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photo 2015-03-01 20:53

New cover for An Untitled Lady! Aiming for readers who like historical fiction as well as love stories. Goes on sale this Tuesday (March 3).

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photo 2015-02-06 21:25
Breathe In by Martha Sweeney

My first  erotic romance novel, Breathe In of the Just Breathe series, will be released May 15, 2015!  I'm so excited!


More information coming soon...


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Goodreads: Martha Sweeney Goodreads Author

Goodreads: Breathe In by Martha Sweeney

Pinterest: pinterest.com/MSweeneyAuthor
Google+: +MSweeney
Instagram: @MarthaSweeneyAuthor
Facebook Page: AuthorMarthaSweeney
Facebook Profile: martha.sweeney.33

Twitter: @MSweeney_Author

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photo 2015-01-15 03:55
The Harem Book Cover
The Harem - Thomas Sweeney

The Harem is a dramatic romance novel testing cultural boundaries through the innocent eyes of Susan Winthrop.

Getting the dream internship of her life, Susan quickly discovers there is much more involved than she ever bargained for or could have possibly imagined.

Susan Winthrop, a shy, self-conscious, nineteen-year-old college student struggling to find her way in life without the support of family, discovers the position of her dreams, or so she thinks, until the requirements of the
internship and potential employment are revealed.

While Susan struggles with her own morals, she discovers an entirely new world opening to her and her desires. Slowly, she begins to embrace this new position and excel, realizing her own amazing potential in ways she never envisioned and that some may fear.

However, her new found love, friends and colleagues prove fallible. Susan soon discovers that the result of making mistakes at this new level of life are far reaching and can be extremely dangerous and damaging.

The innocent struggle of a young, budding college student suddenly unfolds into a struggle for life in an extremely hostile social and political world that abhors change and regularly embraces fear and persecution.

As Susan wrestles with her new found knowledge, power, wealth and life, she is forced to fight to defend her right to grow as she sees fit.

**Rated R** Erotic, Romance Novel


Read The Harem's Preface, Chapter One and Chapter Two at our website: www.theharembook.com

Source: www.theharembook.com
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photo 2015-01-08 03:05
The Deadly Caress

Just looking through the pics that my cover artist sent to me. I like this one and wonder if I should change the book cover of The Deadly Caress.



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photo 2014-10-26 00:10
tweaking the ICE DEMON print cover
Me, struggling with widows and orphans in Indesign
Ice Demon: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread (The Dark Victorian Penny Dreads Book 1) - Elizabeth Watasin,JoSelle Vanderhooft

. . . made last minute tweaks to the ICE DEMON print cover, and now submitted for 'approval'. Then will order proof. Really hope that background works.






I need to let go. And I mean I need to let phatpuppy do the entirety of the cover art and me not want to do it (argh, *grabby-hands*), and it's time I handed off formatting. Because the print and e-books could be even sexier in the hands of someone else.


I love making books enough that I'm willing to do book layout (typesetting--well sort of, where I'm concerned)---which is essentially graphic design, a task that doesn't exactly have me jumping up and down with joy. I'm not a graphic designer Jim, I'm an illustrator!


So I'm typing this ( to myself ), to put it out there: hand it away. Take it to the next sexy level. 


All stuff here was made whilst listening to SIA's "Dress In Black".



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