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review 2015-06-14 00:28
Still holds up all these years later!
A Ring of Endless Light - Madeleine L'Engle

A Ring of Endless Light is one of my all-time favorite books. I first read it many years ago and when I got the opportunity to re-read it, I was terrified. I worried that even though I had loved this book so many years ago, I wouldn’t feel the same way years later. I was wrong. I feel like I need to bang my head on a wall for ever underestimating this book but there it is. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read and upon re-reading, I can reaffirm that conviction.

I want to keep this short because I have already fangirled enough to last a while but let me just say that this is such an important coming to age novel. Given that it’s set in the 80s, some parts of it may strike some readers as odd but for me, it is still relatable for the 'modern day' reader.

It deals with common issues teenagers have to deal with growing up but it also deals with bigger issues of life and death.

Vicky is a young girl who, during the particular summer this book is set in, is surrounded by death. What she needs, is to find hope amidst all the death and learn to let go and look at the brighter things in life. She needs to rise from her despair and grow as a person but also cross that awkward bridge between teen and adult. It's so great to experience the journey with her because it is so realistic and so relevant but also Vicky is also just a great female lead. I love that she isn’t perfect and sometimes hides from the truth but she is also just fantastic.

This book also comes with an entourage of great family members and great secondary characters (INCLUDING DOLPHINS).

This is a powerful book and one I will continue to recommend 20-30 years from now because it will still be relevant and will still be important. I just want to shower the book with all the love because it's so special to me. Definitely a book I’d recommend for ALL readers. So you know, check it out?

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review 2014-10-31 02:22
Review of A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleign L'Engle
A Ring of Endless Light (Austin Family, Book 4) - Madeleine L'Engle

A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L'Engle is the fourth book in the Austin Family series. This is a hard summer for Vicky and her family. They are spending an extended vacation with her grandfather who is dying of leukemia, but as if that wasn't enough to deal with, one tragedy after another strikes the community. Vicky tries to keep herself busy helping out with a dolphin communications experiment, but all of the horrible things that are happening definitely take their toll on her. On top of the various tragedies, she's also got three different guys vying for her attention and she has to figure out who she really wants to be with. She spends a lot of time with her grandfather and in his illness he imparts a great deal of wisdom to her. Even that isn't enough to heal her soul though, and she can only find comfort and solace in the dolphins that she has come to know and care for.


This is a very sad book, but it's also probably my favorite in this series and I'd highly recommend it. I just love reading about the spiritual connection that the main character has with the dolphins and with the guy leading the experiment. This book can probably be read as a standalone, but would be a good idea to read the previous books in the series plus The Arm of the Starfish for background story.

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url 2014-08-18 13:36
From io9: Ten Classic YA Novels that would Make Awesome Movies
A Ring of Endless Light - Madeleine L'Engle
My Mother Was Never A Kid (Victoria Martin Trilogy) - Francine Pascal
Daughters of Eve - Lois Duncan
Chain Letter - Christopher Pike
The Grounding of Group 6 - Julian F. Thompson
Clive Barker's The Thief of Always - Kris Oprisko,Clive Barker,Gabriel Hernandez
The Girl Who Owned a City - O.T. Nelson
The Chronicles of Prydain Boxed Set - Lloyd Alexander
Have Space Suit—Will Travel - Robert A. Heinlein
House of Stairs - William Sleator

I've read only three of these books--Ring of Endless Light, Hanging Out with Cici (now renamed My Mother was Never a Kid, and Have Space Suit Will Travel, but I love each of them enough that I still have my original copies on my bookshelf. Many of the rest of the ten sound great too. From the io9 website article:


Fans have been waiting over 20 years for a movie version of Lois Lowry's The Giver, and we're finally getting one this weekend. But this isn't the only classic novel that's overdue for a movie adaptation. Here are 10 beloved YA novels that would make for incredible movies... and why they probably won't get adapted.


A note: All of these books will be spoiled.



Source: jaylia3.booklikes.com/post/959352/from-io9-ten-classic-ya-novels-that-would-make-awesome-movies
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text 2013-10-11 01:04
30 Day Book Challenge Day 10: Books that Remind Me of Home
The Big Beautiful - Pamela Duncan
A Ring of Endless Light (Austin Family, Book 4) - Madeleine L'Engle
Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
Circle of Friends - Maeve Binchy



Day 10 of this respective series and the prompt asks me for novels that remind me of home.  I could say more about this collection, but mostly the common factor between all of this is that they're either set in the state I grew up,  they're stories that are set in a coastal community, which is much like my childhood hometown, or they remind me of aspects about my "home away from home" in a university community.


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text 2013-10-03 21:00
30 Day Book Challenge Day 3: Favorite Series
The Golden Compass - -N/A-
The Dark is Rising - Susan Cooper
A Wrinkle in Time (The Time Quintet #1) - Anna Quindlen,Madeleine L'Engle
A Ring of Endless Light (Austin Family, Book 4) - Madeleine L'Engle
Time Windows - Kathryn Reiss
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling
The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien
Feed - Mira Grant
Neuromancer - William Gibson
The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness


Third day into this reading challenge!  So it's asking me my favorite series and that's...harder than the last two prompts.  Because I have several and it spans out between my childhood and adulthood.  I'm going to list up to ten, give myself five for my childhood favorites, and five for my adulthood favorite series.  Ready, steady, go!


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