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review 2019-12-30 02:59
Ten by Gretchen McNeil
Ten - Gretchen McNeil

I really enjoyed this book.
I love horror. This fit the bill there. Was it super scary? Not really.
It had mystery, a bit of violence and gore, but because it was such a whodunnit, it lacked in scare factor.
Still it was a great mind bend! 
In the last few chapters especially. It took me where I was like, what the heck?! How?! Then the author brought it all together.
Yup, I'm a fan!
Mystery and thriller fans should enjoy this one like I did!



Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2019/12/ten-by-gretchen-mcneil-50.html
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review 2019-11-09 06:02
Emojis, Tweets and Memes May Not be the End of Language...
Because Internet - Gretchen McCulloch
I'm a linguist, and I live on the internet. When I see the boundless creativity of internet language flowing past me online, I can’t help but want to understand how it works. Why did emoji become so popular so quickly? What’s the deal with how people of different ages punctuate their emails and text messages so differently? Why does the language in memes often look so wonderfully strange?

That encapsulates the book right there, McCulloch looks into each of these questions—along with some related and foundational questions—about how communication online has and is changing the way we write at each other.


If I was going to do this the right way, I'd need a dozen pages (at least), and I just don't have the patience to write something that long (and, let's be honest—who'd read it?). So let me be brief: this is an entertaining and informative book. She discusses the advantage of studying informal writing over edited and published works (and how the Internet Age makes that so much easier), "typographical tone of voice," emojis and other emotional indicators, memes (and the like), and offers a new metaphor for considering language.


The tone is light and informal, but this isn't a breezy read. It's not that difficult, however. But there are times that I will confess that my eyes glazed over when she does some of the nitty-gritty explanations about how this works (and how it's researched). But that doesn't happen as often as I might think it would. What she does with the nitty-gritty, how she applies it? Love it. But when she's "showing her work" (as we used to say in math class), I have a hard time tracking—that's on me, I want to stress. McCulloch goes out of her way to make even that kind of thing interesting and approachable.


The way she frames the discussion for each chapter is fascinating. Then the conclusions she makes, or application of all that work, is simply insightful and even more fascinating. It's just the stuff in the middle that didn't need to be as long. But that's very likely just me. McCulloch is a bit more open to changes and innovations than a guy who likes the idea of language standards (like me) can truly be comfortable with—but she almost wins me over.


This is probably the most entertaining book about language that I can remember reading (and, yeah, I used to dabble). It feels as alive as the language she's considering. This is one for the language lover in your life.

2019 Library Love Challenge

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2019/11/08/because-internet-by-gretchen-mcculloch-emojis-tweets-and-memes-may-not-be-the-end-of-language
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review 2019-07-16 07:10
New Release Blitz - Bumper To Bumper


Title: Bumper to Bumper

Author: Gretchen Evans

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: July 15, 2019

Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 19300

Genre: Contemporary, age gap, contemporary, dirty talk, gay, hookup app

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Gabe is bored with hookup culture. He’s in his thirties and wants something more stable. But sitting in traffic is even more boring. He expects more of the same tired, headless torsos when he swipes open Cruised, the most popular hookup app for men, during his morning commute. Instead, he meets Mark. Mark is handsome, funny, and interested in conversation. He’s also interested in meeting Gabe in coffee shop bathrooms for quickies on the way to work.


Mark doesn’t rush out of the room after sex either. He’s tender and sweet, and way more than Gabe had hoped for. The sex is hot, but the connection between Gabe and Mark is something deeper. Gabe’s feelings grow each time he and Mark text, but seeing an attractive woman driving Mark’s car stops Gabe cold. He doesn’t want to hookup with a cheater. He doesn’t want to stop seeing Mark either. But could it all be a misunderstanding? Gabe knows nothing about Mark’s life or how to negotiate a hookup into something more. Does Mark want something more, or is he already taken?





Bumper to Bumper

Gretchen Evans © 2019

All Rights Reserved


Gabe’s car lurched as he stomped on the brake. His bumper stopped inches from the expensive-looking sedan in front of him. He was going to be late. Again. He groaned and let his forehead rest on the steering wheel.


The traffic on I-40 was terrible. Every day it seemed to get worse. It was also unpredictable. Some days, his twelve-mile commute to the office took fifteen minutes. Other days, it took forty-five. It was impossible to tell which it would be before hitting the on-ramp.


At least he wasn’t the only one suffering like this. He spent so much time sitting in traffic during morning rush hour that he recognized a lot of the cars around him. It was a strange camaraderie. There was the middle-aged lady in the tiny hatchback whose hair color changed every week. The old hippy in a political-bumper-sticker-covered hybrid always rode in the left lane, even when traffic cleared up. The white luxury SUV driven by the angry twentysomething blonde only showed up some days, but she had passed him on the shoulder first thing this morning. He did his best to ignore the giant red truck with gun and Confederate flag stickers that always cut in front of him.


He moved ahead a few feet but stopped almost immediately. The car behind him swerved onto the shoulder to avoid rear-ending him. If someone hit him, he’d at least have a good excuse to give to his boss. But there was no way his twenty-year-old, hand-me-down car would survive.


Gabe gave up dreams of getting into a minor fender bender and inched ahead again. There must have already been an accident up ahead. Traffic was always slow, but it wasn’t usually this bad.


Sure enough, a fire truck and police car zoomed past on the shoulder. Great.


He picked up his phone to text his work wife he’d be late. He’d done that a lot lately, so she was a pro at covering for him. Maggie was great to have around but definitely the only type of wife he was ever going to have. She dodged traffic by taking backroads to the office, so Gabe didn’t feel too bad getting her to cover his ass. Her idyllic suburban lifestyle could support his terrible commute.


Maybe Miss Impatient in the SUV was the cause of whatever had them all trapped here. Gabe was annoyed enough to smile at that uncharitable thought.


Text sent, and he was still sitting at a dead stop. There was no harm in using your phone in the car if you weren’t actually driving, right? The highway was basically a parking lot right now.


Gabe tapped open Cruised, the hookup app he’d had the most luck with in the past.


Not that he’d had much luck. In quantity, sure, he’d had lots of luck. Gotten hella lucky. But in terms of quality? Nah. It was a desert of huge cocks with no brains attached out there. But, it couldn’t hurt to look. Looking was pretty much all he did these days, but it was nice to see some headless torsos and dick pics. Better than trying to figure out what the specialty license plate in the lane next to him meant.


He thumbed through profiles, most of which he’d seen before. It didn’t seem to matter if he was checking at home, work, or in the club, it was always a collection of the same tired old faces. Or not-faces. As frustrating and predictable as morning traffic. He glanced away from his phone to cover a few feet of space left open by a car switching to a moving lane. Why was the lane next to him always moving?


His phone buzzed in his hand—a surprise. No one ever messaged him first. Well, some guys did but no one he wanted to respond to. The message wasn’t from a name he recognized either.




That had promise. He swiped the message open.




That had…less promise. But at least it wasn’t a dick pic right away. And he’d managed to spell out “hello.”


Hi, Gabe tapped out as he crawled forward. He kept one eye on his phone and the other on the bumper in front of him.


The response came back immediately. Maybe everything seemed instantaneous when Gabe was traveling along at less than five miles an hour.


Your pictures make you look attractive.


Was that a neg? thats bc i am attractive


Your pictures make you look VERY attractive.


Damn right Gabe’s pictures made him look attractive. He’d spent a long time taking the perfect selfie to highlight his dark eyes and scoured through old text messages to find a shot of him at the beach to show off how his light-brown skin shone in the sun. It helped that the clearly defined abs he’d once had were on display too. Gabe tapped over to his mystery man’s profile but didn’t find anything other than the stranger’s picture. No preferences, or kinks, or anything.


Even his picture was just his head and shoulders, turned slightly away from the camera but not fully in profile. And with the sun shining directly behind him so everything was in shadow. The only things easily seen were the outline of his jaw and the clean-cut lines of his hair, but that was it. Very artistic, but not very illuminating.


your picture doesn’t make you look like anything


A little snide, perhaps, but these conversations never went anywhere. SilverFoxxx would eventually ask for a dick pic, Gabe would say no, and that would be the end of it. Or he would skip straight to asking to meet up for a fuck. Gabe might say yes, but he always ended up disappointed.


He was reaching the point where meaningless hookups weren’t doing it for him anymore. Even if the sex was good, it left him strangely listless afterward.


Maggie would say that was what happened when you turned thirty, and Gabe would tell her to take her soccer mom ass back to the suburbs and shut up about it.


That didn’t mean she was wrong, though.


His phone buzzed again.


I value discretion.


Was this guy a robot? Who said stuff like that? Who texted in full sentences?


Traffic started to clear a bit, and Gabe was able to get up to nearly twenty miles an hour. It was exhilarating but short-lived. They slowed back to a crawl less than a quarter mile later. He was going to be very late.


With his foot firmly on the brake and nothing else to do, Gabe turned back to his phone. SilverFoxxx’s last message continued to glow up at him. It was too tempting to ignore.


a hookup app isn’t for u if u want to be discreet


He should have spelled out you. SilverFoxxx probably thought he was an idiot. Ordinarily, Gabe didn’t care about stuff like that, especially from randos on Cruised, but this time, he was anxious. He stared at his phone until the car behind him laid on the horn.


Gabe crawled two car lengths forward but stopped again. Lights flashed on the left shoulder ahead of him. Hopefully, traffic would clear after this accident, and he could get to work.


The vibration of his phone in his hand sent a little thrill down his spine. Traffic was trickling forward, so Gabe glanced back and forth between his phone and the road.


But it’s convenient. What are you here for?


Gabe wasn’t sure what to say. He could be flirty. Or more than flirty and jump to the next predictable step. Or he could be honest.


not sure. mostly bored in traffic


Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to text and drive?


There was no hint of tone, but Gabe smiled anyway. Deep, rich, and sardonic—this guy’s voice was already in his head. So Gabe’s type. Obviously, he wasn’t stretching. Not at all. SilverFoxxx sounded like he was teasing.


im rebelious


I bet you are.


Gabe’s grin grew wider. This was fun. No gross comments or pushy requests yet. It was like SilverFoxxx could actually hold a conversation.


His phone buzzed again before he was able to think of a response.


Traffic is clearing up.


Gabe checked the location information. It seemed like SilverFoxxx was closer than he’d been before.


are u texting and driving too?


Gabe skidded all the way into the work parking lot looking for a response that never came.




NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo




Bumper to Bumper (Cruised, #1)Bumper to Bumper by Gretchen Evans
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Gabe is sick of the long boring commute to work. He is also sick and tired of hook ups that go no where. Trying one app just one more time he hits the proverbial jackpot. Now all he has to do is convince Mark he is worth taking the chance.

Mark is very attracted to Gabe and he is not afraid to show it. He finds the best locations to meet up and make sure to get alone time with the amazing Gabe. The only catch here is he really wants to take it to be something more. Is it time to try?

This short story is a sweet tickle of hotness. The book itself may be small, but the content is still very HOT! Nice treat for any avid romance reader.

***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

View all my reviews 








Meet the Author:


Gretchen Evans is a bisexual, cis woman living with her partner in North Carolina. Her day job involves figuring out the best way to ask people questions they don’t want to answer. In the evenings, she does hot yoga and watches any TV show that can be read as queer-coded. She only drinks beer disguised as root beer and her perfect Sunday involves half listening to an NFL game as she reads a book. She plans to continue writing queer romance with engaging characters, sexy times, and feelings. You can find Gretchen on Twitter.





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review 2019-07-11 14:39
Bumper to Bumper - Gretchen Evans

Gabe is sick of the long boring commute to work.  He is also sick and tired of hook ups that go no where.  Trying one app just one more time he hits the proverbial jackpot.  Now all he has to do is convince Mark he is worth taking the chance.


Mark is very attracted to Gabe and he is not afraid to show it.  He finds the best locations to meet up and make sure to get alone time with the amazing Gabe.  The only catch here is he really wants to take it to be something more.  Is it time to try?


This short story is a sweet tickle of hotness.  The book itself may be small, but the content is still very HOT!  Nice treat for any avid romance reader.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-03-17 12:04
Horror der 1980er
Der Exorzismus der Gretchen Lang - Grady Hendrix

Ein LSD-Trip missglückt und Gretchen ist nicht mehr sie selbst. Aus ihrem freundlichen, liebenswerten Wesen ist ein sadistisch-brutales Biest geworden, das nicht von dieser Welt sein kann. Abby setzt alles daran, ihrer besten Freundin zu helfen. Sogar, wenn nur ein Exorzismus Hilfe verspricht.

Abby und Gretchen sind beste Freundinnen. Die Jugendlichen machen alles gemeinsam, sind sich gegenseitige Stütze, und suchen ihren Platz in der Welt. Experimentierfreudig wie sie sind, probieren sie eines Nachts LSD, was Gretchen gar nicht bekommt ... 

Im Mittelpunkt des Romans steht die Freundschaft von Abby und Gretchen. Obwohl es - zurecht - als Horrorthriller angelegt ist, erlebt der Leser diese wunderbare Freundschaft, wie sie nur allerbeste Freundinnen kennen.

Die Geschichte wird aus Abbys Perspektive erzählt, und beginnt, als sich die Mädchen im Kindesalter kennenlernen. Auf diese Weise erhält man ein Gefühl für die Freundschaft der beiden, und wächst mit ihnen in die Teenager-Jahre hinein.

Dann kommt die grauenhafte Nacht, in der die Mädchen LSD probieren. Bis auf einen kurzen Schock-Effekt bleibt die Stimmung noch kuschelig, denn das Grauen schleicht sich im Anschluss zwischen die Seiten rein.

Langsam wird aus der netten Gretchen ein boshaftes Gör, die gemeingefährlich ist. Abby schaut der Wandlung ihrer Freundin hilflos zu, und kriegt es dann selbst mit der Angst zutun …

Grady Hendrix' Horror-Roman um den Exorzismus der Gretchen Lang hat mir ganz großen Spaß gemacht. Oberflächlich betrachtet ist es ein exzellent gelungener Schocker mit gnadenlosen Schauermomenten. Besonders die Nacht als Gretchen LSD einwirft, hat mir ordentlich Gänsehaut gebracht. Außerdem zeigt sich Gretchens Besessenheit auf perfid-brutale Weise, bei der man manchmal schreien will. Gruselig, schaurig und absolut niederträchtig!

Dazu kommt die Freundschaft von Abby und Gretchen, die den gesamten Ablauf der Handlung prägt. Es war schön, die Mädels kennenzulernen, sie ein Stück auf ihren Weg zu begleiten und sich gemeinsam mit ihnen dem Feuer der Hölle entgegen zu stellen.

Eine weitere Besonderheit ist der zeitliche Rahmen. Abby und Gretchen haben ihre Jugend in den 1980er-Jahren verbracht, und Grady Hendrix lässt das Jahrzehnt des schlechten Geschmacks Revue passieren. Dieser Flashback war witzig zu lesen, und mir scheint, die 1980er-Jahre haben trotz dämonischer Besessenheit großen Spaß gemacht.

Alles in allem hat mir „Der Exorzismus der Gretchen Lang“ unheimlich gut gefallen.  Ich bin an den Seiten geklebt, die Stimmung war fesselnd und ich konnte kaum genug von Abby und Gretchen bekommen, weil es arg gruselig war.

Wer in Horror-Romanen das Exorzismus-Thema mag, dem kann ich eine Zeitreise in die 1980er-Jahre empfehlen, um den Exorzismus der Gretchen Lang mit eigenen Augen zu erleben.

Source: zeit-fuer-neue-genres.blogspot.com
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