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review 2018-02-22 02:24
Bountiful by Sarina Bowen
Bountiful (True North Book 4) - Sarina Bowen

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I absolutely loved this book! I had heard good things about Sarina Bowen but hadn't had the chance to read any of her work before this book. I can now see that I have been missing out and have a lot of catching up to do. This was a book that held my attention and never let go. I could not stop listening and finished the book in just a day and a half. I was totally swept away by this amazing romance.

It is really hard to put into words my love for this book but I am going to do my best. I fell in love with these characters from the very start. As the book progressed, I loved them more and more. Dave and Zara just seemed to work well together. I loved the chemistry between them at the start of the story and thought that the awkwardness when they met again felt real. They just seem to be good for each other. 

This story starts out with Dave on vacation in Vermont where he meets Zara at the bar she runs. They have a fling over the course of a month but don't share details about themselves. Two years later when Dave returns for another vacation, he learns that he has a daughter. I am not always a fan of the secret baby trope but this works perfectly because Zara tried to find Dave but couldn't. She never makes any attempt to hide the baby from Dave. Dave is floored by the news but quickly adapts and learns that the things he wants in life may be different than he had originally thought.

It was so wonderful to watch Dave and Zara fall in love. The chemistry between them was always off the charts but watching them really get to know each other and care for their daughter together was great. Zara is not used to having Dave's help and doesn't want to owe anyone anything while Dave wants to take care of things. Some of Zara's family are not thrilled with Dave since he hasn't been around but he never backs down and keeps his focus on Zara and their daughter, Nicole. 

This was the first time that I have listened to Teddy Hamilton and Seraphine Valentine's narration. I love romances that use two narrators and I thought that both of these narrators did a great job with their characters. There are a lot of emotions in this book and a few steamy moments and everything flowed flawlessly. I thought that they both did a great job with the different character voices. They both had very pleasant voices that made it easy to listen for hours at a time.

I highly recommend this book to fans of contemporary romances. This incredibly romantic story had all the things I was looking for when I decided to read it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dave was a hockey player which only made things better since I love a good sport romance. This is the fourth book in the True North series and also fits into the Brooklyn Bruisers series but I had no problems reading it as a stand alone. Of course, I do want to read all of the other books now!

I received a review copy of this audiobook from Blackstone Audio, Inc. via Audiobook Jukebox.

Initial Thoughts
This was an amazing book! I am floored by how much I ended up enjoying it. It was romantic and the characters were fantastic. I actually stayed up way past my bedtime because I had to see how it was going to end. I am someone that typically only listens to audiobooks while I am at work or doing a boring task around the house so the fact that I was sitting in a chair listening to this book while I should have been asleep is a huge deal. It just doesn't happen very often. The narrators were both fantastic. I can't believe that I haven't read Sarina Bowen before now but I can't wait to read more of her work very soon.

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review 2018-01-07 00:00
The Tears of My Soul: The True Story of a North Korean Spy
The Tears of My Soul: The True Story of a North Korean Spy - Kim Hyun Hee A terrific insight into North Korea and its harsh regime and how a dictator can brainwash a whole society from birth to death. A very short and concise book and yet it delivers on all counts.
I had a difficult job sourcing a copy of this book to read as it is very expensive book on all the regular sites but was lucky to get the loan of a copy as this was such a worthwhile read.

There is a free copy of this book online on www.scribd.com For anyone interested.

The Tears of My Soul is the memoir of Kim Hyun Hui, a North Korean female agent convicted for planting the bomb on board Korean Air Flight 858 in November of 1987 and the consequently the deaths of 115 people. In this book Hyun Hee reveals how she was recruited and trained, and provides details of the bombing. Her depiction of North Korea's Orwellian society is convincing and vivid, it depicts the brainwashing of a society and the Poverty and destitute the majority of citizens live in.

This is my third book on North Korea and I found this account a damning expose of the North Korean regime. It traces her intensive training and indoctrinate at various secret North Korean facilities, the bombing of a South Korean airliner, her arrest and trial. One of the most interesting aspects of this book is Hyun Hee 's introduction and education of western society and how she has to relearn history and facts about the world as the version she was taught was for the most part fraracated and distorted.

I did learn since reading the book that the proceeds of the book was going to the victims families which I found quite a little unsettling as I am sure no amount of proceeds from a book will help these families understand or come to terms with the deaths of their loved ones and while the book is important reading in understanding a brain washed society I am sure this book was very traumatic for relatives of the victims.

An interesting and insightful read and a book that gives insight in a country that is for the most part closed off to the rest of the world.
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review 2017-12-18 16:22
Canadianity: Tales from the True North Strong and Freezing
Canadianity: Tales from the True North Strong and Freezing - Jeremy Taggart,Jonathan Torrens

Take a trip across Canada with Taggart and Torrens as they share their tales from the road, their observations and their best places to eat, drink and hang out in each province. They take us on a stroll down memory lane as they share their lists of top bands, tv shows and athletes from this great country. I really enjoyed reading about Jeremy's father's antics and Jonathan's embarrassing moments (sorry!) but everything in between was interesting too. I'm a proud Canadian and I always love hearing/reading about all the great people that came from here and what they've achieved. They don't even have to be famous - I loved the story about people helping others when the Fort McMurray wildfire took over. I grew up listening to Our Lady Peace and, of course, J-Roc is my favourite on Trailer Park Boys so it was cool to meet these two and find out they're just a couple of down-to-earth bahds. Great book!

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text 2017-10-11 18:32
Bountiful (True North Book 4) Sarina Bowen Preorded!
Bountiful (True North Book 4) - Sarina Bowen

Out October 20! 


No last names. No life stories. Those were the rules.

Once upon a time a cocky, copper-haired tourist sauntered into Zara’s bar. And even though she knew better, Zara indulged in a cure for the small-town blues. It was supposed to be an uncomplicated fling—a few sizzling weeks before he went back to his life, and she moved on. 

Until an accidental pregnancy changed her life. 

Two years later, she’s made peace with the notion that Dave From Brooklyn will never be found. Until one summer day when he walks into her coffee shop, leveling her with the same hot smile that always renders her defenseless.

Hockey star Dave Beringer has never forgotten the intense month he spent with prickly Zara. Their nights together were the first true intimacy he’d ever experienced. But the discovery of his child is the shock of a lifetime, and his ugly past puts relationships and family out of reach.

Or does it? Vermont’s countryside has a way of nurturing even tortured souls. The fields and the orchards—and hard won love—are Bountiful.

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review 2017-10-08 14:22
Keep me
Bountiful (True North Book 4) - Sarina Bowen

This is the 4th book in the True North series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  However, to avoid spoilers and have complete understanding of this amazing series, I recommend reading these in order.


Zara & Dave make a memory and then plan to never see one another again.  This is of course, before the surprises that seem to keep coming.  Good thing Zara has her family for support.


Dave misses Vermont and cannot wait to get back.  He had hoped to find Zara if he ever went there again.  Fate intervenes, and the rest as they say is history.


I have to warn you - I cried almost the entire book.  Please get your tissues ready.  Stunningly beautiful, this story has so much power to move you and your emotions.  Each encounter of these characters seem so real to me.  Very touching, and thought provoking, I was excited to see it be the next part of the True North series.  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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