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review 2018-07-18 16:32
Ok, so other than the grass, this one was pretty darned cute...
Hearts and Flour - Tara Lain,Ry Forest,Stephen Kurpis

So if you saw my updates on GR than you saw my comment about how 'delicious' was't a word that I'd use to describe the smell of a freshly mowed lawn...sorry but while I do like the smell of a freshly mowed lawn it just doesn't make me hungry. But neither am a raw food fanatic like Micah Truveen (yeah, he's one of the MCs in this story)


Micah Truveen is a raw food vegan and he's all about the healthy foods. So when he discovers his customers are flocking to the new cupcake shop up the street...you can well imagine that he blows a gasket and then he goes home to find his sleazeball of a boyfriend, Dharamaram doing the nasty in bed with someone else...well he blows another gasket and really who can blame him? Certainly not I. I was so on board with him kicking his backside to the curb and then heading over to his friends anti-Valentine's party (read orgy) where he meets this incredibly sexy, southern belle...Quentin Darby.


Quentin likes his pretty things sexy dresses, stiletto heels and can I just say here...I'm jealous because damn, I can't walk in those things but seems Quentin's a runway queen on them. 


Quentin moved to California with his southern grandmother to take care of her. I loved Quentin's grandma...she's awesome, I'd move to Cali to take care of her too. Unfortunately Quentin's got secrets from that he's keeping from her. He's afraid of loosing her love if he tells her that he's gay much less that he's a cross dresser. But Quentin's also not told Micah what he does for a living either...maybe Quentin has a cupcake shop...oopsie, this is going to be an awkward moment.


'Hearts and Flour' was from start to finish a light fluffy, cupcake of a read. While Micah and Quentin might have met under questionable circumstances and it was definitely lust at first sight. Take heart dear reader two things did not occur 1. neither of them was with anyone else at said orgy and 2. it was insta-lust not insta-love.


"Hearts and Flour" was also a chance for me to check out a couple of new narrators...Rys Forest and Stephen Kurpis and I have to say from a purely audio perspective I enjoyed this one. I'm not sure who read what parts but I'm ok with that as well since I can honestly say I liked it all...however, I will say whoever did the voice of Quentin was awesome. When Quentin was dressed as a woman the narrator gave him this wonderful husky, feminine tone that really gave depth to that character and simply enhanced the image of Quentin that I had in my head...it was spot on. 


I'm definitely going to keep an ear tuned for more by these two. At present there's only one other book to their credit that I was able to find on audible and it's also by Ms Lain...so, it looks like I've got at least one more Tara Lain book in my future.


If you're looking for something cute and fun to enjoy on audio...let's call it summer listening. You might want to give this one a chance. It's a nice way to pass a bit of time on a too hot to do anything summer afternoon.



An audio book of "Hearts and Flour" was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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review 2018-07-04 16:06
Entertaining and original last part of a fantasy trilogy
Forest of Ruin (Age of Legends Trilogy) - Kelley Armstrong

This third part of the Age of Legends trilogy obviously brings the story to a close and it's possibly the most satisfying part of the trilogy. Moria and Ashyn continue their respective journeys, meeting all sorts of characters along the way, both helpful and treacherous. At the end, all are brought together in the imperial capital for the conclusion.


The story is well-told and the characters are developed further and the fantasy element increased. Fantasy book lovers should enjoy this trilogy which is original and entertaining.

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review 2018-06-20 13:49
The Darkest Part of the Forest - Holly Black

For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

I really enjoyed this book. First of all, the whole concept of sharing a town/forest with fey is fascinating. I loved reading about all of Hazel's adventures in the woods and the weird goings-on in Fairfold. I found the characters to be interesting and enjoyed the writing style.

The story itself was also amazing. This book sucks you in and takes you for a ride. After awhile, I didn't even really care what happened at the end, I was just enjoying the journey. Great storytelling.

I haven't read much by Holly Black (I've been meaning to, I swear), but this seems to be a sort of Spiderwick Chronicles for YA audiences.

The only downside to the book was that the climax seemed pretty quick. When I got to that part I was like, "Oh, that was easy." This huge daunting problem was resolved in a few seconds. It was kind of a letdown, but I still really enjoyed the resolution, which is why I still gave the book 5 stars. Usually once the big plot is solved in a book, I lose interest in what happens next. For me, the story is basically over and the rest is just tying up lose ends. With this one, the problem was solved and I still wanted to know what happened to all of the characters and to see what happened next. The writing was that good. I almost wish this wasn't a standalone (which is a big deal for me, because I hate YA trilogies), because I just want to jump into the world of Fairfold again. 

Very well-writing and fascinating story. I loved it. Can't wait to read more by Holly Black. 

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text 2018-05-23 01:01
Reading progress update: I've read 37 out of 312 pages.
Forest of Secrets - Erin Hunter

I think Hunter does a good job of showing the natural drama and hierarchy of cats. As someone with 5 of them, I can tell you they are fickle creatures. They can love one another and lick themselves one second, then be in an all-out brawl the next because one gave the other a dirty look. They're like effing high school girls.

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text 2018-05-21 21:00
Reading progress update: I've read 140 out of 310 pages.
The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan

I'm honestly not sure how I'm feeling about this book. I would normally put a book down if I felt this way, but I'm curious as to what is going to happen next. 

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