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review 2020-01-16 03:56
Tweet Cute - Alice Emma Sauerwein Lord

Pepper is trying not to be crushed by all the demands in her life.  As swim team captain, a completely straight A student, and her parents demands of her input into their company.  She is just a high school student who should have just been a girl, meeting a boy, hoping he likes her.  If only.


Jack is a total pretender.  He pretends to be ok with the whole school assuming he is his brother.  He pretends not to know all the goings on through an app he runs.  He pretends to be a normal teenager, like all the others.  What he really is well, is a boy.  Just a boy, hoping to meet a girl who will like him for just being himself, and not his popular brother.


The characters have the sparks right from the start!  Already like oil and water, there are many secrets to high school, and even more between the main MC's.  That is before all the public hype too.  Is it love, is it war?  Is it just high school?  I laughed and found myself turning each page wanting to get to the end fast.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley & its publishers, in exchange for an honest review only. 

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review 2014-01-25 12:32
[REVIEW] Jumbo by Todd Young

JumboJumbo by Todd Young
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Read from January 18 to 23, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

This has got to be the oddest book I've ever read. I am truly lost as to how to rate it. The book was engrossing and I did enjoyed it. Yet it does have its flaws. Do I love that retractable cock and balls enough to rate it beyond 3 stars?

I am going with a 3.5 stars since I am very much infatuated with micropenises now. And I find that I enjoyed the blue balls feeling caused by the high amount of sexual frustrations within the book, although I do lack the proper equipment to really feel that sweet agony. I love it. Love, love the frustrations.

Romance? What romance? It's lust baby. This story is about pure unadulterated L.U.S.T. of horny teenagers. And it's freaking hot in my opinion. You'll get mouthful eyeful of cocks and balls of different sizes and variation attached to young sexy guys frolicking in the shower room. I guarantee you lots of ogling voyeuristic opportunities as there are countless locker room group shower scenes.

Mitchell an 18-year-old hormonal high schooler is plagued with constant worries over his undeveloped under-develop male package. His peen and balls is so small he could easily be mistaken as a girl. His boyfriend says it looks much like a nipple especially when Mitchell is scared or cold. This is because his mini peen and balls would retracts itself back into his body in such situations. By the way, his boyfriend adores his unique genitalia. Actually his boyfriend is borderline obsessed with it just like I am right now. I loved that he got...


shaved 'there' later on in the story.

(spoiler show)


It makes him so sexy, I felt like I was going to get a cardiac arrest from lusting over his peen him. Suddenly fellatio sounds appealing to me again.

Being a teenager, Mitch has boundless sexual energy and he is of course often horny. Hell, he practically has a hard-on 24/7 that he rationalise as a necessity to fill his empty briefs pouch. Personality wise, Mitchell is immature, conflicted and has very low opinion of himself. His self worth is so low that he is practically asking everyone to step all over him making him the perfect target for school bullies. Even his own swim coach abuses and belittles him. Things at home wasn't a bed of roses for him either although he did have a family that loves him.

As I've said, Mitchell is a horny kid. He's highly voyeuristic and was having the time of his life ogling his swim teammates aside from spending half of his time fantasizing being taken especially by a group of guys. Furthermore, he harbours a potentially dangerous kink... 


he likes to stuff his anus with large long objects.

(spoiler show)


It makes me cringe at the stunts he pulled just to sate this kink of his. He is such a lusty, kinky and self-absorbed kid. There are times I felt like giving his ass a firm kick when he is being a total jerk due to his turbulent mood swings (very much like PMS). It's not an easy task trying to figure him out. His characterisation is a little bit wonky. At times his sudden switches between the hot and the cold attitude annoys me - his fickle-mindedness drives me up the wall. It's a wonder how his boyfriend could stand him. Then again, I would forgive him of anything when I think of how cute his compact package is. *swoons*

Some readers doubted the plausibility of what the boys did in the school locker room showers. While I agreed that Mr. Young might have over exaggerated it, but this is erotica so what's hot has got to be on the page right? So yea, cum on me with your horse dick all you want, we are in the shower anyways. There is one think I am most curious of during the shower scenes, is that whether it is normal to get a boner when sharing a communal shower with the same sex? Or is it a taboo? Would it trigger raining of fists?

Yes I am happily soaking up all the hotness and kinkiness of this story not particularly caring about the dramas or romance, especially the romance since there isn't much of it to speak of. I maintain that it's all lust not love. This book is so not for the fluff readers.

I believe I am seeing and appreciating this book for what it is. In my view, it has achieved its goals to titillate me. I do wonder if I am the only one that looks at this book from the erotica angle?

If you are pervy and thinks like a dude, you might just enjoy this book as much as I weirdly did.

Sharing a few of my favorite scenes here. Those that made me hot and bothered and gets stuck in my head:


1) Frankly I find most of the locker room showers scenes to be hot. Sexy soapy guys sliding and bumping against each other. *sighs contently*
2) The wet dream Mitchell had.I mean how can one forget such a strange dream where every boy looks like they got sexually nullified? And then you get to put on someone else's penis and ball?
3) Mitchell's first time sex with his horse-hung boyfriend.
4) The fisting scene. It was stimulating yet I felt scared for Mitchell cos I thought his boyfriend had accidentally torn something with the amount of pain Mitchell was going through. O.O
5) That freaking hawt fellatio by his boyfriend on his minipeen *experiencing massive blood lost from a gushing bloody nose*
6) The last scene in the communal shower with the swim team. I wanna be there groping him too.

(spoiler show)

There's a part in the book where Mitchell has a weird wet dream. I think that's the gayest dream ever! I am bringing this up because what happened at the ending was close to the events in that crazy lusty dream of his. It's like a dream comes true for Mitchell. I wanted to be there too, enjoying his erotic body.

Lastly, I must add that the ending was abrupt and it left quite a few unresolved issues. Nevertheless it was an unconventional ending and I do appreciate such endings.


Title: Jumbo
Author: Todd Young
Publication Date: May 9th, 2012
Type: Novel, 58,200 words (approximate)
Genre: Gay Erotica, Contemporary Fiction
Tags/Keywords: abnormal physical condition, micropenis, buried penis, penis size, insecurities, low self esteem, school bullying, bullies, abusive teacher, clueless young man, horse-hung, sports jocks, swimming, swim team, swim practice, swimming competition, skinny dipping, anal sex, fisting, voyeurism, exhibitionist, male ogling, sexy bods, locker room, shared shower room, gay curious, horny guys, students, high schoolers, masturbation, jerk off, wank, handjob, fellatio, blowjob, shaved pubes, speedo, teenagers, teenage-angst, sexual frustrations, hedonistic male, sexual tension

Mitchell has a problem. He’s a little too small where it counts. The guys on the swim team have started calling him Jumbo — a cruel joke — and meanwhile he’s in love with his best friend, Luke. But when Mitchell starts receiving love letters in his locker, can they really be from Luke? Or are they from someone big enough to love him just the way he is?


This review has also been cross-posted at:

* Reviewed on January 25th, 2014


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Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/482869835?comment=91403621#comment_91403621
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