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review 2017-11-10 17:24
An Island Mystery – The Secrets of Islayne by Kari Lynn West @karilynnwest
The Secrets of Islayne - Kari Lynn West

An island, a mystery, and the beautiful and intriguing cover of The Secrets of Islayne by Kari Lynn West drew me in. I had to know what the story was.


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The Secrets of Islayne


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Ronan is an iluminator. That’s all he desires in his life. He’s no slacker, though his boss at the book store may have another opinion. He’s a diligent student, loves the training, pouring his heart and soul into his studies. He has his apprenticeship, graduating near the top of his class, until…


Luminators are endowed with the power to see and restore memories. The rich used to dominate the luminators, until hard times forced them to sell some of their land. The power comes from the land itself. Now, even families and second class citizens, a common islander, like Ronan, may have the power. The rich think it’s wrong. Sound familiar to present day circumstances? The rich and empowered want it all to themselves.


Cassie is a long time friend, along with Eli. She’s bold, daring, maybe a bit headstrong, (lol, very understated description of her) a daredevil. Eli’s family was wealthy. Somewhat of a surprise that he is friends with Ronan and his snooty parents hates it. They felt only the wealthy should have the power. The same goes for Cassie. She is not a luminator, but her father is.


Eli and Ronan met at the Academy. Cassie met them there, when they befriended her. She needs to think twice about her playful suggestions of entertainment, which can be dangerous and foolhardy.


They believed all they did was good, but everything can be misused and abused. Power can be a seductive thing and abuse of power can be easy to fall victim to for some of our characters. Some danger is hidden and some is in your face.


Some things had a ring of familiarity and I had to see if check I’d read it before. Once I got into the book, it didn’t take long to realize that I hadn’t. I have read thousands of books, so maybe that’s why some things rang familiar.


When everything Ronan has strived for is at risk, when his friends memories are on the line, I wonder if Ronan will do the right thing. What do you think? Well….I’m not telling. Find out for yourself by reading the book.


The Secrets of Islayne by Kari Lynn West is filled with fabulous characters and I loved each and every one of them, even the bad ones. It was great watching the gang grow and rise to the occasion. The world on the Island of Islayne was filled with action, intrigue and danger that I would definitely recommend.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/an-island-mystery-the-secrets-of-islayne-by-kari-lynn-west-karilynnwest
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review 2017-10-27 13:01
Living with Ghosts - Kari Sperring
Living With Ghosts - Kari Sperring

I'd previously read and enjoyed this author's other book (The Grass King's Concubine) so when this one was on offer I thought I'd pick it up - any excuse to buy stand-alone books, though this then sat on my bookshelf for a while before I got around to it...


Anyway, on with Living With Ghosts. First off, this is a book written from multiple points of view, so if that annoys you then this book probably won't work for you - one of our characters is a magician/assassin-turned-prostitute who's now living and working far from home having failed his final test. Sadly for Gracielis, the woman who trained him has turned up as part of the embassy from his home country and is now manipulating him while also plotting to overthrow the monarchy of his adopted home. 


The title of the book comes from the fact that, as part of his training, Gracielis is able to see ghosts and is haunted by the ghost of a soldier who was involved in a duel he witnessed 6 years earlier. The problem is, the other duellist is now showing up as a ghost and its his appearance that is used as a demonstration that things are going wrong in the city - eventually there's a zombie-creating plague but things resolve themselves in the end. 


I liked it but I also got 90% of the way in and didn't really feel much urgency to find out what happened in the end, which is rarely a good sign. It's also 480 pages of densely-written mass market paperback fantasy set in pseudo-Europe with characters who could have fixed half their issues (and reduced the size of the book by a good 100 pages, I reckon) if they'd just actually have a conversation. Seriously, 'I shouldn't bother her with this' and 'he doesn't love me, otherwise he'd talk to me' is endearing the first couple of times but wearing if repeated too often. 

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review 2017-09-29 19:58
The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity / edited by Joshua Palmatier & Patricia Bray
The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity - Jim C. Hines,April Steenburgh,Susan Jett,Kari Sperring,Barbara Ashford,Avery Shade,Shannon Page,Seanan McGuire,Jean Marie Ward,Anton Strout,Kristine Smith,S.C. Butler,Joshua Palmatier,Juliet E. McKenna,Patricia Bray,Jay Lake,Elizabeth Bear

What if the fae were still here, living among us? Perhaps living in secret, doing their best to pass for human? Or perhaps their existence is acknowledged, but they're still struggling to fit in. How have they survived? Are they outcasts clinging to the edges of society, or do their powers ensure success in the mortal realm? Here are fourteen fabulous tales-ranging from humor to dark fantasy-that explore how the creatures of fae are fitting into the modern world.


A collection of short stories, mostly to my taste. To my complete surprise, the first story by Seanan McGuire did not come anywhere close to being my favourite of the batch!

Remarkably few of these authors have books listed in my public library catalogue, so I may not run into some of them again, unfortunately. A couple of them seem to have only contributed to anthologies thus far in their careers, some have only a book or two to their credit, and some must just not be on the radar of the acquisitions dept. of our library. I realize that they can’t afford to order everything!

I guess the point is that some of these authors are just starting their writing careers and that we have good things to look forward to, if this collection is any indication.

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review 2017-07-21 02:43
Tougher in Texas (Texas Rodeo) by Kari Lynn Dell
Tougher in Texas - Kari Lynn Dell



Kari Lynn Dell has quickly carved out a place for herself on my bookshelf. Her ability to create stories that are heartbreakingly realistic and deliver them with power and grace is refreshing. Her stories help you breathe through the pain with laughter and an optimistic point of view. Tougher in Texas blends courageous with outrageous to put a smile on our face as we hand over a tiny piece of our hearts. We laugh, we learn, we enjoy. Well done, Ms. Dell.

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review 2017-06-27 00:00
Tricky - Kari Rust Tricky - Kari Rust Book – Tricky
Author – Kari Rust
Star rating - ★★★★★
No. of Pages – 40
Cover – Gorgeous!
Would I read it again – Yes
Genre – Comic, Children's Fiction


Format FYI:
First off, I have to say that the Kindle version didn't work for me. It left me with text outside of boxes, in places that didn't make sense, and whole images blacked out. I had to download the acsm version and read it on my laptop, which was uncomfortable and inconvenient, but the simplest way to do it. Lucky, I wasn't postponed from downloading this second version by delayed reading, but I do have to admit, I don't normally get to a book this quickly, so I would have been unable to write a proper review if the book had been archived by the time I realised I needed a different version.

Onto the story:
This is a really cute concept that will really resonate with kids. The fact that it's Tricky the dog who learns to change first, which inspires the Duke to do the same, is a really great idea. It shows that not only can old dogs learn new tricks, but also that people can change with the right incentive, the right motivation and by seeing the consequences of what they're doing wrong. Though the 'tricks' aren't dangerous or physically hurt anyone, the lesson is there, shown through beautiful illustrations and very emotive images that really spark a light in the heart.

A brilliant story for kids and adults alike.
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