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review 2017-08-28 16:34
Duty, Honor, Sacrifice (Toronto's Elite #2) by Angela S. Stone
Duty, Honor, Sacrifice - Angela S. Stone
Duty, Honor, Sacrifice is the second book in the Toronto's Elite series, and whilst we focus on a different pair, the characters from book one also play a big part in it. It is for this reason that I would recommend that you read this as a series, rather than standalones.
Chris and Logan have had an on-again/off-again relationship for approximately three years, and both of them want more, but neither of them are prepared to say anything. Mixed up with this is the job that they do, with Logan currently searching for someone involved with child porn/kidnapping. They get pulled onto another case though, with Jaden appearing to be targeted by a media leak within the department. This means that they work more closely with Jaden and Cam than they have previously, learning more about those two and themselves at the same time.
Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it to be a brilliant carry on from book one, there were parts where I was a bit confused. This was simply because the story is told from both the main males' perspectives, and sometimes it wasn't clear just who was talking. It was "he said, he moved, he thought," whereas a name might have been a bit more helpful at times. I must point out that I received an ARC of this, so I'm sure that this will be picked up and sorted before the book is released.
On the whole, this is an exciting, action-packed book that I can highly recommend. Looking forward to book three now.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
Source: REVIEW BY MERISSA - Duty, Honor, Sacrifice (Toronto\'s Elite #2) by Angela S. Stone - @AngelaSStone, #M_M, #Paranormal, #Romance, #Suspense, 4 out of 5 (very good) sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/merissa-reviews/dutyhonorsacrificetorontoseli
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review 2017-08-07 00:00
Duty, Honor, Sacrifice
Duty, Honor, Sacrifice - Angela S. Stone Duty, Honor, Sacrifice - Angela S. Stone A must read.

I found this story about Logan Weber and Chris Muller to be a relatively well-written story with a captivating plot and somewhat funny and entertaining characters.

The beginning was interesting and grabbed my attention from the get go. The relationship between Logan and Chris and the initial mention of older man/ younger man confused me quite a bit but the writing style was so good, I kept on reading and it all came together about a quarter of the way through. I especially love the supernatural / psychic powers the characters have and how the author explained and weaved this into the story.

Noel, Chris’ little boy, was crafted as such a strong, resilient and happy 5 year old that he served as another pivotal character you just couldn't stop reading the novel just to find out more about.

The love story between Chris and Logan, once you found out their history and their backgrounds, was well written and touching. The love scenes were steamy and their overall love story and interaction just makes your heart pitter patter along with them. The supporting characters in the story are strong and well defined and add extra layers to the story. The author really made me feel like the other novels in this series are an absolute must-read while still making this novel stand in its own.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.
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review 2017-04-18 15:05
"American Demon Hunters: Sacrifice", by J. Thorne
American Demon Hunters: Sacrifice - Zach Bohannon,J. Thorn,Lindsay Buroker,J.F. Penn

With the collaboration of Zach Bohannon, Lindsay Buroker and J.F. Penn

If you are a fan of horror, dark fantasy, mystery or paranormal suspense and love a plot that is fairly simple to grasp you will be pleased with this novella. It is quite an adventure taking us into a make believe world through 134 pages of chilling horror.

The authors meshed beautifully their part each taking the role of a character and blending their story into an eerie tale of demons, portals and gateways. Sonya (Thorn), Blake(Bohannon), Aiko( Buroker), Sebastian (Penn) board an Amtrak train from Chicago to New Orleans for 19 hours that will change their lives.

The train is the backdrop and where all the spooky action takes place. Demons escapes, body count rises and some will have to pay the ultimate sacrifice. The plot is definitely creative with no shortage of descriptive scenes: blood and guts, humans versus demons….ouf… this was one exhausting quick read.

I admit this is not my favourite kind of book although for a good part of the book I was deep into it till the action started to be too creepy for my taste. I lost a bit of interest yet I still stayed captivated till the end. I would say this is imagination at its best (or worse): so scary, so out of this world and definitely unbelievable ….. Thank goodness “Sacrifice” is a fantasy….

I received a review copy of this book from J.F. Penn

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review 2017-04-08 03:41
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is an incredible novel by C.S. Lewis. I read this book in 5th grade with my class. It is about four children who make their way to a far away land called Narnia; there they become prisoners to an evil witch who calls herself the Queen of Narnia; huge sacrifices are made and war is brought up between the four children and the witch.


This story can be read in a 5th grade classroom; I would use this to have discussions on sacrifice, character analysis, and theme during the reading. You could also use this to do a compare and contrast between the four siblings, and describe the relationship between the four and how they work together. You can also have the students write about what it means to be a  hero and what makes Aslan a hero.

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text 2017-03-30 06:20
Beautiful Sacrifice by Ember Raine Winters Reveal

Beautiful Sacrifice
Ember Raine Winters
(Pride and Honor, #2)
Publication date: April 20th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Being a cop, I didn’t have any choice, but I really wish I hadn’t got mixed up in this case. My dark past is catching up to me ever since he barreled into my life without a care. It terrifies me that he sees right through me. He could be the one to save me . . . or break me.

It was just a job. Until it wasn’t. By then the sexy little redhead had her claws in me. Now, she’s in my life and I’m lost. How am I supposed to keep the demons from her past from eating her alive? I don’t know, but I will do whatever it takes to make her mine.

Author Bio:
Ember Raine Winters is a new author who just self published her first book. She went to community college to study political science and philosophy. She is currently taking classes to get her BS in business majoring in Sports management. She is an avid reader mostly fantasy and science fiction with a little romance thrown in as well. She loves writing Science Fiction mainly dystopian but is trying her hand in Fantasy as well.

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