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review 2018-03-11 22:24
It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways
It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways - Dallas Hartwig,Melissa Hartwig

This is another great book to read if you want to live a healthy, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free life. As the authors say, it's not just you are what you eat, you are what you eat eats. So if all you eat is food filled with toxins because that's part of the diet of the animals and fish you eat, then you share in their diet. These authors are the founders of the Whole30 diet, which challenges you to give up all the junk for 30 days and detox your system. Many have seen their long-time illnesses vanish because they are eating healthy foods, reducing the inflammation that causes so much sickness, regaining energy and losing weight because the carbs, processed foods, and sugars are not killing them anymore. Includes meal plans and recipes and encouragement! Don't see it as giving up stuff you love. You will only be giving up the bad stuff. See it as a sea-change in your life that will not deprive you of anything delicious.but will show you how wonderful whole, real foods can be! Take up the challenge. Your body will thank you!

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review 2018-03-11 22:02
Grain Brain Whole Life Plan: Boost Brain Performance, Lose Weight, and Achieve Optimal Health
The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan: Boost Brain Performance, Lose Weight, and Achieve Optimal Health - David Perlmutter,Kristin Loberg


Change your diet, change your life, indeed, save your life! Grains are killing us. Go gluten-free, grain-free and feel great for perhaps the first time in a long time. Regain energy, lose those extra pounds and live a longer, healthier life. There is also meal planners and recipes to start your out on your journey to health. This is also great to help you live a life free of chemicals that are also so harmful, found in every day things like shampoo and household cleaners.

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text 2018-02-17 06:33
How to Get the Protein You Need on a Vegan Diet

When someone decides to go vegan, one of the biggest questions that others will have—indeed, perhaps the biggest question—is how that person will get enough protein in his or her diet. With varying levels of incredulity and condescension, non-vegans will say, “How can you possibly get protein when you do not eat dairy, eggs, chicken or fish?”



Some people cannot come up with a good reply to this question. As a result, they choose not to go full vegan. But despite the mainstream American diet’s heavy dependence on meat and dairy products, the best vegan protein can fully meet the dietary needs of most people.


Proteins are important because of the amino acids that they contain. People need nine amino acids from their food in order to perform critical bodily functions like building and repairing muscles. Appropriately enough, these are call “essential” amino acids. They are:


•  Leucine
•  Isoleucine
•  Methionine
•  Histidine
•  Phenylalanine
•  Lysine
•  Threonine
•  Valine
•  Tryptophan


Meat contains all nine of these essential amino acids—after all, it is nothing but the muscles of animals—which is why people consider it the best protein source. But think about it for a second—what would most animals eat to get that protein? From plants! If cows and chickens can do it, so can humans.


To get the amino acids they need from plants, people simply need to diversify their diet. The protein of plant-based foods like quinoa, buckwheat and hempseed have all nine of the amino acids listed above. Also, people can easily get the protein they need by eating a combination of legumes and grains. In fact, lots of people do this already (beans and rice, anyone?).


If a consumer wants to switch to veganism but is not sure how to get enough protein, he or she can take advantage of a vegan food delivery plan. It can be surprisingly easy to find a company that prepares nutritious, great-tasting meals. Some even deliver them right to a customer’s door on a weekly basis. This can be a wonderful option for people with unforgiving schedules.


Fitness enthusiasts should also consider switching to the best vegan protein powder instead of consuming whey protein powder. Vegan protein powder can enhance a person’s workout; it can help them become stronger and leaner without the bloat or gassiness caused by whey.


22 Days Nutrition is one-stop shop for people who want the best in vegan meals and supplements. Created by exercise physiologist Marco Borges, the company has a first-rate vegan delivery service, some of the best tasting vegan protein powder and more.


About 22 Days Nutrition


22 Days Nutrition is a top-rated online source for vegan protein powders and vegan meals. They also offer a vegan diet plan for customers in the US.


For additional information, visit 22daysnutrition.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/5qoCJz

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text 2018-02-17 05:20
The Immense Benefits of a Vegan Diet Plan

In recent years, the popularity of veganism has grown by leaps and bounds in the United States. It is easy to understand why.


Adopting a well-balanced vegan meal plan is one of the best choices that a health-conscious person can make. It can give people all the sustenance that they need without sacrificing taste. It also lets them avoid the health concerns associated with animal-based food products.



Previously, people considering the switch to veganism faced some severe restrictions with regards to what they could eat. But over time, more high-quality options have appeared on the market. Current and aspiring vegans now have far greater access to meals and supplements which taste delicious and have excellent nutritional value.


Here are some of the benefits of following a vegan meal plan or vegan diet plan:


1. Feel Full, Lose Weight


People who are not vegan (or not vegan yet) are often surprised at how filling a good vegan meal can be. This is because it gives them the protein, vitamins and other nutrients that their bodies need but not the junk that sparks cravings.


A vegan diet plan gives people less unhealthy fats, fewer calories and more fiber than a diet that includes meat. Someone can still feel satiated while slimming down safer and easier.


2. Lower Risk of Diseases and Health Conditions


When someone cuts meat and other animal products out of their diet, they can cut out the health problems that come with them. A vegan diet plan can lower a person’s risk for:


•  Obesity
•  High Blood Pressure
•  Heart Disease & Cardiac Arrest
•  Various Cancers
•  Type II Diabetes


3. More Energy


The human body requires three things to generate energy: Protein, carbohydrates and fat. The best vegan meal plans supply people with optimal levels of all these macronutrients. They also provide people with antioxidants, which protect them from molecules (i.e. “free radicals”) that damage cells and can lead to some of the diseases listed above.


4. Better Mood


By following the best vegan diet plan, a person can find their mood improving considerably. In part, this comes from giving their body the nutrients that it needs and avoiding the garbage that damages it. It can also come from the pride that they feel when they hit their weight loss and fitness goals.


22 Days Nutrition gives people in the United States access to some of the freshest, best-tasting vegan meals. Their diet food delivery service makes it far easier for people to commit to a vegan lifestyle.


About 22 Days Nutrition


22 Days Nutrition is a top-rated online source for some of the best tasting vegan protein powder and vegan meals available anywhere. They also offer a diet meal delivery plan to addresses in the US.


For additional information, visit 22daysnutrition.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/u28EYi

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text 2018-02-15 04:49
Get Better Workouts and a Better Life Through Veganism

It is never too late for a person to start working towards a better, healthier self. Each and every day, people begin to think more seriously about what goes into their diet. They start pondering dietary options like veganism. Happily, people can find a vegan diet meal delivery plan and other services to help enhance their health and quality of life.



A carefully considered vegan lifestyle comes with a variety of health benefits. People can reach their weight loss goals easier and lower their cholesterol counts, thus reducing their risk of heart disease and other health issues.


In the past, people have argued that vegan diets were too tasteless or could not supply people with all the nutrients they need. As the number of high-quality vegan meals, supplements and other products increases, these arguments become more and more untenable. Today, it is actually quite easy for vegans to find delicious, nourishing snacks and meals.


Also, athletes and fitness enthusiasts have discovered the advantages of a vegan protein shake and organic, vegan protein powders. Those advantages include:


  1. Lots of BCAAs


Pea protein powder is a fantastic alterative to animal-based protein supplements like whey powder. Pea protein has all nine of the amino acids that human bodies need in order to function properly. This includes branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which enable people to build and maintain muscles.


  1. Easier to Digest


People complain sometimes about feeling gassy or bloated after drinking protein shakes with whey powder. A plant-based protein powder allows people to avoid that problem. As an added bonus, vegan protein powders can include fiber, which helps people feel full while the protein kick-starts their metabolism.


  1. Lactose-Free and Gluten-Free


People who are lactose intolerant or have celiac disease do not need to worry about reacting badly to vegan protein or a vegan diet plan. The best vegan protein powder is 100% lactose-free and gluten-free. This allows people to concentrate on losing weight and getting in better shape without worrying about potential side effects.


22 Days Nutrition offers consumer USDA organic, non-GMO, plant-based protein powder and other vegan food products. The company’s vegan meal delivery service—which provides 100% fresh, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free meals to clients across the United States—can serve as one of the best weight loss programs available anywhere.


About 22 Days Nutrition


22 Days Nutrition is a top-rated online source for vegan protein powders as well as delicious and nutritious plant-based snacks, bars and meals.


For additional information, visit 22daysnutrition.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/8GJVx4

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