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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-05-22 15:01
Book Review: Siren's Debt by Richard Amos
Siren's Debt (Dylan Rivers Chronicles #1)Siren's Debt by Richard Amos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hello, my name is ______ and I am addicted to Richard Amos books.

This is the 2nd dark urban mm romance fantasy series by Amos, and the 2nd series set in the Coldharbour Chronicles universe and damn, the man has knocked it out of the park again. If you've read the Coldharbour Chronicles you've sort of been introduced to Dylan Rivers already through the obsession of one of Jake Winters guardians Naomi, call me Nay, with his music. But now we get to meet the man behind the obsession.

Dylan Rivers is a siren. Check that, he's the LAST siren. The very last of a race slaughtered by creatures called the oil barons, who escaped to the earth realm. His very survival is a problem for the oil barons, and the fact that he's turned himself into an international pop star, beloved the world over, us just a bigger FU to them, to the point where they're constantly sending gnomes to kill him - and we're not talking your garden figurine variety of gnome either - these gnomes are kinda scary. And the attacks on his life are ramping up. But why?

There's a prophecy - there's always a prophecy - but this one could mean that maybe the refugees of the Siren realm could one day go home. Provided Dylan gets his memory back, and rights a wrong he doesn't even remember.

As intro books go, this one was fun, action-packed, and sizzling hot! Oh did I mention that sirens heal through sex? Guhhhhhhhh... there is nothing slow about the burn in this book!

Can't wait for book 2.
**A copy of this book was provided for an honest and unbiased review by Lescourt Author Services**

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review 2019-03-29 14:46
Book Review: Winter Twilight by Richard Amos
Winter Twilight (Coldharbour Chronicles #5)Winter Twilight by Richard Amos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the final installment of the Coldharbour Chronicles series and boy does it deliver! Richard Amos has created the most amazing world where magic and reality have merged, where the supernatural walks among us and trapped in a magic bubble is a city that is ground zero for an invasion from another reality - the reality of the Beast - bent on claiming our world as theirs.

In this final installment Jake Winter and his guardians finally face down the Head Beast herself, Lilisian, who has inhabited the body of the former lover of Jake's guardian - and lover - Dean, the half fae. Pregnant, Lilisian used the blood connection between the child and Dean to enslave him to her will in the last book. And in a bizarre twist of fate the White Eyed Guy who started Jake down the path to become the Weapon of the Goddess, turns out to be Jake's ancestor, _THE_ Hercules of old who clashed with the Titans, and he saved Jake in the last book by almost killing him. But he's definitely Team Jake now, even if he has a grudge against the Goddess.

So Jake has to defeat Lilisian, drive the Beast back to their own dimension, save his lover _and_ his lover's child and not die in the process... all in a day's work for the Weapon, right?

This book was a thrill ride and an amazing end to the series. There is a HEA, which made me happy, but not everyone got out alive, as is expected in a book series about the attempted take over of the world by a terrifying reality of monsters.

**Arc provided by author through LesCourt Author Services for an honest review**

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-11-02 15:31
Book Review: Winter Shadows: Coldharbour Chronicles #2, by Richard Amos
Winter Shadows (Coldharbour Chronicles #2)Winter Shadows by Richard Amos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series just keeps getting better and better!

This is the 2nd in a trio of books by author Richard Amos. The world building he has done and continues to do in this series is absolutely stunning. This series is seriously phenomenal and I am totally addicted to it. The description the author uses is spot on: A dark urban fantasy tale with kick-ass action and slow-burn m/m romance.

In this second book of the Coldharbour Chronicles, we are once again in the magically sealed off town of Coldharbour, where the other realm species known collectively as The Beast, are trying to find a way into our world at large. Our erstwhile hero, Jake Winters, is still trying to deal with the fact that he is the chosen weapon of the goddess Hecate, reeling from the murder of his husband by the White-Eyed man, and assimilate the crazy world he's found himself in. And now he has to protect a Beast called Luke while the Purple-haired psycho Beast, Dana is gunning for him, and his sparky hand are amped up to devour Beast left and right, leaving him hungry for more and... really really horny.

As expected, everything goes to doo-doo as Purple manages to get her hands on a Goblin Wars artifact, a potion with no antidote, and releases it on the helpless cat Beast Luke. Things go from bad to worse as the twin Beast shadows are released and begin to wreak havoc down on Coldharbour while trying to free the Beast Supreme, Lilisian, from the weak and dying host body she's trapped in. And then The White-Eyed Man comes back. Jake's life is well and truly messed up.

Oh, did I mention he has the hots for one of his Guardians, the apparently straight half fae Dean, who is beyond smoking hot. And the object of Jake's Beastfed lust. And it's Christmas. Jake hates Christmas.

Well hell.

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text 2018-04-18 11:26
Blood Shadow and Aftershock: how do they fit into the Eye of the Storm series?
Blood Shadow: an Eye of the Storm Companion Novel (Blood Never Lies) - Dianna Hardy
Aftershock: an Eye of the Storm Companion Novel (Blood Never Lies) - Dianna Hardy
Eye of the Storm: Omnibus Edition - Dianna Hardy

Blood Shadow and Aftershock


Dark, humorous, gritty and explicit, the Eye of the Storm series crosses genres with paranormal romance and dark fantasy, leaning more and more towards the fantasy elements from halfway through the series. The lives of werewolves take centre stage, from their mythological history to their near extinction, and at the very core of this storyline filled with magic and man-made beasts is Lydia, a twenty-five year old waitress living in the human world, who has no idea what she is.

Focusing on character develop and dynamics, we get thrown into Lydia's new world no holds barred - her new world is sexual, violent, and ruled by nature and instinct, which challenges the 'romance' she's always dreamed of. It's also loving, warm and protective if she has the will to let it all in.


Eye of the Storm series, by Dianna Hardy


Amid her new pack, resides a she-wolf called Selena. Bitter, scared and jealous, Selena's aim is to undermine Lydia's arrival into the pack and run her off for good. 

This character we love to hate finds herself in a place she never expected, and the end of this completed series sees her and her new identity hurtled into Blood Shadow, which bridges the gap between Eye of the Storm, and a brand new, dark urban fantasy series to come (the Blood Shadow series).



In turn, Aftershock does the same with other characters from Eye of the Storm: Pete and Claire, and their new addition, Jasmine. Like Blood ShadowAftershock will lead to yet another brand new urban fantasy series (the Aftershock series).

Dianna Hardy is bringing us a new world with new rules, new dangers, and new characters to sink our teeth into, and the first chapter begins with Blood Shadow.


Blood Shadow


Blood Shadow:

an Eye of the Storm Companion Novel
​(Blood Never Lies, #1)


*although some background is given to make this book comprehensible for new readers, it's recommended that you read Eye of the Storm before read Blood Shadow


Five years after her life changed forever, Jennifer Warren has put her past firmly behind her - at least, she's tried. A few sweaty nightmares here and there are a small price to pay for the freedom she won. No longer a werewolf, but human, she works as an office manager for a health and beauty spa in York, and keeps herself to herself. It's barely enough to pay the bills, but it's quiet and safe, and the clique of the staff means she's left well enough alone - no one asks her questions; no one wants to get to know her better.


David, her tender, kind boyfriend of two years is all she needs ... and she doesn't really need him, which suits her just fine. Never mind the occasional guilt that she doesn't really love him; he'd never hurt her in a million years - that's worth its weight in gold.


But Jennifer's just received another note - one of those that her mysterious, anonymous 'friend' likes to leave her every now and then; warnings of things to come, people not to trust... Her elusive friend has saved her more than once the past five years.


Only this note has left her breathless; her chest tight. A Supermoon is coming - the first in thirty years - and with it, a total lunar eclipse.


Jennifer's disowned her past, but it hasn't disowned her. As the earth shadows the full moon, her own shadows threaten to turn on her.


Can you ever escape what you truly are?


Blood never lies.





Pre-order from:


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon AUS


Book Depo


(Google Play only available on release day)


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review 2016-09-26 03:02
A Twisted Dysfunctional Family Tale with Wagging Tails
The Secret Life of Souls - Jack Ketchum,Lucky McKee

Holy Dysfunctional Family Nightmare !  Dog people will love this tale of a dog's love and connection to humans.

There are some seriously deplorable characters inside this book. I was so appalled, livid, angry, furious at them I had trouble turning my ming off when I set the book down. The author is a genius in his ability to drive me to the emotional edge. I felt like I'd walked over hot coals but didn't get burned.

Delia, is a child actor, managed by her power hungry mother, overlooked by her spending father, and resented by her twin ignored brother. Caity, her beloved dog is her best friend, confident, and so much more. When a tragedy after tragedy happens there is one soul that is there for her. 

The broken damaged souls twisted my heart into knots. The children, so innocent, or not a product of their world. The dog, loyal, loving and devoted no matter the cost. Her connection to her human deeper than the others. 

After finishing this I went and cuddled my dog and gave him an extra treat, and thanked the gods for dogs. Then I needed a drink, what a story.


This was my first book by Jack Ketchum and it will not be the last.

Thank you NetGalley and Pegasus Books for Gifting it to me for review.


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