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url 2017-05-27 04:13
Airwoman: Book 1 - Zara Quentin

Jade Gariq is the daughter of a respected Taraqan leader, and the heiress to Gariq Industries—a large, cross-Portal trading company. Her future appears to be set.

Except for one thing: It’s a life that she doesn’t want.

Jade has always dreamed of joining the Traveller Force—the elite Taraqans who traverse the Betwixt, filled with terrifying beasts, and who protect and patrol the Dragonverse. Despite having been Travellers themselves once, Jade’s parents remain vehemently against risking their only daughter’s life. When Jade’s father dies suddenly, she inherits Gariq Industries, its assets, trade deals and social responsibilities.


It seems as though her fate has once again been decided.


Meanwhile, Axel—her close friend and secret crush—disappears without a trace. Then Jade discovers the circumstances surrounding her father's death are not what they seem— her uncle Zorman suspects foul play. To find the truth and avenge her father's death, Jade travels to an uncharted world, where she will learn more about her family, herself, loyalty, and betrayal than she ever imagined.


Reviews for Airwoman:


I absolutely loved Airwoman, it was unique and interesting and action packed. The book was fast paced and hard to put down, and the characters were all so different yet just as important as each other. I can’t wait for the release of the second book in this series.--Nicole


Zara Quentin’s writing style of Airwoman reminds me of books by Robert Jordan or Kristen Britain, the thought provoking character developments and plot developments kept you inquiring what was on the next and then the next pages. If I had a 9 to 5 job, I would be taking sick days to binge read Airwoman. Airwoman was a real treat to read, a great page turner and with that in mind I can’t wait until the sequel comes out. --Schuyler


If you’re looking for a story which hooks you from the start, sweeps you away to another world and temporarily gives you wings, this is the book you’ve been looking for! --Inky Wings

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photo 2016-12-19 16:56

Happy Holidays!


It's hard for me to believe it's almost been two years since I released Sacrificed (The Last Oracle Book 1) on Amazon. And because of you guys and all your support, the book still remains on a couple of Kindle Teen & YA Bestseller lists.


In celebration—and also because it's Christmas—Sacrificed is FREE on Kindle for the FIRST TIME EVER.


Please tell your friends. And your enemies. I mean, come on, it's Christmas!


The promo ends on 12/21/16. Here's the Amazon link: http://smarturl.it/wibbskindle



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text 2015-11-03 19:52
Ten Young Adult Fantasy Books Not to Miss (Published in 2015)

So being a big young-adult novel reader, I get a lot of requests from friends asking ‘what book should I read?’ (I’m sure many of you do too). So, as I have done in previous years I thought I’d make a little list of young adult fantasy books (including sub-genres) that should not (under any circumstance) be missed that were released so far in 2015. I’m not really one for blurbing other’s books so I’ll link to their pages where you can check out the details. This is in descending order of how much I think they are ‘not to be missed.’


10) Dead of Winter (The Arcana Chronicles #3) by Kresley Cole

So, this book is actually the third book in “The Arcana Chronicles.” This series is amazing, it’s magical-fantasy, dystopian, about as anxty of a romance as you get and just so all around awesome. However, even though it is classified as “young adult” it’s extremely gory and has explicit sex. This book in particular was fantastic, but not my all time favorite in the series. It’s still a five star read though and the series is a ‘miss it and suffer the consequences of never loving it’ series.


9) Six of Crows (The Dregs #1) by Leigh Bardugo


I know there are some that would cry foul that I even put this book as number nine on my list (it’s that good). However, even though it was amazing, I had a hard time getting into the book until about halfway through where it really picked up pace. The book is a fantasy that takes place in Ketterdam another region of Bardugo’s fictional land from her Grisha series. The book is about a team of ‘street rats’ (type) who go on a thought-impossible heist. There is violence and sexual references, some heavy concepts are brushed upon. Definitely a not to be missed book.


8) The Wrath and the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn #1) by Renee Ahdieh


This was the review I wrote right after reading this book: “This book is full of angst, has somewhat of a love triangle, and a love story you feel down to your toes. I was not a big fan of the ending.” Unfortunately, while I remember really loving this book, there have been too many in between to really go into much detail. However, the book was very much a romance and full of tension and emotion. Even though after reading the premise, I didn’t think I would fall in love with this book I did. As I remember, there are some mild sex scenes and mild violence.


7) Darken the Skies (Kricket #3) by Amy A Bartol

So, I am obsessed with this series. It is a cross genre sci-fi/high fantasy/paranormal novel (sounds impossible, doesn’t it?). This particular book (again) wasn’t my favorite in the series but still one of my favorite books of the year. Maybe I’m just a little bitter because it looks like the series might be ending (No!!!!). However, this might be considered New Adult, there are definitely some sex scenes and they get somewhat explicit. I think the main character’s age is eighteen. Tons of anxt and romance and action and spaceships and magic.

6) Empire of Night (Age of Legend # 2) by Kelley Armstrong

This is another book where I remember LOVING it but the details are a little fuzzy (oh, well). This is the second book in a high fantasy series where the main characters are twins whose land is being taken over by a ghost-plague (If I remember correctly). It’s kind of Garth Nixish. If you don’t like Kelley Armstrong’s slow detailed style of writing, however, you will probably not like this series. I love Kelley Armstrong, I am a complete fangirl of her so…there you go. Not for everyone but if you like this kind of book, OMG it’s good.

5) Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) by Sarah J Maas


This is a very popular series (I probably don’t even need to tell you about it, huh?). But I do want to mention that the books start pretty typical YA then grow in scope and character development and world building. This book and series is definitely not to be missed.


4) A Book of Spirits and Thieves (Spirits and Thieves #1) by Morgan Rhodes


So this book is actually a paranormal off-shoot of Morgan Rhodes high fantasy series Falling Kingdoms. Falling Kingdoms is one of my favorite series but when I heard there was going to be paranormal off shoot I was like “Um, no way.” But thank goodness I did not pass it over! It was so good; dare I say that it was even better than Falling Kingdoms. This book does not need to be read after the other series though it does give you fun insight into what is going on. Just…just read it. Seriously.


3) Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge

Rosamund Hodge is the type of author that you either LOVE or don’t get and/or hate. I am firmly in the first category. LOVE is too small a word (even in all caps). She stretches the fantasy genre in the most delicious and amazing ways. And just the way she writes, like she’s painting a picture (in blood, sometimes). I love her work, I love this book. It is about a malicious forest that infects people into being murderers.


2) A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1) by Sarah J Maas


I am a big fan of beauty and the beast rewrites and this is one of my favorites. Sarah J Mass just brings a lot of spunk and sensuality into the story. Her writing is just beautiful. This book also may be considered new adult.


  1. Uprooted by Naomi Novik

So this book was a gem among gems. It was the second book of 2015 I read about a sentient malicious forest, the other was Crimson Bound. I had never read a book with this type of 'evil' before but both books were spectacular and very different, and coincidentally two of my favorite books this far this year.

I'd actually go so far as to call this book the best epic fantasy book I've found since Daughter of the Forest by Juliette Marilier (maybe even better).

This novel was incredible. Almost perfect. The narrative, voice, pace, style, it was all flawlessly delivered.

The protagonist was one of my favorite literary characters ever. I was pretty much sold from the beginning but there's a scene pretty early on where she's pressured by the very mixed hero of the book who is titled the 'dragon' he keeps pressuring her to beautify herself but she defies him and says 'she doesn't owe him pretty.' It sounds way more trite with me writing it but I just loved that. That wasn't the only great thing about the MC, she grew as a person but never to please anyone really. She just rocked, 100%.

This book was tame in sexual content and violence. It was just amazing. Not to be Missed.




So there is my list, if you would like to add yours please comment below.

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photo 2015-07-18 23:14
Sacrificed (The Last Oracle, Book 1)

Book 1 in The Last Oracle Series is ON SALE now ON KINDLE until July 23rd.

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photo 2015-06-03 22:57



I can’t even with this book?! Where to even start with this epic book?! Can we just talk about how badass and HOT all these characters are?! I mean Tamlin, Lucien, Fayre, RHYSAND. *swoons* Sarah J Maas knows how to deliver a hell of a fantasy novel! I went into this book not knowing much about it at all only that it was going to be sort of like a Beauty and the Beast retelling and if I’m being completely honest I was just dying to get my hands on anything that Maas was currently writing. (Especially after a lot of my bookish friends were raving about it!!) I mean… the fact that she had SEVEN HIGH LORDS, Lord of the rings anyone? Eh, eh?! I loved that! I loved how DESCREPTIVE and SPECIFIC she was with that fucking curse, LIKE COME ON!!!! Feyre’s character development was so freaking amazing! I mean we have her in the beginning just trying everything and anything she can to try and go back home to her family and no matter how much Tamlin tries to court her she just won’t give in! She’s so damn stubborn and the fact that she had rather spend time with Lucien instead of Tamlin was doing me in! Haha! It sucked so bad that they couldn’t just straight up tell her about that damn curse! Watching her grow from the beginning to the end was fantastic!! I was also totally not expecting her to become one of the High Fae, so when that happened I flipped and squealed with happiness, like holy fucking shit! HELL YEAH, this is going to make this story so much more kick ass, because if she was already a badass you know she’s going to be even more in the upcoming books and then having a SEXY High Lord by her side?! Maas is going to KILL ME. *Swoons Forever*I also really liked how Lucien and Feyre’s friendship turned out even if he couldn’t do much he still tried so hard for her! For a minute when Amarantha put Feyre to kill those three fearies and she said it was two young males and a woman I had a bad feeling they were going to be Alis and her two nephews you should have seen my relief when I realized I was wrong. As much as I loved all the others there was one person I’m so freaking intrigued to know more about… RHYSAND! Holy guacamole, I don’t fully understand what his motives are or what he’s really trying to achieve but I just can’t hate him right now because even if he made a devils deal, he actually HELPED Feyre so, so much and when he needed some peace & quiet he actually went to HER, I mean come on!! A guy who is “evil” and “bad” doesn’t just go on and do… THAT. BUT… but… I also can’t say I love him either because like I said I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT HIS MOTIVES ARE and I’m dying to know what made him look at Feyre the way he did when he went to say goodbye to her. UGHH. In the beginning I really disliked Nesta! Feyre was the youngest of them all and she was the one providing for her family so they wouldn’t starve to death and her sisters and father wouldn’t do SHIT to help her! But man oh man did I get the surprise of my life when we realized Nesta was never fooled by Tamlin’s glamour, my jaw dropped! HER character development was very shocking, very emotional that I had tears in my eyes, finally big sister taking care of little sister, I loved that! I love how sometimes this story was slow but never ever boring, everything that Maas wrote about had a point in the story… I loved how she incorporated those Bogge things, they kind of reminded me of dementors! It’s like she took something from all these fantasy stories and made it all her own AND IT FLIPPIN’ WORKS FOR HER. I’m so, so excited to continue with this amazing series and I cannot wait to have book two in my hands waiting until next year will possibly be the death of me! So torturous!!!!

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