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review 2019-03-13 19:38
The Bigfoot Files
The Bigfoot Files - Lindsay Eagar
Ok, I will admit it, I am fascinated by Bigfoot. Sea monsters, the Loch Ness monster, and all those other mythical creatures draw my attention because their identity is baffling. Do you believe it or do you not? Are those individuals who seek after them weird or are they unlucky? When I saw the title and the synopsis for this novel, I had to read it!
Miranda’s mother studies cryptozoology. Her mother investigates and organizes the hunts for legendary creatures, in the hopes of proving their existence. Charting the different sightings, she also manages a blog, and drives the most unique vehicle that you wouldn’t want to be seen in. This wouldn’t be such an issue except with no other relatives to fall back on, Miranda’s had no other choice but to tag along with her mother all these years.
Now that she’s twelve, Miranda is tired of playing along. She feels it’s all a big waste of time and she just wants a normal mom. It’s time to show her that “her big break” is not coming.
Meet Miranda, the overachiever. Miranda strives to be perfect, issue #1. Issue #2, Miranda stretches herself too thin by trying to do too much. Issue #3 Miranda overthinks – she over analyzes situations for which she has no control. When you put these all together with a mother who is trying to “find her big break,” it’s a recipe for disaster.
I really did like the character of Miranda because of the issues that she was dealing with. She thought she hid her frustration and anger but little-by-little, she was coming undone. There were times that I thought Miranda was going to lose control but somehow, she kept it together. I didn’t know what to think about the mom. She was a different and frustrating character to me. I thought she was flaky but then, when she needed to be a parent, she came through. Definitely an interesting read.
(Read for Snakes and Ladders- one die roll)


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text 2018-05-01 18:45
April 2018-That's A Wrap!
Stirring the Sheets - Chad Lutzke
Zombie Bigfoot (Creature Quest Series Book 1) - Nick Sullivan
Unbury Carol: A Novel - Josh Malerman
Hammurabi Road: A Tale of Northern Ontario Vengeance - Steve Vernon
It's A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World - Curtis M. Lawson
Winterbay Abbey: A Ghost Story - John Bladek,Davonna Juroe,Matt Godfrey
All Systems Red - Martha Wells
Sick House - Jeff Strand
SHOCK Anthology - Joe Pruitt
Figures Unseen: Selected Stories - Steve Rasnic Tem,Matt Godfrey

I've read 13 books this month!


Graphic Novels

SAGA, Volume 6 by Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples 4*

SHOCK Anthology edited by Joe Pruett 4*


Total: 2




Stirring the Sheets by Chad Lutzke 5*

All Systems Red by Martha Wells 3.5*

RAGE by Richard Bachman 3*

Manchester Vice by Jack Strange 4*


Total: 4



Zombie Bigfoot written and narrated by Nick Sullivan 4*

Hammurabi Road by Steve Vernon 4*

Winterbay Abbey: A Ghost Story by John Bladek and Davonna Juroe, narrated by Matt Godfrey 4.5*

Figures Unseen: Selected Stories by Steve Rasnic Tem, narrated by Matt Godfrey 5*


Total: 4



ARCS/Reads for Review

Unbury Carol by Josh Malerman 3.5*

It's A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World by Curtis Lawson 4*


Total: 2


Random Reads

Sick House by Jeff Strand 3.5*





Horror Aficionados Mount TBR Challenge:

Challenge: Read 40 Books Already on my TBR

1. City of the Dead by Brian Keene

2. The Warblers by Amber Fallon

3. October by Michael Rowe

4. It's A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World by Curtis Lawson

Status: 4/40

 2018 Running Total: 61


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review 2018-04-05 18:45
ZOMBIE BIGFOOT written and narrated by Nick Sullivan
Zombie Bigfoot (Creature Quest Series Book 1) - Nick Sullivan


ZOMBIE BIGFOOT isn't trying to disguise itself as literary fiction as you can tell by the title. What it promises with that shadowy cover and its campy title is creature feature fun and it delivers that in spades!


Sarah, a woman whose father spent a good deal of his life trying to prove that the Sasquatch exists, is now spending her time trying to do the same. Her dad did eventually meet a member of the Bigfoot family when he was injured during one of his solo expeditions. Unfortunately, although he survived his injury with a Bigfoot's help, he returned to civilization with no real proof of it, and he became the object of scorn among his peers. Sarah has now returned to the area where her father documented his encounter with a team of her own and all of the latest technology to capture any discoveries they might find. Will they finally find the evidence that Bigfoot actually exists? You will have to read this to find out!


I expected this book to be more fluffy than it actually was, and that was a pleasant surprise. With a cast of characters that ranged from a television survivalist, a billionaire explorer, a Shwarzenegger-like body guard and a native American tracker/guide-there were plenty of personalities and events to keep the reader occupied.


Even though the beginning got off to a bit of a slow start, it felt like the author began to really hit his stride once the action got going. Somehow it seemed to come through that he was having a lot of fun and that point is where the reader started having fun too. Sprinkled with humor throughout, (like referencing those beef jerky commercials), ZOMBIE BIGFOOT doesn't take itself too seriously, while delivering more than what this reader expected from your average tale of this nature.


Recommended for fans of creature-features!


Get your copy here: ZOMBIE BIGFOOT




*I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

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review 2017-03-07 17:54
Zombie Bigfoot Review
Zombie Bigfoot (Creature Quest Series Book 1) - Nick Sullivan

Zombie Bigfoot took a while to get going, but once it did it was quite the read. This sets out to be Syfy level campy trash (not a bad thing!), and it succeeds with wild abandon. From the ridiculous characters like the hunter to the multitudes of pulpy kills it aims to please the low-budget movie aficionado. This takes a certain amount of skill, as its way too easy to fail horribly at producing something horribly good. Nick Sullivan does a great job, especially considering this is his début work.

As I said, Zombie Bigfoot was a bit of a slow burn in the beginning. I actually put the book down a few times and read stuff that was more immediately interesting. However, I kept coming back to it, and eventually, it paid off. By the end of the book, I was completely into it and rooting for Brighteyes and… well, Brighteyes. Though Littlefoot does make an impression of his own with one particular scene that was pure epicness.

Sullivan’s take on the zombie virus isn’t exactly new but it’s so rarely done that it’s still interesting to read. In Zombie Bigfoot just because you’re undead doesn’t mean you’re stupid. You’re filled with rage and think other members of your species (and others) look tasty, but you’re definitely not stupid.

The dialogue is good, the pacing is decent, and the action is delivered in spades. If you like overly dramatic gory kills (and would you be looking at this book review if you weren’t interested in that type of thing?), then Zombie Bigfoot will make you go all squishy inside.

One of the last things (literally) that impressed me was the epilogue(s) of Zombie Bigfoot. Normally I absolutely hate them, but Nick Sullivan did the perfect ones. The first one cracked me up and the second made me excited to see what happens in the next book.

Overall, Zombie Bigfoot was an enjoyable read that gave me just enough violence, action, and over-the-top drama to make me go all warm and fuzzy inside.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author for review consideration.

Source: www.scifiandscary.com/zombie-bigfoot-review
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review 2016-12-26 09:21
Great Fun
Bigfoot Hunters in Love - Jamie Fessenden This book was so much fun. As an uncomplicated, angst free story filled with fun and humour, it kept me entertained from start to finish. I have to be honest and admit that my first reaction when I looked at the cover was: ‘that’s a bit over the top’. And then I read the book and realised the cover is as perfect for this story as a cover could possibly be. Not only because it perfectly conveys the light-hearted tone of this novella but also because poor Stuart ends up flashing his bits in all sorts of awkward (for him) and fun (for the reader and Jake) situations. Yes, we are most definitely dealing with a case of insta-lust, insta-infatuation, or even insta-love but hey, there’s nothing like a stressful situation to bring strong feelings to the forefront. And if finding yourself face to face with Bigfoot isn’t stressful, I don’t know what is. And besides, both men in the story are well aware of the fact that they’ve only just met and can’t really put any expectations on the other, even if it doesn’t stop them from hoping that maybe the other man shares their hopes. I read this book with a huge smile on my face from start to finish. I adored Stuart’s dog, Thor who loyally tries to protect his human from the big-footed intruders and in the process causes Stuart a lot of trouble, but also brings him in contact with Jake. And Stuart and Jake were nice characters; the sort of men I would love to be friends with. And yes, the two of them are rather hot together too. I liked that even the characters in the book aren’t prepared to make definitive statements with regards to Bigfoot, despite the fact that they’ve been up close and way too personal with creatures that closely resemble the descriptions of this myth. And I liked the fact that they decide they’d rather keep the creatures safe than make a name for themselves by revealing what they’ve discovered even more. Overall this was a fun and fast read — perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. “If you get me killed before I deliver these samples to a lab, my ghost will stand at the foot of your bed every night and stare at you, moaning.” - “Kinky.”
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