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text 2018-12-10 02:17
Reading progress update: I've read 127 out of 312 pages.
The Beatin' Path: a lyrical guide to lucid evolution - John Lane
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review 2018-12-06 02:02
A Christmas Dream by Lane Parker
A Christmas Dream - Lane Parker



Life is too serious. We need a little more laughter in our world to balance out the heartache. Lane Parker makes it her mission to turn that frown into a smile with A Christmas Dream. Hayden is a character that is identifiable on so many levels. Self - doubt has become her ally and heartbreak has become her friend, yet she longs for something more. Will Jackson be the man to see beyond the mask into her deepest soul and accept her, faults and all? Fantasy becomes a reality to be celebrated all year round.

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review 2018-12-04 14:50
ARC REVIEW The Cottage on Rose Lane by Hope Ramsay


The Cottage on Rose LaneMoonlight Bay #1, I was not expecting to love this as much as I did. I didn't know what to expect but what I found was a young woman trying to find herself after a life altering inheritance and a young man trying to save his family's history and culture. I also found a town on the coast where the locals are treated like family and everyone else is a tourist. It's deeper that I would have expected the emotions run hot you're not just dealing with Jude and Jenny's emotions with each other but with their relationship with the other townspeople and family.

Jenny Fosse is alone in the world she never knew her father and her mother lost her battle with cancer a few years earlier. Out of the blue she receives notice that she is the sole heir of a multi billionaire legacy from the grandfather she never knew she had. But soon after she lost her dream job and with no idea what to do she went on a journey of self discovery all over Asia and India. After a year and she still didn't know what to do the lawyer she inherited suggest trying to connect to her great-uncle and aunt her only living relatives and find out more about her father but the bad blood between the brothers leaves Jenny with no clue how to go forward so she first decides to test the waters first go in incognito and see how she will be received.

Jude St. Pierre is on a mission to save his ancestral lands and the slowly disappearing culture with it. With this battle he's fighting land developers who want to turn into a resort and half the townspeople who don't see the cultural importance. He's also fighting his drunk father who is slowly ruining their fishing charter business who won't let Jude expand or even get a bank loan to help with some costs. When Jude meets Jenny it's an instant attraction, but he's to scared of making the same mistake his father did with his mother that Jude is hesitant to get involved with her especially since he thinks she's working with the land developers and is a corporate spy. Jenny wants sailing lessons, she learned her father loved to sail and feels like it will bring her closer to him and she is willing to pay for them. Jude needs the money or otherwise he'd say, no, and despite being ten times harder on her than he needs to be she still wants to learn from him. The longer Jenny stays in town the more she falls in love with it, the more she wants to help them especially Jude. But Jenny is lying about who she is and why she's there and she knows it's only a matter of time before they find out. 
Overall, it was a very emotional story and the characters are so well written you get emotionally attached to the whole town. I can't wait for the next one.      


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text 2018-12-02 10:07
Reading progress update: I've read 31%.- slapping hand to forehead - NOW I notice it's a romance novel?
On Turpentine Lane - Elinor Lipman

I was almost a third of the way through this slightly droll but deeply puzzling book, struggling to work out where it was going, when the lights went on - flashing LED lights - spelling out IT'S A ROMANCE, DUMMY.


That explains why the heroine is intelligent, well-educated, slightly bland and completely hapless - so she can come into her own by getting together with the right guy.


Now it's all clear. 


The contract with the reader is that the woman should be nice, maybe too nice for her own good when it comes to dealing with her self-absorbed, hippy-boy-man-at-41 boyfriend, so that the reader can root for her and hope she'll smell the coffee and find someone worthy of her.


I got distracted by the bullying sexism or her employer, the apparently dark history of the house she's recently bought and my underlying lack of empathy for a woman so used to be being loved and protected by her family that she lacks basic survival skills.


I feel like someone reading the start of a werewolf novel and wondering why the characters, who seem prone to physical aggression when resolving status-related conflicts, are stressing about how close the next full moon is.


OK, now I can settle back and let the romance roll with the appropriate level of readerly collusion. with what the author is doing.


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text 2018-11-26 22:47
Reading progress update: I've read 19%.
On Turpentine Lane - Elinor Lipman

1d08fae651de386b132b8739765a2f23"On Turpentine Lane" has been on my TBR pile for eighteen months. I bought it in a fit of enthusiasm after reading "Isabel's Bed".  I've looked at it a few times since then and gone, "I want to read that but not today."


I'm reading it now because it has a (mostly) green cover and so qualifies as my book for Mawlid An-Nabi.


So far it's been a light, mildly amusing comedy of manners kind of book but I'm struggling with it because it's exposing a prejudice I'm a little loathe to admit to. I find it hard to empathise with a privileged white middle-class, university educated woman in her thirties who is so hapless.


Her haplessness is fundamental to the humour of the book so letting it irritate me is self-defeating but what bothers me is my own reasons for being so quick to judge this woman. Her haplessness is quite plausible. She's conflict-averse, trusting, committed to her job and looking for a quiet life. I'd probably like her if I met her. Yet I find myself irritated by her inability to use the advantage she has. 


All of which says more about me than about Elinor Lipman's writing.


So, I'll try to suspend my disapprobation and enjoy the story.



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