Alchemist (Large Print)
The Alchemist (Large Print) - Alan R. Clarke,Paulo Coelho This book... I was so moved... loved it!!! Paulo COelho has never failed me!!!
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review 2016-11-25 03:05
Zoe, the alchemist
The Elusive Elixir (An Accidental Alchemist Mystery) - Gigi Pandian

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Zoe, the protagonist of this cozy mystery, is an alchemist. Three hundred years ago, she accidentally found the elixir of life and made herself immortal. Since then, she’s tried to lead a quiet life and help as many people as she could with her healing herbs, infused with her magic, but life keeps throwing hurdles in her way.

This novel, #3 in the series about Zoe, starts with her visit to Paris. Some time ago, her friend, roommate, and gourmet cook, stone gargoyle Dorian, accidentally made himself flesh and blood. Unfortunately, his transformation seems to be reversing its effect. He is slowly turning back to stone, and Zoe is searching for a way to arrest his reverse metamorphosis. She wants him alive and cooking.

Dorian’s predicament seems to be linked to backward alchemy, the branch of alchemy whose adherents cut corners. As lazy and ruthless as they come, backward alchemists wish to be immortal without first going through the discipline and rigorous research of the true alchemists, like Zoe.

Centuries ago, the backward alchemy rituals were recorded in a mysterious book Dorian has in his possession. Zoe is trying to unlock the secrets of the book – that’s why she traveled to Paris – but no matter how hard she tries, how many questions she asks, she can’t find the cure for Dorian’s malady. She’s managed to decode a small part of the book, but her potions and spells based on her partial understanding only slow down his petrification process and make Zoe herself sick.

Her fumbling in Paris in her quest for the cure for Dorian also brought her to the attention of a bunch of backward alchemists, and they will stop at nothing until they learn all of Zoe’s secrets and recover their long-lost book. They follow her back home, to Portland, they break into her home, they threaten her friends. Their short-cut immortality is as unstable as Dorian’s unnaturally mortal body, but unlike him, they seem evil. Or maybe they just want to stay alive and don’t care who else might suffer to sustain their immortality.

The idea behind this tale is fascinating, but the execution is weak. The plot meanders without a focus. The characters are flat and uninteresting, even the gargoyle. The writing is unprofessional and leans towards telling and explaining instead of showing. And the murder mystery doesn’t conform to any of the mystery genre rules: there are no clues, no suspects, no clever revelations, and no questioning of witnesses. In fact, nobody is a detective in this story. It seems to solve itself.

Also the formatting of this Kindle book was dismal, but that might be because it was an ARC. I hope the publisher at least fixes it before they release this novel in Jan 2017.

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