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review 2020-04-26 21:16
Book Review for Red by London Miller The Den Series
Red. - London Miller



The story has amazing characters as they were all so love-able and intriguing and the plot was filled with tons of drama,romance and suspense.One thing we love about a story like this is all its moving parts and all the complications that arise from Mafia Crime Families warring between the families fighting for power right down to the assassins needing to do their jobs all among the craziness.

Regan and Red had amazing chemistry and we loved seeing a glimpse of what was below the surface of Red's armor when he sparingly chose to let us see it.We loved that Red was a completely different person around Regan and she him.

Regan we found her to be a care taker, one who puts family first, one who puts her own dreams on hold all because circumstances change, she was smart and clever,sexy and one who cares and forgives because she has such a big and generous heart.

I love Red and all his broken-ness not that we love anything that he has endured but, even though on the surface he seems unfeeling,distant,hard,scary he is capable of love and feelings because you just have to see him with his brother's son Sasha to see that there is hope that one day he will let go of the pain, bitterness,resentment and finally be free of his demons and fully open his heart up and allow himself to be happy once again and to be loved. My heart broke for this character for all that he endure at the hands of others.We also have to say that we first met Red/aka Nicklaus in Mischa & Laurens story and having done so we loved him even more this time around because we got to know what he was truly capable of and even though he will never forget what happened to him and those that played a part he was still able to carve out some sort of friendship/forgiveness with Luca and Mischa.

Luca is still one bad*as and we just loved him in this story and of course we loved seeing Mishca and Lauren once again as they are one of our favorite couples.

This was an awesome story for us and we can't wait to read the rest of the series.This author is still fairly new to us and we have to say we are so loving all her works.

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review 2020-04-19 21:59
Book Review for Under His Rule (Dark Romance Suspense) (His Duet Book 1) by Clarissa Wild
Under His Rule (Dark Romance Suspense) (His Duet Book 1) Kindle Edition - Clarissa Wild

Wow ! This story drew you right in right from the very beginning and kept you turning the pages to the very end.My hear pounded through the entire story and it kept me on the seat of my pants the entire time.This story was one that was sad and totally whacked and one of that was way out of my comfort zone but, we loved every minute of it.

This story was definitely emotional and heartfelt and one that tugs on your heart string.We loved the characters both good and bad as they were intriguing and ridiculous and some that you wanted to down right murder yourself.

Noah and Natalie were amazing characters as we love their chemistry and the cat and mouse game they played even under the most dire circumstances Natalie was drawn to the dark and dangerous man but, in the end a savior for one another.

Overall this story was filled with intrigue and twists and turns and secrets and there were a whole lot of them and one that no matter the subject matter that was dark and intense but, the entire time it all felt real and you living the nightmare all along with its characters.

Well written !

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review 2020-03-03 23:19
Creeping Beautiful Kindle Edition - 'JA Huss'

OMG ! What and intense and riveting read this was! " I was on the seat of my pants the entire time until the end." Omg ! I am still reeling for this book even after reading it.

Talk about complicated characters "well", this one was loaded with them as they were all mysterious and dangerous and all held mind blowing secrets.

I cannot explain how much I loved this story as it was complicated and intriguing and mysterious and one that you knew eventually would turn into one heck of a complex love triangle. There were parts unraveling throughout the story I did not see coming.All the characters simply amazing,The plot itself was a little unnerving but, drew you in from the very first pages so much so you could not put it down."The ending omg ! what a shocker and had there been another book I would have picked it up a dove right back in again and would have huddle under the covers in bed and not come out until that book was finished too."I can't wait to see what happens next.The story mind boggling at times it was a bit confusing but, when turned the pages and the story start unfolding the players all started making sense.

Final thoughts

"This is the best romantic suspense read for us so far for 2020! " "We didn't want the story to end!"



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review 2020-03-03 21:21
 Dragon Lost (Dark Kings #16.5) - Donna Grant

This was a really cute story and a nice addition to this ongoing series .Royden and Annita were characters that were easy to love and their relationship and mating was a fast one but, it was a heartfelt one.Annita was a self reliant and independent women and one who paid attention to the visions and prophecies that her great Aunt predicted.

A one chance meeting and it was all it took for these two to fall in love. We loved Royden as he seemed somewhat lost and broken and a bit mysterious but, meeting Annita for the first time awakened something inside him that he thought long gone.

Royden and Annita were perfect for one another and the chemistry evident from their very first meeting but, we loved the fact that Annita wanted to know who his was completely both in human forum and as well as a Dragon.

This whole series is rather intriguing and we are loving its character's and we can't wait to see where destiny takes these two.

Overall this was a cute and enjoyable read for us and as characters go Annita and Royden were so easy to love.

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review 2020-02-01 08:30
Book Review for Enjoy the Ride (Winter Games Book 3) by Dr. Rebecca Sharp
Enjoy the Ride (Winter Games Book 3) Kindle Edition by Dr. Rebecca Sharp - Dr. Rebecca Sharp



Another great read in this on going series.The story was filled with a ton of emotion,a whole lot of craziness,and a whole lot of hotness, it had a great cast of characters the story was also filled with pain and suffering,healing and revenge and a love that stood the test of time.
Chance- Chance was a character you were drawn to immediately as he was suffering a personal loss and in pain not just from injury but, also suffered a broken heart and a man who has lost his way and needs to figure out who he is and what he needs to figure out about his new life and how to move on after all his hopes and dreams were lost.My heart went out to Chance time and time again you just wanted to hug him as he looked so broken all the time and you felt the mans pain and yet, you wanted to give him a good a** kicking for being a miserable prick and a bit of a bully.
Jessa - Jessa was one of those character's that was bright and beautiful,caring,had a really big heart but, as successful as she is she is lonely and heartbroken and carrying around a lot of pain and one very big secret that had her grieving for years of all that could have been.
Chance was a total Alpha A hole who was sexy as sin ,heartbroken,and a man who lives up to his name as one of the "Snowmassholes". Chance was one of those character's that you just love to hate but, can't help but love .
Jessa and Chance were high school sweethearts but, years ago she broke his heart and he has never forgiven her so when she returns home he makes his mission to punish her and oh, boy are those some of the sexiest  punishments I have ever seen. 
LoL and grin....
This story was heartfelt,emotional,filled with tons of drama,loss,heartbreak,and making sacrifices in order for the one you love the most could fulfill their dreams whether it was right or wrong it was a choice you thought you had to make.The story was not your typical revenge story because Chances revenge was meant to be a sexual one.The story was also intense,funny,filled with a whole lot of hotness but,it was also about healing and forgiveness and about getting a chance to regain the love once lost.I loved the fact that this romance was different from anything I have ever read before and it was something fresh and new for us and we loved that it had a snowboarding theme to it.
Overall story was a hit for us and we really loved it  and are so loving the series and its character's with men who are all total Alpha A-holes and a mystery but, you can't help but love them all and the women who heal them.
This was a great addition to this ongoing series.
Recommended read to all .
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