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review 2017-11-20 14:36
"Identity Thief", by J.P. Bloch
Identity Thief - Spencer J. Bloch

Once you have started this psychological thriller you will not put it down. This quick read with lots of twists has kept me captivated from page one and held my attention through every chapters till I reached the unexpected ending. I simply loved it.

The story is structured in alternating chapters between the view point of the identity thief and the victim, Dr. Jesse Falcon. The plot has layers upon layers of deceit; no one is who they seem. Nothing is simple in this fast-paced, sometime darkly comic thriller. The pieces of the puzzle are continually shifting and at every corner there is constant barrage of shocks, so forget trying to guess the outcome.

This is a cleverly and brilliantly roller-coaster ride filled with emotional and scarring issues. A story of a thief and victim both trying to stay two steps ahead of the other is no less attention grabbing, this one tops all. What set this story from others is you are soon thrust into a world of action with Dr. Jesse Falcon whose identity is stolen going through endless hoops to find the person causing him so much turmoil. You learn and understand the main characters from flashbacks and from their actions and what they are thinking. The supporting cast also have their own plans lurking in the shadows. The narration moves along smoothly making this story easy to read. Well-done. 

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review 2017-11-18 06:18
Cute little book.
The Bone Thief - Alyson Noel The Bone Thief - Alyson Noel

I really want to thank the author, publisher, and netgalley, for granting my request to read and review this book for my reading pleasure.

I thought the book was a cute little read, I only gave it three stars, just because it took me until almost the half way point to really get into it. I don't think it was the book or author's fault. I think it's really just because I am definitely not the attended target, or I should say age group for this book. 

I did like the main character of Grimsly, what a name unique name for the main hero of the story. I love that in a world of magic, that he was so normal, or maybe he really wasn't as normal as he thinks, or other people thought. The book started really picking up when Grimsly had to go to a world that had no magic. So he could find out why his world was losing their magic abilities. It was interesting in regards to why there world was losing their magic, and to see if Grimsly could save their world of magic.

I liked Grimsly's friends that had magic abilities which were, Ming, Ollie, and Penelope. And another friend Frankie whom he meets in the normal world. I thought she was a very interesting individual, and I loved that she had some spunk in her. But also knows when she should back down.

The bad guy and why he wanted  to hurt individuals with Magical abilities was interesting, and how he was able to go about doing this was very gross.

I thought the book ended just the way it should have for it's attendee age group, but for me personally, I would have liked more action. And a better wrap up for the ending of the book, but that's my own personal preference.

I personally wouldn't buy the book for myself but maybe for my nieces and nephew's that are in the targeted audience.



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text 2017-11-06 04:07
Percy Jackson The Lighning Thief
The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

My favourite character in this book is Annabeth Chase. She was the daughter of Athena, Goddess of Warrior. She is also a demigod, half human and half god. What I envy about her is that she is brave, intelligent and was quote "never lose" in anything. This just shows that she is confident towards her decisions and beliefs. In the book, when Percy Jackson along with his protector, Grover Underwood, went to look for Percy's mother, which involves in disobeying the law and the rules of the Camp Half-Blood (which provides shelter, protection and education for the demi-god and others e.g. satyr), Annabeth insisted in joining their adventure. Determine she would satisfy and protect Percy in their dangerous adventure, she was allowed to follow them. And also because they didn't want their seniors to know as they were sneaking out without permission. Overall, this book is a rollercoaster ride and it involves alot of jumps of adrenaline. It also let you seek into the other world e.g. hell. This book does contains a little twist but in the end, it satisy my reading journey. 

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review 2017-09-05 22:48
The readymade [ready-made] thief. - Augustus Rose
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text 2017-09-05 21:11
The readymade [ready-made] thief. - Augustus Rose

Wow!! I stayed up way into the early morning reading this book. I could not help it, I could not put it down. Well, until, unfortunately, close to the ending. I was simply too tired from lack of sleep to get into all the technical aspects that are presented. It was tedious and very, very descriptive. 

However, let me say this the descriptions were an amazing part of this book. I really felt myself "creeping" with Lee and Tomi inside those abandoned buildings. When reading the blurb about the book, I thought it was a post apocalyptic world. I was surprise to find that it was pretty much modern day. So many abandoned buildings! 

I loved the characters of Lee and Tomi. The author did a great job with their character development. He also did a great job with Steve and Lee's mother which led me to a "I want to slap the crap out of both those" feeling that lasted throughout the book.

A thoroughly entertaining, unputdownable and amazing read.

Thanks to Penguin Group/Viking and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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