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url 2020-01-20 17:37
United Airlines Change Fee and Baggage Allowance

United airline flight has a baggage policies that are exceptionally simple and easy to understand in order to make your trip a little less jittery and more convenient. It is recommended that now the baggage policies of the United Airlines are properly known and informed and that the related fees and facilities be recognized. read  more ....

united airlines baggage allowance 

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review 2020-01-20 15:28
thoroughly enjoyable listen
The Quarterback - Mackenzie Blair
Verified purchase July 2018 Usually I don't go for college aged characters, but Matt and Trevor both have old heads on their young shoulders, for very different reasons. Yes Matt comes from money, but there are strings attached. Yes Trevor has suffered after being rejected by his family, but he is pulling himself upwards now. I loved how things develop between these two! Not just how they initally get together, but how things move along between them, physically as well as emotionally. This is the first of Blair's work I've listened to, indeed, read so I would like to read or listen to more now! Greg Boudreaux narrates and the man is a MASTER at his craft! His voices for everyone are easily indentifiable when listening to multi person conversations. The reading voice Boudreaux uses is deep and even and there were no dips or bits I missed when Matt or Trevor got emotional or were thinking (a common theme, trust me!) 4 stars for the book 5 for the narration (cos, you know, Greg!) **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2020-01-20 14:22
took a while, but excellent book!
The Edge of the World - Garrett Leigh
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is one of those books that I nearly dumped! NEARLY, but didn't. Ollie said something, Shay said something, I forget who said what, but one of them said something that made the book a whole LOT more readable and I wanted to know what more. More Ollie, more Shay, just plain MORE! Cos ya'll know how greedy I am! I loved that, when Ollie was keeping the things he found about Shay's family from Shay til certain points, he kept it from US too, and we only found it all out, just as Shay does. Loved being kept on my toes for that! I loved that what happened to Ollie isn't immediately laid out for you and you have to piece together the clues. Again, we don't get the FULL picture til Ollie tells Shay all about it. There is immediately attraction between the guys, yes, but it's a way WAY through the book before they actually get their sexy time, and strangely, I think I would have preferred that they did NOT have on-screen time, you know? I was loving the EMOTIONS that run rife through the book, real gut wrenching ones in places, and the sexy time, while still emotional for the guys, it kinda felt thrown in, that it was supposed to be there, just because, if you see what I mean? probably not, I'm not making much sense, I know! Both guys have a say, in the third person, so we get all of Ollie's fear about doing this again, about being behind the camera again. We get all of Shay's growing feelings for Ollie, and we get it all from them both when the full history of Shay is revealed. So, because it took me a while to fully engage . . . 4 solid stars **same wroded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2020-01-17 19:27
Review ~ Entertaining!
The Alchemist and an Amaretto - Annette Marie

Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited


Tori Dawson is a bartender extraordinaire. But her place of employment is no ordinary pub. The Crow and Hammer is a guild for magic wielding people and Tori is human. But only a few people know that. Because otherwise she’d be booted to the curb. The mythical community believes she is a witch and, come Hell or highball, she’s going to keep it that way.


It’s nearly Christmas and Tori has been invited to visit Aaron’s family estate. Tori doesn’t particularly like family events, but Aaron’s one of her best friends and Ezra and Kai, her other best friends, and Sin are going, so she allows herself to be dragged along. Good thing, too. There’s evil shenanigans going on at Sinclair Academy and family mansion and Tori is essential to putting a stop to it. However, things are also busting loose regarding Ezra and Tori will never be the same.


Wow. There is so much going on, but it’s never overwhelming. Tori and her buddies are going up against something really nasty with big sharp pointy teeth. And then there’s the thing with Ezra. You know, the demony thing. Needless to say, it’s quite an eventful Christmas. Lots of action and danger and magic as well as the usual humor. I love this series so much and this edition to it does not disappoint.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-alchemist-and-amaretto.html
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review 2020-01-17 16:43
An ominous letdown for the "X-Wing" series
Wedge's Gamble (Star Wars: X-Wing Series, Book 2) - Michael A. Stackpole

It was inevitable that my recent immersion in the Star Wars Extended Universe/Legends media would lead me to Michael Stackpole's "X-Wing" series. Given the interconnected nature of the works, the references to events from it in Timothy Zahn's Hand of Thrawn duology left me wanting to read the characters and events mentioned. And the first book, Rogue Squadron was enjoyable enough as an inaugural volume that introduced some appealing characters while laying the groundwork for future volumes.


By contrast, Wedge's Gamble is something of a ominous letdown. With the New Republic preparing to take the strategically important planet of Coruscant, the pilots of Rogue Squadron are infiltrated onto it as part of an intelligence-gathering mission. This was the first warning sign for me, for while I get the need to keep the story focused on the main characters, the need for pilots to serve as covert operatives seemed more than a stretch. Yet this was a minor complain when set against the plan hatched by Ysanne Isard, the former head of Imperial Intelligence and the main antagonist of the series. Her scheme to spread a virus designed to sicken and kill missions of non-humans was far too mustache-twirling for my taste. For a series known for its complex and nuanced villains, having one engaged in such an overly-complicated effort to commit genocide while sowing political discord over medical supplies is something of a letdown. Though I'm hoping that the later volumes move past this, the fact that the fourth one is entitled The Bacta War suggests that the rest of Stackpole's series are going to be grounded in it, which is why I'm having trouble finding the motivation to pick up the next book in it.

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