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text 2017-01-10 02:15
Challenge Accepted: 2017 Book Challenges

For 2017 I signed up for 4 book challenges. Right now I'm regretting 3 of them and the other one I'm still debating if I want to continue. Truth be told they all sounded interesting and I thought they would push me to read outside my comfort zone but in reality I don't want to leave my bubble, I just want to read what I want to read! 


So, I've decided that if I'm doing this I'm going to do on my own terms. I'm going to complete the challenges but by reading what's already on my TBR and/or Kindle or even Netgalley account... and if not there, well, I'm sure I will be there before the end of the year, ha! 




I have a Bingo Card, and A-Z that may include name of book and author's first/last name, and a Read Harder Challenge by BookRiot. Who knows, I may end up having fun. What am I saying, of course I will, I'll be reading!! 





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text 2014-08-31 00:52
Feeling a little Unzipped
Doctor Who The Encyclopedia - Gary Russell
The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox
My Zombie Valentine - Katie MacAlister,Angie Fox,Lisa Cach,Mari Mancusi
Immortally Yours - Angie Fox
Slimy Underbelly - Kevin J. Anderson
Salt - Danielle Ellison
The Immortal Circus: Act One - A.R. Kahler
The Immortal Circus: Act Two - A.R. Kahler
The Immortal Circus: Final Act - A.R. Kahler
Follow Me Through Darkness - Danielle Ellison


I've been working extremely hard to get so many things done. With my birthday coming up next week I have planned my own birthday party and have a theme Superheroes and Villains since everyone has had a tough year and have conquered so much....including me. This is my first year that with my Multiple Sclerosis that I have not gone to the hospital, I'm not celebrating my birthday in the hospital in several years (last year I went shortly after my birthday, so I still consider that birthday hospital stay), and I'm working the hardest on my health to stay out of the hospital for the rest of the year even going through the withdrawal of not having a necessary medicine due to Staywell insurance complications. 



I've been so wound up in working on my party where by the way is at the Alehouse, a restaurant with a bar I used to visit quite often and plan parties for the teachers of the district I worked in. Those parties were called, to stay out of trouble from the head cheese, TIPS meetings (Teacher Insanity Prevention Services)...LOL. Well this birthday party I'm planning is a costume party to boot and I have some games planned and some former students from quite a few moons ago are coming, one that is a return guest (came the year previous) with their child and soon to be husband. I'm quite touched that many of my students have worked hard to stay in touch with me and often are concerned about my health and well being. 



So in doing all of this, I realized it was Saturday, talked about making my #Caturday posts, watched my Saturday cartoons....BUT MISSED DOCTOR WHO. How could I miss the second episode of my favorite show? And with the Doctor still going through the transformation of becoming the new Doctor, changing persona and gaining access to all of his intelligence, like talking to Dinosaurs. How can I call myself a Whovian? I have disappointed the entire TARDIS ethereal spirits that flitter about me. But thankfully while working on this post I'm able to catch up on #DoctorWho repeat , it was listed wrong on my cable guide and thankfully I have the chance to watch my favorite show and maintain my self proclaimed top status as a #Whovian. 


To brag I can at least say that I have accomplished several missions today from the party planning to finishing up another reviewer book and organizing some other ARC books. I did find though that some things did not get posted to Facebook and the application has been finicky not only for me but others are missing posts as well too. I had received this wonderful gift package from @AngieFox one of the authors that I fell in love with after reading several of their ARC books from Netgalley. I hope she has a chance to read this and tomorrow I'm hoping this storm won't knock out the internet again so that I can reposts my thanks to her filled with the pictures of the items that I received. 




By the way, if there are any other authors, bloggers, publishers, or those reading this that would like to send me a birthday present of book(s), I will not refuse. IF there just happens to be a signature in there it would be even more exciting. Real books I keep to the side because it is difficult for me to hold the book, turn the page, and when my vision goes I have the Kindle read to me. So if you would like to send me something, please make it in a digital form, mobi or Amazon (azw) if possible. I do read books, don't get me wrong, but it is more difficult for me to do and takes more energy, almost taking some of the enjoyment out of the journey. 



#Caturday so to get a little more of my desperation for The Walking Dead to start again I am reading an apacolyptic book Foamers by Justin Kassab, and the zombie P.I. series of Dan Shamble (Chambeaux) by Kevin J. Anderson, Slimy Underbelly. 


Then I must get to work as one of the Street Team Shadow Guards for Danielle Ellison known for Salt (I really hope to get this book for my birthday so I can read the sequel when it comes out)  and Alex Kahler known for Immortal Circus (a Kindle series that came in three separate books Acts 1-3)). Their new books are launching soon and so they have decided to team up on their launches in spreading the good name for reading sakes. Danielle's new book is titled Follow me Through Darkness and Alex's book is called Martyr. We were given a list of tasks to accomplish, with the winner gaining a big prize at the end. Those of you that know me know that I'm big on competing and I work hard to win. So wish me luck that I win......because I'm working hard to do it. Here are the covers of the books so you can start envisioning what you shall pick up soon. I can't wait to start reading it myself.....once I get this zombie kick out of my system of course. LOL. Stay tuned for more on these authors and their books, their bios, their journeys, and me winning......ahem....I mean and their work. LOL.










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text 2014-08-26 20:52
ARCs On Current Reading List
Memory Zero - Keri Arthur
The Witch with No Name - Kim Harrison
The Girl Who Was on Fire: Your Favorite Authors on Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy - Carrie Ryan,Blythe Woolston,Bree Despain,Lili Wilkinson,Terri Clark,Sarah Rees Brennan,Adrienne Kress,Mary Borsellino,Jennifer Lynn Barnes,Elizabeth M. Rees,Sarah Darer Littman,Cara Lockwood,Leah Wilson,Ned Vizzini
Foamers - Justin Kassab
White Rabbit - K A Laity
William Shakespeares Star Wars - Ian Doescher
Distant Dreams - Anne Griffiths Distant Dreams - Anne Griffiths
Sleeping Beauty and the Demon - Marina Myles

Since joining Netgalley, I've c been super excited about the books, comics, and graphic novels I've received. I've been introduced to some excellent  up and coming authors and had a chance to preview books from authors well known.  Between Netgalley and Edelweiss I can't complain that I have nothing to read anymore, my TBR list has grown faster and higher than Jack's magical beans. 



Thankfully the up side of being ill is being forced to stay in one place, like the bed for most of the day. I used the time to let my OCD and Virgo organization skills kick in, arranging an order of Netgalley book to read and review. I learned the hard way that you don't gain the books permanently and through Adobe Digital Edition, you only have a certain amount of time with the book before you can no longer open it, or even access the digital notes attached to it (if you use certain programs, like my use if the Kindle application).




I've never committed myself to reading books in a certain order, I guess that's why on certain challenges I don't submit my book list because....yes, I'm afraid to commit. But that's just to what books I'm going to read and in what order ....now, don't read into things. I do not have any commitment issues as far as dating or anything else.


So for right now, here is my ARC/reviewer reading list. Now this isn't set in stone, see there's my book commitment issues I was talking about....lol, sometimes I receive a book that needs to jump up on the list. I should have the other books listed on my shelf cleaned up too. I wish being unwell always made me motivated to get so much work done. This list might be altered at anytime....see now you think I have commitment issues. I don't, well....maybe with books. Just because. because can't commit sometimes because I want to read everything, and the books tell me they want me to open them and explore. Is it getting hot in here, so let's open that book jacket, ohhh yea, I'm going to read the novel adj night long.loL I hope somone got that song reference; otherwise I won't just seem like I have commitment issues, but that I need to wear a straight jacket and be in a padded cell.



If you've read any of these books, I would love to hear your opinion. My reviews will still be unbiased and not influenced by others. Reading the viewpoint fatty others helps me to sociologically, understanding more information of how a person draws conclusions of their literary mates.

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text 2014-08-26 17:56
Am I a Vampire? Reading progress update: I've read 44%.
Memory Zero - Keri Arthur

I can see why the cover for Memory Zero was changed to something more in the action/mystery/thriller realm instead of looking like a cover from Underworld. The further I delve into reading the more hooked I'm getting by the slinky like twists and thrilling action. I hope this place and trend continues not only for this book but for the rest of the series.


Being bedridden is allowing me to catch up with my TBRs, get lost in good books while forgetting the pain. When reading about characters that have no pain or heal quickly regardless of whether they are human or nonhuman is a an easy way to pretend (like we were little) that I am one of those characters and the pain is nothing and Wil subside rather quickly. It is beyond humorous though that Memory Zero contains vampires, because I can't go in the sun right now.


On top of all else I have a migraine so my blackout curtains make my room look like a supreme masters coffin, with a place to lay, a sitting area, and a table filled with a red drink (pomegranate tea). Is there something secretly wrong with me and I'm really a vampire. With my insomnia if I do sleep I tend to get more of a nap during the day than at night.....maybe this isn't a coincidence. I do like my meat bloody raw. I've charmed people with my eyes. This is too I much. Someone call the Spook Squad for me and ask Finley to run comprehensive tests and more. Maybe I'm something other than a vampire?...and something other than a nerd. 


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text 2014-08-24 06:54
Reading progress update: I've read 13%.
Memory Zero - Keri Arthur
Generation 18 - Keri Arthur
Penumbra - Keri Arthur

Thanks to Netgalley, I have the other three books in the Spook Squad to review and read as well. I feel so lucky. I can't wait to see how the characters grow the world filled with these unhumans expands, and if there is any romance to fall the main character's way. I'm not sure how I feel about the whiter covers that show more genetics and science, as to the darker ones that seem more as if the main character is guarding the city.  Maybe as I read the series I'll see why the changes are probably more appealing to the book series.

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