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text 2017-12-07 13:00
It Nearly Wasn't Christmas & Holiday Books!
Yay, so it is that time of year. I like the holiday spirit (though from inside the comfort of my own room! I love everybody but boy do gatherings stress me out) and I've got some books picked out that are either Christmas/Winter based, or just give me the warm, happy fuzzies. I made a TBR video on my Youtube channel, but I am bad at sticking to those!
On the flip side, I want to watch the Christmas movies (even though I hardly watch movies these days) I'm thinking about all the old ones.
It Nearly Wasn't Christmas which is my favorite cheesy one to watch and I usually watch it every year. It's from 1989, but I think I was a teen when I first saw it. I like the music in it. As far as I remember, there is one song, which is basically the theme song of the movie: "It almost wasn't Christmas this year..." The guy who sings it is really good, in my opinion. I just figured out he was an Osmond. Wayne Osmond; that might explain why he is good.
This movie talks about how people are wanting more and more and getting greedy, and it shows people learning again what the holiday is really about. The main character does her own learning.
She does kind of bugs me as an adult. She starts off super selfish and well.. bratty, but I think she grows and learns what Christmas is really about by the end. It might sound super cheesy, but I love how everyone ended up turning over a new leaf, so to speak and just coming together. I even cry at the end of this movie.
This movie might be old, but I think it still rings true. People really do get so busy and caught up with having everything just perfect and wanting too much and they are forgetting what is more important, family, friends, love for others. (This doesn't go just for Christmas, but all holidays!)
Favorite characters:
Clumsy elf Philpot, played by Bruce Vilanch. He's so endearing, even though they use the stereotype that big guys are clumsy and not that smart. I feel like Santa learns that his elf is smart and good in his own way. It doesn't hurt that he is funny, too! [He was a favorite as a child, but I still like him.]
The conman Napoleon played by Ted Lange. I like him and his parrot, as strange as it is. I'm a sucker for the ending when he seems to turn over a new leaf, though the whole thing is predictable. [As an adult, I realize this character serves no real purpose. He's hardly in the movie except the jail scene and at the end. The other times, he's just driving on his motor bike. He's only there to cause problems with Santa.]
All my feels for this could be nostalgic talking. I just watched the movie again and it is even more cheesy than I remembered. I admit as an adult I realize everything is solved too quickly. People are so quick to believe in Santa and the movie wraps up too easily.
What are your favorite holiday books and movies? What books/movies do you know are cheesy or even bad, but you still love them because they are nostalgic?
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review 2017-12-06 18:38
Meh Again, Moving On
The Burgler Who Traded Ted Williams - Lawrence Block

I got to 50% and found myself skimming pages. Time to put it down and find another. The mystery was good, the banter between the characters was weird and never felt believable. It was like some cheesy play, each line felt over rehearsed. The only characters that was working for me was the cat. Well I tried, this garage sale find was a bust.

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review 2016-11-06 23:26
I Woke Up Dead at the Mall - Judy Sheehan

Picked this up because I wanted something more lightweight before starting reading my next book... and I sure got it. -_-
The writing is juvenile. The characters are undeveloped clichés. Nothing is properly developed, not even the cheesy teen romance.
By now some of you are probably saying, "oh, you're being too harsh just because this isn't for you."
Thing is, I would never in a million years give this book to a middle grader, or even a teen. And that is because this is one of those books, that manages to not develop a decent plot so that it can gush about a stupid, maybe toxic romance. For those who have read this, you're probably thinking, "oh, but Nick is a good guy!"
Yes, Nick is not a bad guy for a sixteen year old. But I found him manipulative, and in the end of the story, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth, because I couldn't help feeling that another women got sidetracked of all her potential because of a guy.
What a waste of an original concept.

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review 2015-10-07 20:34
ARC Review: Baby, Think It Over by Hurri Cosmo
Baby, Think it Over - Hurri Cosmo

What the heck did I just read? Was I supposed to take this seriously, or is the author pranking me?

First off, suspend all notions of realism. There's none in this book. Secondly, get rid off any expectations for fleshed out characters whose actions make even a lick of sense. Thirdly, fire your inner editor for the duration of reading this book.

Do those three things, and this may be an enjoyable book.

Review with spoilers - proceed at your own risk.


Kedon Chase is 18 and a senior in high school. He's gay and out. Tarrell Alan is the same age, also a senior, but presumably straight. He's also supposedly super rich and influential because his family has much power in the town.

As part of their course work, the students are paired off to "raise a baby" for three weeks.

Tarrell is super alpha, growling voice included, and he has decided he wants Kedon. Initially, he just wants Kedon's virgin ass, so he picks Kedon as his partner for the baby project, amidst much whining and backlash from the female student body. Kedon is a bit shell-shocked, but then Tarrell proceeds to kiss the snot out of him WHILE. IN. CLASS. IN. FRONT. OF. THE. TEACHER. Who simply smiles, apparently, because Tarrell is an Alan, and she doesn't dare do much else.

So off they go to care for the mechanical baby. Who cries a lot and thus derails Tarrell's plans time and again. But as time passes, Tarrell sees more to Kedon than just a piece of hot, tempting virgin ass, and a relationship develops. Sort of.

There's a subplot with another rich young man who also wants Kedon and steals the baby and makes Kedon come to his house, where he is then almost sexually assaulted. But never fear, Tarrell to the rescue. At the end, they have super porny sex, with ass-pounding and ball-slapping, which is totally realistic, considering Kedon is a VIRGIN. Right.

And by that time, Tarrell has decided that Kedon is his, and it's oh so romantic (/sarcasm) that he claims Kedon, and they presumably go on to live happily ever after.

(spoiler show)

No, really. Kedon is basically a doormat with maybe a wee, wee bit of backbone, and Tarrell is mostly a jerk who has some nice moments. I almost believed that he developed real feelings for Kedon, but he primarily seemed to look at him as another thing to possess.

Throughout the book, the POV switches between Kedon and Tarrell, and it's sometimes difficult to immediatelly discern who's talking. Dialogue is mostly ridiculous and stiff, and the writing... seriously, I think the author may be trolling us. Rigid staff, hard staff, conquering staff... for the love of god, if you're writing what's supposedly a sexy scene, staff isn't the right word to use.

Also, the editing isn't up to snuff, and I kept marking the file in my Nook repeatedly for simple things that a good editor should have immediately caught.

The book is super OTT, and if you do those three things I mentioned at the beginning, you might have fun reading this. Don't take this seriously.


** I received a free copy of this book from IndiGo Marketing and Design as part of a blogtour/promo. A positive review was not promised in return. **

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review 2015-08-14 16:45
The Reluctant Viking - Sandra Hill


This modern day woman's husband leaves her and she wakes up in Viking central in the 790's where there is a Viking who looks just like her husband and he has two illegitimate children that look just like hers. So what does she do ? She tells him she is his wife and those are their kids, even when they threaten her death. Ok it does't stop there, she goes on to tall all the village the evil king and stubbornly breaks rules insisting she can because she is his wife. WTH ? She knows this isn't him that she is in a time warp thing but she wants him to say he is her husband before she'll bed him. WTH ?  This is the stupidest written woman I think I've ever read. Why have they not cut off her head ? I want them to, please do it !

I am quitting I have to or 




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