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review 2018-06-29 07:51
Scorn: The Wittiest and Wickedest Insults in Human History
Scorn: The Wittiest and Wickedest Insults in Human History - Matthew Parris

Good, and often great, but I'm not sure it can live up to being the Greatest. This is, according to the editor, a completely revised and updated edition, and it is recent enough to include Brexit comments, as well as a few token US election insults.


A fun, fast read when you're feeling wicked, and  likely a very handy reference for those social media moments when nothing less than a scathing retort just won't do.

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text 2018-04-20 15:04
No interview with a blogger today. Feel free to share some insults in the Shakespearean style

We know it's Friday. We know it supposed to be Follow Friday with book bloggers. But sometimes the world has other plans. So today, we've decided to share some insults. If you're feeling disappointed with today's non-Follow Friday post, please share your favorite Shakespearean insult below. You can also build your own. 


The Shakespearean insult generator presented by Invaluable is an excellent tool when you're looking for a witty remark. You can even find a perfect insult for any occasion thanks to special filters (check them out).


We've decided to present several with a book-related context. We bet that not only Shakespeare enthusiasts gonna love the following insults.



When you meet people who don't read books, say:



When somebody tries to re-tell the classics, say:


When you spot a person who puts a book in a trash bin, cry out loud: 


When your friends want's to watch the book-based movie before reading the book, advice:


If your friends say that your book passion is dull, it's high time to say:


When you see somebody is devastating a paper book, say:


Now it's your turn.

Source: www.invaluable.com/blog/shakespearean-insults
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text 2015-07-07 10:47
Insults - Old, new, borrowed, blue - John Barber

*.99 cents at Amazon or use code SW100 (100% off) upon checkout at Smashwords. your choice!

Over 750 insults from the witty to the sarcastic, humorous to the rude. From the well known and famous to the dead and anonymous; from TV and newspapers to magazines long since folded. Many of these insults have not appeared in an anthology before.


Some early reviews that appear in this book:

The sort of book that once put down you can't pick up again.
Sir Maurice Bowra, English literary critic

You're going to like this.....not a lot.
Paul Daniels, magician

If books can be said to smell; this one smells of stale beds and damp sheets.
Eamon Dunphy, Millwall footballer

This has the style of being knocked up on a condemned typewriter in a garden shed in Wapping.

From the moment I picked up your book till the moment I put it down I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend to read it.
Groucho Marx

Reading isn't an occupation we like to encourage amongst police officers. We try to keep the paperwork down to a minimum.
Joe Orton, English dramatist

This novel is not to be tossed aside lightly but to be hurled with great force.
Dorothy Parker

Its writers are still busy exhibiting their overblown egos and display as ever a talent for expressing commonplace notions with monumental verbosity.
G R Perkin

I do not claim to be a literary critic but I know dirt when I smell it and here it is in heaps - festering putrid heaps which smell to high heaven.
W Charles Pilley

No matter how thin you slice it, it’s still baloney
Alfred Emanuel Smith, American politician

We are not amused.
Queen Victoria

Like German opera. Too long and too loud.
Evelyn Waugh

Source: www.smashwords.com/books
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photo 2014-11-05 16:10

Fight, fight, fight!

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review 2014-08-26 17:43
I hate to love you
Enemies at the Altar - Melanie Milburne

This was a pretty intense read. One of those romances where extreme hate between the main couple is really suppressed longing and desire. In real life, I don't know if I think that suppressed love translates into hate, but "Hope deferred does make the heart sick." My goodness, Andreas and Sienna are super-duper mean to each other. And Andreas is a hypocrite. He's the kind of guy who calls a woman a whore because she doesn't do what he wants her to do and she doesn't fit his mold for what he wants a woman to be. I didn't like that about him at all. I did like the fact that Sienna could easily trade insults with him. It took me a while to think that I even wanted these two to be together. There were times when I didn't particularly like either character. Sienna says and thinks some really mercenary and selfish things, and I didn't like that about her. However, I could understand why she was so prickly and thick-skinned, considering her tough life and living with an arrested development mother with terrible morals and being rejected by her married father. I wish that Andreas had shown more sympathy and empathy for Sienna. When he finally starts acting like a decent man, it was almost too late for me to feel I wanted him to be with Sienna. I did like that he went after her when she left him.

I thought that despite the meanness between them, there was good chemistry and I did see their relationship change, develop and blossom. With the conclusion of the book, I had hopes that they would not take each other for granted any longer, and that love had changed both of their hearts and lives.

I don't know if this book will work for everyone. The leads are at times unlikable and mean-spirited. However, I did see a change in both characters and that their feelings for each other weren't just reluctant lust, but real love. For that reason, I gave it four stars.

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