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review 2018-02-01 10:00
New Release Review! Dangerous Witness (Redemption Harbor #3) Katie Reus
Dangerous Witness (Redemption Harbor Series) (Volume 3) - Katie Reus



He foolishly let her go…

When the woman he loved walked out of his life, Brooks Alexander was certain she did so willingly—with the cool two-million his father had offered as incentive to walk away. So when he learns that Darcy didn’t take a dime of his father’s payoff, Brooks realizes he made an epic mistake. He’s determined to make things right and reclaim his woman. Except neither task is as easily accomplished as he first thought.

Now her life is in his hands…

Wedding planner Darcy is no stranger to disappointment when it comes to the men in her life. When Brooks accused her of taking his father’s bribe, she was devastated that he thought so little of her—and realized he never knew her at all. So she walked away with her pride intact and her heart broken. Now, months later, an overheard conversation puts Darcy in the crosshairs of a dangerous criminal with powerful connections. With nowhere else to turn, she has no choice but to put all her trust in Redemption Harbor Consulting—and its cofounder, the man who broke her heart.




Redemption Harbor is another exhilarating series by author Katie Rues. The characters are strong and command readers’ attention from the very beginning. Darcy and Brooks have a past which means that the romance is full of emotional turbulence and is quite the rocky road for the characters which really gets readers caught up in their story and of course the attraction has fireworks exploding from every page. 


Dangerous Witness not only has all the enthralling characters of Redemption Harbor appearing but the fast paced plot keeps the adrenaline pumping with edge of the seat thrills, suspense building events and surprising twists, so there readers can’t put the book down until they have read every last word.


It’s no secret that I find Katie Reus’ books to be thrilling and fascinating, so it should come as no surprise that I found Dangerous Witness to be a remarkable read from beginning to end. It was full of life-like characters in a realistic setting and I can’t wait to visit Redemption Harbor again.  





Dangerous Witness is 3rd book in the Redemption Harbor series.


Resurrection & Savage Rising are available now.


Dangerous Witness is available in print or ebook at:

Amazon   B&N   iBooks   Kobo


Katie Reus can be found at:

Website   Goodreads   Facebook   Twitter   BookBub

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review 2017-12-06 22:32
Review: Tempting Danger (Retribution #2) by Katie Reus
Tempting Danger - Katie Reus

We met Alina and Andre in the first book (Retribution) when she and her sister were trying to avenge their parent’s murder. This book was not as fast-paced as the first book nor did it have any paranormal elements but it was still an entertaining read. It was cute to see the things a hormonal pregnant woman has to go trough and how the people around her deal with the situations.

The thing I didn’t like much was that I was expecting more of a struggle in the romantic department. It went from “enemies” to “I want you back in my life” in the span of a millisecond (not quite literally but it sure felt that way) which I feel didn’t allow me connect to the characters that much.


** A copy of this book was provided to me by the author. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion. **

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review 2017-12-05 10:00
Release Day Review! Tempting Danger (Retribution #2) by Katie Reus
Tempting Danger - Katie Reus



They’re enemies. 

Alena Brennan’s relationship with Andre Makarov is… complicated. The casino magnate was a means to an end. Nothing more. At least that was what she tried to tell herself. Then she fell for him. Hard. But he kicked her out of his life when he discovered her lies. 

Now she’s pregnant with his baby. 

Andre understands why Alena wanted revenge. His father took everything from her, leaving her an orphan at a young age. But Andre still had to cut her out of his life. Now that his father is dead, she’s safe. He should just move on. But when he learns she’s carrying his child, all pretense is gone—he’ll protect Alena whether she likes it or not. She may kick up a fuss, but Andre knows the gorgeous model with a party-girl rep attracts attention…including the dangerous sort. 

Length: novella 

Author note: Alena and Andre were introduced in the book Retribution but this can be read as a stand-alone.



I was excited to realize that Katie Reus was writing Alena and Andre’s story as I was quite curious about what would happen to them after the events that took place in Retribution and I definitely wasn’t disappointed to find that their story is full of some intense romance issues with just a touch of violence from any bad guys. The story keeps the focus on the vivid, electric chemistry between the couple and their turbulent emotions that are caused by their situation which keeps readers glued to the couple.


Katie Reus writes some electrifying stories whether from her paranormal series, romantic suspense or contemporary romance books and I always become lost in her vibrant, well written worlds and Tempting Danger is no different. The story is a little on the short side but is a wonderful romance for readers to enjoy as I couldn’t put the book down until I knew how everything played out for this couple.




Tempting Danger is the sequel to Retribution.


Tempting Danger is available in print or ebook at:

Amazon kindle   Amazon print   B&N  iBooks   Kobo

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review 2017-12-01 01:22
good book and characters
Mistletoe Me, Baby (O'Connor Family Series) (Volume 4) - Katie Reus

Nolan knocked on the open door to Miranda’s office. Miranda always left her door open so everyone would know they could talk to her at any time. Miranda was on the phone and after a great smile Nolan took the chance to drink in the sight of Miranda. Even while talking on the phone Miranda smiled that was normal for her. Nolan wanted to kiss Miranda and claim her but that wasn’t happening any time soon. Miranda had made it clear ten months ago when they had met she wasn’t looking for a relationship as Miranda had just taken in her eleven year old nephew Mateo when her sister Gloria  dropped him off and bolted. Recently Gloria had went into rehab for drug addiction. Every chance he got Nolan studied Miranda- watching her, being around her. Miranda was Nolan’s personal addiction which Nolan didn’t plan on giving up. Miranda had Nolan all twisted up in knots. Nolan was a building contractor. Miranda was attracted to Nolan and thought he was hot but Miranda had not let Nolan know how she felt. Miranda loved cooking for Nolan. Nolan seened to be able to fix anything and was always willing to help Miranda out when she needed it. Then Miranda parents decide to make a Christmas visit. Miranda had told her mother she was engaged to get her off her back but then Nolan happily stepped up to be Miranda’s fake fiance. Then Miranda’s sister Gloria overdoses on heroin and Miranda tries to push Nolan away but he is still there for her.

I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the plot as well as the pace. I loved Miranda and Nola together. I loved that Miranda took in her nephew Mateo with no experience. This was a quick fun- for the most part- enjoyable romance.  I would have loved this to be longer. I loved how Nolan was there  for Miranda in any way he could be no matter what. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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review 2017-11-14 00:43
Review for: Mistletoe Me, Baby (O'Connor Family #4) by Katie Reus
Mistletoe Me, Baby (O'Connor Family Series) (Volume 4) - Katie Reus

Nolan and Miranda have been friends for a long time but now circumstances help Nolan take the first step into moving their relationship to a brand new level, a level that he’d been hoping to get to for the longest time. 
This story had the perfect mix of sweetness, spicyness, and emotions to keep me turning the pages. I specially liked to read how family dynamics change from person to person however in the end if a family is close, they will be there for each other, supporting one another in times of need. I also liked the way Nolan continued helping Miranda even when she was too distracted to ask for his help. He truly was the perfect hero with not a flaw in sight. In short, I’d call this story a comfort read perfect for this time of year and I recommend it for anyone looking for a Holiday read. 


** I was gifted a copy of this book and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.** 

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