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text 2013-11-29 14:54
My crush on freefic writer Orbiting Jupiter...and her dissapearance.

Not long after I had discovered my new favorite freefic wiriter, Orbiting Jupiter, I discovered that she had disappeared. Vanished. Her last story was published in 2009 and after that no one heard from her again...


But now she's back! And she talks to us about why she disappeared off the face of the earth, why she’d be embarrassed if the people in her life read her stories, the appeal of forbidden love, a sequel to ‘It’s Like This’ and moving into darker and dirtier territory…


Please drop by to check out our interview with this awesome freefic writer!



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review 2013-11-23 14:55
An ode to fanfic, my Baldricks!
The Student Prince - FayJay

Oi! I’m sure my UK based friends will snort at this confession, but the scones and English Breakfast tea that I had bought especially for a dreary November afternoon on the sofa with The Student Prince, made reading this truly and thoroughly British book an even more dorktastic experience. Repeat after me, my pillocks: fanfic is free, fabulous and few published fics are more fantastic!




An ode to fanfic!

...an ode to this free stuff that you have to hunt for in obscure corners of the internet. Diamonds, both polished and in the rough, that are hidden away on websites that looked fine in the late 90’s. That thrill of adrenalin when you’ve finally found a website that lets you either download your preferred format or export to Flagfic (does the L in Flagfic really serve a purpose?). The excitement when the link to a blurb you fancy is not broken and not for a WIP…and suddenly you find yourself bouncing up and down screaming: OMG JARETH THE GOBLIN KING DITCHES THE BABY FOR A TWINK?! and DEREK AND STILES AS PORN STARS?!, ARTHUR WANTS TO SEE WHAT MERLIN'S MAGIC WARD CAN DO??

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text 2013-11-08 12:30
The Administration book 8 and....book 9?
Mind Fuck - Manna Francis
Quid Pro Quo (The Administration, #2 - Manna Francis
Games & Players - Manna Francis
Quid Pro Quo - Manna Francis

Before I turn down the announcements a notch, here's a final one:


Today: MANNA FRANCIS INTERVIEW with lots of practical details and exciting news + a post on why you should read The Administration + readers' favorite quotes +..oh hell, we have dedicated an entire day at www.boysinourbooks.com to The Administration, alright?!


I'd love for all TA groupies to unite..and drop a note.:)


Check it out at:




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text 2013-11-06 12:00
Remember that time El Presidio Rode North.....?
El Presidio Rides North - Domashita Rome... El Presidio Rides North - Domashita Romero, 地下ロメロ, neomeruru
The Foxhole Court - Nora Sakavic
East - Domashita Romero, neomeruru
The Raven King - Nora Sakavic
On Earth My Nina - Domashita Romero, serenity-fails

Today: POST + INTERVIEW with Freefic writer Domashita Romero (Whitney Reynolds), who became popular overnight on Goodreads, and who talks about writing slash and the M/M closet, pansexuality, new projects, that El Presidio Rides North sequel we’re all hoping for and...why she wants YOU to hit her up!


Domashita Romero



I remember shouting in one of my reviews for her work:


"Who the hell is this Domashita Romero anyway? Who is this author who hurls these short and free, unique snowflakes onto the world wide web for us to enjoy? Who introduces us to these perfectly quirky characters and writes dialogue so naturally sparkly and humorous, that you’re afraid you may not be able to wipe that grin off your face ever again?"


Now is your chance to find out. :D


And believe me, you want to have read El Presidio Rides North and join the small army of fans who anticipate Gaga and Mercury's return. And it's all there guys, up for grabs. Free and fabulous.


PS And that's not all: The Foxhole Court author Nora Sakavic writes a guest post about her books too!


Check us out at:

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