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review 2017-05-18 03:31
M/M/M Menage
Tied Between Two Cowboys: A MMM Western ... Tied Between Two Cowboys: A MMM Western Erotic Romance - Stephen Hoppa

Tied Between Two Cowboys by Stephen Hoppa is a fairly short read, a great choice for those with limited time for reading.  This is a M/M/M menage book though, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea.  Derek, Will and Blake's story is full of drama, sizzle and sometimes rough sex.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2017-05-17 00:10
Ya all are not gonna believe this one...
Two Cowboys and a Baby - Ba Tortuga

First let's talk about this story...'Two Cowboys and a Baby' was...well, it was like a comedy of errors...I guess. I love B. A. Tortuga. Seriously I've read a lot of her stuff and for me it's run the gambit of ratings from 2 stars to 5 stars. I like the men in these books and their stories are more often than not incredibly entertaining. But this one...this story had me in stitches. Now I'm not sure if I was suppose to be as amused as I was but I was so there's no going back on that.


So let's start with Hoss...yep, one of our MCs is named Hoss. Ok, that's not his real name his real name is 'Wyatt Earp McMasters the third'...I kid you not. Anyways, Hoss finds a baby on his front porch one morning and trust me that's not the most bizarre part of this book, but I'm not finished with the names because we also have a sheriff whose name is "Pooter' and the names just roll on from there...I'm pretty sure there's a Boss and a Cooter and probably a Scooter in there somewhere as well.


The whole story of how this baby came to be on Hoss's front step and who her daddy was...is hilariously over the top and then add in a best friend named Bradley, who in the midst of all their chaos of a baby and running a ranch admits that he never hated Boss for coming out to him in high school...nope, his feelings for Hoss are of a more romantic nature.  So let the fun begin and trust me it was fun, hilarious, over the top, roflmao fun!


So needless to say when the audiobook came out I needed to hear this I needed to have this story read to me in good 'ole boy cowboy voices and while Dorian Bane isn't a totally new to me author the one and only book that I've listened to by him did not involve cowboys and in general I enjoyed the job he did with that story. This time around I have to admit I had a bit of an issue mostly being that every once in a while one of those voices started to sound a bit like Mater...you know...Mater, the toe truck from the Disney movie cars...seriously folks this is all a little disconcerting in what's basically an adult book to suddenly find yourself reminded of a character from a Disney movie...ok, it may have had me doing some extra giggling as well...my inner 12 year old was highly amused.


'Two Cowboys and a Baby' for me was a cute story with a lot of tongue in cheek humor that often was over the top and I have to admit it definitely had me smiling and giggling on more than one occasion.



An audiobook of 'Two Cowboys and a Baby' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-04-24 00:00
Betting on Paradise (Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys #4)
Betting on Paradise (Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys #4) - Lizbeth Selvig Scandal, heartache and self - doubt seem to follow two dreamers looking to bring those dreams into reality. Ms. Selvig blends the best parts of human nature: determination, fear and heart and builds a story of redemption, hope and family. Grace has more family than she knows what to do with. Personal and professional merge into one big brand of complicated for this caring, yet lost young woman. In order to find happiness, she has to first understand what makes her unique. Not easy when you're part of a group.

Ty offers her the chance to find herself, but steals her heart in the process. He has her heart, but what else does he want in return? Betting on Paradise strives for endearing and succeeds.

Copyright of Night Owl Reviews
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text 2017-04-09 19:30
Pies and Hot Cowboys Yeehaw
Lost Rider (The Coming Home Series) - Harper Sloan

4 swoon-tastic stars

Hot hunky damaged man, with rippled abs cowboy, who dumps his life breaks a few hearts and searches for redemption in the heart of his childhood friend, that he nearly destroyed. Their bond to each other is strong but the damage is deep and dense with scar tissue that may not ever be softened. There is hot cowboy riding, smoking hot kisses, and swoon worthy moments galore is this first book in a series I am looking forward to continuing. 

The female main character. Leighton, owns and operates a bakery called The Pie Hole. She makes delicious pies for work and fun. Who wouldn't love her and want her every happiness ? She is the girl you want you want at your back, trust worthy loyal and steadfast. She loves pure and hard, but her trust is not so easy to earn back once it's been shredded and broken. I just loved her.

Maverick, this boy can pull his inner jerk out. He may be a uber hot cowboy but he acted like a massive donkey. He had good reason, he just never told anybody about the reasons. He preferred to carry that chip on his shoulder and darken his life even more. He was down and digging a deeper hole. Till life kicked him one time too many and he was forced to return to his center and realign everything in his life. 

Very enjoyable read. I liked the characters, felt for them, could relate to them, would like any of them as friends, that is a winner. 

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review 2017-03-30 06:30
Expect pure friends to lovers cowboy fluff and laughs with Two Cowboys and a Baby
Two Cowboys and a Baby (Dreamspun Desires Book 30) - BA Tortuga
Tag Team review with Sara

3.5 Hearts

"Only if they don't make you poot. Buffalo sauce poots make the baby Jesus cry."
"Well sure, nothing rules out ass-fucking like buffalo poots. 'Cept maybe Taco Bell."

Expect pure friends to lovers cowboy fluff and laughs with Two Cowboys and a Baby by BA Tortuga.

With a baby on the doorstep trope thrown on top!

No babies were harmed. Promise.

Set in Texas, this book features a little bull rider/cowboy with the nickname of Hoss (his real name is Wyatt Earp!) and his childhood best bud/digger/cowboy, Bradley. See Hoss is out of the closet and is painfully in love with straight best friend, even after his friend stopped talking to him after coming out to Bradley. After that year in high school, the two continued to go back to the way things were: being best friends.

Thing is all the time Hoss has pined for Bradley, if he looked a little closer, he might have noticed the same looks from Bradley.

Unrequited love fans out there? It's all fluffed out in the latest addition in the Dreamspun Desires line.

Giddy up the fluff!

The unrequited love with my straight best friend angle gets help from the unwanted baby plot. While the two cowboys share like feelings, they're two clueless to do anything about it. Thankfully, the little blonde baby girl on Hoss' doorstep helps bring them together.

The girl's mother just leaves her and Joanie, the adorable pet of Hoss, alerts her owner of the little bundle. Reading Hoss come to grips with his life changing as he knows it once the little girl arrives is hilarious. Hoss is a simple man whose only contact with babies are with baby farm animals.

So not the same.

But too funny.

Bradley, Hoss's #1, comes to the rescue as the two try to hunt down the little baby's birth mother. With the the help of the small town's Sheriff Pooter (I kid you not), Doc and Hoss's Momma and a whole slew of hilarious side characters. The country twang just oozes through this book's pores. I found myself charmed with it.

The romance doesn't happen immediately. And I definitely got the sense of the cowboys shared lives prior to the baby.

They sat together, arm to arm, not looking at each other. Then B reached out, twining their fingers together, holding on like they'd done this a thousand times.

Reading them slowly become a unit with the baby who Hoss didn't originally want, but now needs, is the magic for this title.

"Is this the way it normally happens with two guys, Hoss?"
"I'm usually the handjob in the barn type of guy, B. I've never been the type to be on love,so I don't know."
"I've been in love with you since high school. I don't know how the handjob in the barn even works."

It's not a smooth sailing; there is a big misunderstanding that provides a solid speed bump on their path to love. But the baby is the glue to making Hoss and Bradley stick.

And then there is the mega plot twist that took into into OTT-ville. Seriously, couldn't believe half of that happening in real life.

Thank goodness it's fiction, huh?

The crazy that gets twisted in, made for a fun read. Plus, it's why the Dreamspun line works for me. It's a good time that doesn't take itself too seriously while delivery cracky sweet romance.

The story isn't without minor issues but overall, the good outweighed the bad. It wasn't a life changing read, just something you can unplug your brain with.

Obligatory yeehaw!

A copy provided for an honest review.
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