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review 2018-02-20 05:02
The Last Leopard
The Last Leopard - Lauren St. John

I am 46 years old and love these books. Lauren St. John writes in magic ink. I want to read every book she has ever written, minus the golf books. I just can´t get excited about those little balls. White giraffes, dolphins, leopards etc are a different story. I think everyone should read these books. Her stories are pure magic.

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review 2018-02-16 15:00
Anthology involving Templar Knights, a good read.
Treasure the Knight - F. Scott Fitzgerald,Anna Markland,Catherine Kean,Laurel O'Donnell

There are four stories, all involving Templar Knights in some form. All of them are quick reads, and three are historical while one is a contemporary. I found all the stories to be 4 stars and really enjoyed the history of the Templar Knights.
A Knight's Protection by Laurel O'Donnell - I loved Lia's innocence and acceptance of her place in life. She craved honesty but found it hard to trust. Kade was harder and more distrustful because of his upbringing. Together, they balanced each other while danger and betrayal tried to pull them apart.
Knightly Dreams by Anna Markland - This story was fun and I enjoyed how the Templar story was told. A spirit brings Susie and Peter together to tell his story, and her belief in his truth and Peter's acceptance made them a fun pair to read about.
Highland Covenant by B.J. Scott - This story was about a second chance for Gisselle and Francois, and their reunion brought tears to my eyes. Danger surrounded them, yet they had their sweet moments.
Her Gallant Knight by Catherine Kean - Amelia was a strong woman, and I enjoyed that strength as she and Ryder worked through their mistrust. Ryder was very gallant even though when things took a dangerous turn.

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review 2018-02-09 23:05
Aunt Dimity and her Past
Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure - Nancy Atherton

Lori is happily married to Bill and they have twin sons and a baby daughter. They are settled in the cottage, her father-in-law, William, is living in Ivy Cottage with his new wife and they are all as happy as can be in the village of Finch. For the village, moving day is an exciting day, someone new is moving in and everyone wants a good view of the new neighbors and their household items. Trouble starts when they notice that there are boxes labeled "Museum" and they order/ask Lori to go in and get to the bottom of those boxes. She makes friends with the new people and when she learns that the movers broke the blender, she offers one of the blenders she has in her attic from when she and Bill got married. When she goes to the attic to find a blender to give the new neighbors as a housewarming gift, she finds an armlet and goes to the study to talk with Dimity. She learns that it was a gift from a young man that she knew after the war and their time together ended badly and she asks Lori to find the man, she only knew as Badger, and explain to him why she was not able to commit to him. 


I really enjoyed the story and enjoyed hearing it with my children as we drove in the car running errands and taking care of things. I enjoyed the progression of life for Lori and her family and all that is happening in the village. I like how people change and grow and allow for fixing things others did when they were younger. I also enjoyed Lori's search for the truth behind the gift. I loved the involvement of men and women who served in the wars and how their lives progressed after the war and the way they don't consider themselves heroes for what they did during the war. 



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review 2018-01-29 04:12
Lost Treasure (Audiobook)
Lost Treasure - Kate Sherwood

For a story about a guy going up to Canada to settle his estranged grandmother's estate, this is a refreshingly angst-free story. Sure, Kyle has regrets about his grandmother, but mostly he spends the book remembering why her cabin by the lake was once a happy summer retreat for him and realizing that he's been a little too compliant with his parents' expectations for his life. 


He also gets reunited with his childhood friend Ryan, who of course has grown up to be a total hottie, and who has a great kid who is freakishly well-behaved but not a total pod person. Since Kyle isn't planning to stay, they decide to just stick to being friends. Of course, that doesn't last long. Look, can someone explain to me why getting beat up is such a turn on? What is the appeal here? I don't get it.


In the meantime, Kyle has to hand out his grandmother's bequests, which is a series of baffling "interviews" with various townsfolk who all have their own stories to tell about Kyle's grandmother. And isn't it great that they all became better people? :D


This is a short, sometimes sweet sometimes funny but mostly average romance with a dash of self-discovery thrown in for good measure.


The narrator did a decent job, though he really made me want to fast-forward through the sex scenes even more than I usually do.

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review 2018-01-13 03:44
Dragon's Treasure by Qaida Harte
Dragon's Treasure - Qaida Harte

Warning: rape, torture, blood and gore. Not a pretty read for the first 40%.

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