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review 2018-01-12 04:07
The Layover by Roe Horvat
The Layover - Roe Horvat

Tho I loved the book, I feel like I am stuck in a loop. One of the MCs is suffering from one illness or another and the other MC falls in love with him while taking care of the sick. This is my fourth or fifth book with the same premise in a row (ok, not in a row but extremely close to each other). I hate to say it, but it took away a little from enjoying the story, and it's not even the author's fault. 

There is a lot of insecurities, self-hatred, tho Ondro doesn't realise it at first, and self-digging (can I say it in English?) ...soul-searching maybe a better word, and coming to terms with the past, the present and the consequences/the future; letting fears go and grabbing the proverbial bull by the nuts horns.

It was at times a scary read, considering that here we are in the 21st century and we still have ugly nasty pockets in this world where hatred is worn proudly and in bright colors for all to see. On the other hand even full acceptance often comes with labels that can be hurtful, not letting us see a person beyond "gay". 

Both characters have suffered. Not all the secondary characters in this book survived, but in the end ... oh, no, that would be a spoiler ;)

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text 2018-01-07 06:00
Global Acid Proof Lining Market Analysis, Industry Trends and Opportunities Across Regions (U.S, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan, India, China, ASEAN, Australia) -Report Forecast 2018-2028

ACID PROOF LINING MARKET SIZE, 2018-2028 Global acid proof lining market size is projected to be valued over USD 4.6 billion in 2018. The product is gaining traction owing to its coating features that offers protection against mechanical abrasion. Acid proof lining coatings finds application across fiberglass, plastic piping, and steel structures. Increased industrialization rate has significantly led to higher adoption of acid proof lining across worldwide. For instance, the chemical, petrochemicals and steel processing industries demand acid proof lining such as ceramic brick lining, tile lining, and fluoropolymer lining. Global Acid Proof Lining Market Dynamics: Industry Trends and Restraints Worldwide acid proof lining market revenue will register upward trajectory during the forecast period (2018-2028), owing to increased industrial production ratio and chemical output. Manufacturing output has significantly improved developing regions of Asia Pacific and Latin America. Global manufacturing output is expected to be over 3% in 2018 – higher than 2.8% (2018-2028). Several government initiatives and programs such as Make in China and Make in India programs has led to opening of new avenues for FDI (foreign direct investment). As a matter of fact, the global manufacturing output has increased from ‘USD 9.2 Trillion in 2009 to USD 11.6 Trillion in 2015 – showcasing optimistic scenario for overall industry opportunity. Download Acid Proof Lining Market Report Sample: https://bekryl.com/sample-acid-proof-lining-industry-report End-use market is expected to grow significantly especially in electronics, industrial and construction sector. The acid proof lining market trends is segmented on the basis of application, technologies, and geography. On the basis of technology, market is segmented into carbon brick lining, ceramic brick lining, thermoplastic lining, tile lining, and fluoropolymer lining. Among these, thermoplastic lining is estimated to dominate the industry. It accounted for 66% share in 2016. It will find its application across chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, power generation, metallurgy, steel processing, water treatment, and others. Global Acid Proof Lining Market Size: Regional Outlook The global acid proof lining industry value is analyzed across North America, Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. Asia Pacific acid proof lining market size will account for highest industry share and will dominate the market throughout the forecast period (2018-2028) owing to presence of large number of construction companies and industrial powerhouses. Furthermore, Asia Pacific is the global leader in electronics production – making it a preferred destination for acid proof industry players. It will account for over 46% of global acid proof lining market share. Explore Industry Insights on Acid Proof Lining Market Outlook: https://bekryl.com/industry-trends/acid-proof-lining-market-size-analysis Next prominent region is Western Europe. The region is characterized by higher saturation, intense competition and emergence of disruptive solutions to business model – which in turn will create higher market opportunity for industry players. Germany will dominate the regional share with nearly 28% share in 2018. Germany is the industrial hub and will create new market opportunities for acid proof lining market players. EU has lost a dramatic acid proof lining market share from 39% in 2006 to just 23% in 2017. It is expected that industry will stabilize over the forecast period. Global Acid Proof Lining Market Opportunity: Competition Landscape Some key acid proofing lining industry players are Steuler-Kch GmbH, Atlas Minerals and Chemicals, SGL Group, Hurner Funken GmbH, Arcoy Industries, Durosil Products Ltd, Dongyu Refractory and Engineering Ltd, Brant Corrossion, and Henkel Surface Technologies Corp. These key players focuses primarily on product level strategy and are adopting inorganic strategy to maintain their market presence. About Bekryl Bekryl Market Analysts is global market research and consulting service firm that helps industry stakeholders to take smarter decisions and achieve remarkable growth in today's disruptive business environment. We bring together data, leader's opinion and analytical service to help client define their growth strategy ranging from mergers and acquisitions based strategic decisions to finding market opportunity in business verticals namely chemicals, food & beverages, automotive, electronics and industrial production. Media Contact Company Name: Bekryl Market Analysts Contact Person: Burke B. Email: sales@bekryl.com Phone: +1 347 464 1068 Address:99 Wall Street, Suite 622 City: New York State: New York Country: United States

Source: bekryl.com/industry-trends/acid-proof-lining-market-size-analysis
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text 2018-01-02 10:42
Global Golf Cart and NEV Market Size Analysis, Industry Trends and Opportunities, 2017-2028

Global Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) and Golf Cart Market Size

The global neighborhood electric vehicle and golf cart market size is undergoing a significant development and is expected to witness upward trajectory growth over forecast period 2016-2028. It is estimated to be valued over USD 2.1 billion in 2017 and will register a CAGR of above 5.5% to create high market opportunities for industry players. These are self-propelled vehicle which is driven using electric motors and internal combustion engines specially designed for usage on golf courses in order to transport golfers and golf equipment.

Industry competitive rivalry has increased with 5 players accounting for nearly 73% of the global golf cart market share. Ingersoll Rand Corp., Polaris Industries, Textron, and Yamaha Golf Cart Company are some of the key leading players. New go-to-market strategy and product level strategy has emerged wherein the NEV market players are focusing on enhancing their marketing channels in developing regions.

Various types of carts are available in market today including push-pull, gasoline, solar powered and electric golf carts that run with the help of gasoline engine, solar powered motors and batteries. These are generally utilized for sports maneuvering as well as small distance movement of man and materials.

These low speed vehicles have average speed of 25-30 kmph. Furthermore, low-speed vehicle market development depends on the golf cart industry’s inclination to grip all of the up-to-date skills related to this special class of vehicle and an increase in disposable income among individuals and families in both worldwide developing and developed countries.

Global Golf Cart Market Size Analysis: Industry Drivers and Restraints

The global golf cart market growth depends on various vital factors ranging from emergence of new distribution channels, to launch of vehicles with better product features.


Download Report Sample: https://bekryl.com/sample-nev-golf-cart-industry-report


Global golf cart market revenue will witness a sharp increase in overall sales during the first half of forecast period, before slowing down to stagnant growth. The market is going through highly demanding scenario, and this is one of the factors that will transform the market. The automobile industry wants to ensure that consumers can access innovation in new distributed channels, reliable and repair services.

By product type, solar powdered golf is expected to expand at a fast pace because of low maintenance cost and higher efficiency value. Electric golf cart market size accounted for over 80% share in total share volume. Based on application types, golf cart market size is segmented into industry use, personal use, golf courses, rental services Etc. Herein, Golf courses segment accounted for over 51% of share value in total share volume in 2017. The use of golf carts for applications like short trips in universities, airports shopping malls, short drives within town Etc. has resulted in huge growth for this segment.

Global Golf Cart Market Size: Regional Analysis

North America golf cart market will dominate the overall industry size between 2017 and 2020 before losing its rank to Asia Pacific. Industry is facing the stagnation since last few years and as a result, U.S. golf cart market size will witness downward trend post 2022. To counter the trend, the companies need to focus on enhancing technology range to cater to customized needs of end-use consumers.


Explore Industry Insights on Golf Cart Market: https://bekryl.com/industry-trends/nev-golf-cart-market-size-analysis


Europe is another key market destination for golf cart market. Tourism and hospitality sectors is expected to create new industry opportunity for golf cart sales.

Asia Pacific and Latin America will be a major destination post mid forecast. Much of the demand is expected to generate from South East Asia. Countries such as China, India South Korea is undergoing rapid urbanization which in turn is expected to enhance mall culture, hi-tech and smart housing projects, and amusement and theme parks. These developments are projected to drive the demand for internal conveyance to carry people and goods, thus creating significant demand for golf carts.

Brazil and Mexico will be another key market for players in Latin America. Collectively, they will account for over 71% of total regional share by 2027.

Global Golf Cart Market Size: Competition Landscape

The industry is highly consolidated.  The key golf cart market players are E-Z-GO, EverGreen Electrical Vehicles, Columbia ParCar Corp, Club Car, LLC, Xiamen Dalle Electric Car Co., Ltd. and Yamaha Golf-Car Company Etc. Some other key notable participants in the industry include Garia Luxury Golf Car and Cruise Car Inc, Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd., Maini Material Movement Pvt. Ltd. On an average, these industry players generate a gross profit of over 40% annually.

These companies are emphasizing not only on product level strategy but also go-to-market strategy. As such, there has been a notable increase in promotional campaign and R&D spending on design features. For instance, there is highly likelihood that Yamaha, which is primarily engaged in 2- passenger golf carts, will focus on 4 passenger electric vehicle model to capture the greater chunk of the market.

Product prices varies depending upon features, however, remains somewhat similar across all competitors ranging from USD 4600 to 7,500. Thus, product branding will be a major factor in overall sales.


Media Contact
Company Name: Bekryl Market Analysts
Contact Person: Burke B.
Email: sales@bekryl.com
Phone: +1 347 464 1068
Address:99 Wall Street, Suite 622 
City: New York
State: New York
Country: United States

Source: bekryl.com/industry-trends/nev-golf-cart-market-size-analysis
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review 2017-11-24 21:55
A great resource for writers of historical fiction, historians, and people who love social history and the Victorian period.
Life on the Victorian Stage: Theatrical Gossip - Nell Darby

Thanks to Alex from Pen & Sword for providing me with a review paperback copy of this book that I freely chose to review.

If you have been following my reviews for some time, you will be aware that I have read a number of the historical books published by Pen & Sword. I tend to be more interested in social history and how historical changes affected the lives of those who don’t always figure in the big History treatises. Being a lover of plays and a kin theatregoer, I was very curious about this book. Yes, theatre gossip was intriguing, but getting a sense of what life on the Victorian stage must have been like was my main interest. Although sometimes we discover that life has changed dramatically in a reasonably short period of times, some things do not seem to change much. And human curiosity and the love of gossip are among those things. If Victorians had no access to social media, there were plenty of newspapers and periodicals to keep them entertained, and actors were as much a subject of interest then as they are now.

The author does not follow a narrative or chooses a few big cases in this book, but rather illustrates the sheer amount of theatrical news that occupied the Victorian press of the time, not only in London but also in the provinces. As communications improved, newspapers even started featuring stories about actors in America (either natives or British authors touring there) and although sometimes the features lacked in detail (in some cases a suicide or a death would not feature the name of those involved) they were always after items that would attract the public’s attention. Darby divides the book into three parts: Part 1 deals with the business side of things (including such matters as licenses, libel, bankruptcy, breach of contract…), Part 2 looks at criminal lives (from blackmail and assault to prostitution and murder), and Part 3 delves into the personal lives of the actors (what we would probably consider gossip proper, although not all of it is gossip. The chapter on death and disaster deals with serious matter and also makes us look at security measures and disasters in theatres, bigamy seems to have been much more common than it is today, and personally I was fascinated by the chapter on breaches of promise, as I had not realise that there were laws that offered more protection to women in those circumstances than I would have expected).  Each chapter shares both, examples of standard cases of what would usually find its way into the newspapers (brief pieces with hardly any detail) and it dedicates more space to others that were better known, but no single case gets all the limelight. In many ways, this book is like a sampler, where people interested in the subject can learn more and be pointed in the right direction to research further.

The author’s style of writing is direct, and mostly allows the sources to do the talking. She provides sufficient background (on legal matters, the nature of performances, technical issues…) for readers to appreciate the items she discusses, and also some reflections on her own take on the materials. She notes how some periodicals, like The Era, were in a double-bind of sorts, as they tried hard to defend the profession of acting on the stage (that had a pretty bad reputation, especially in the case of women), insisting that actors were honourable and true professionals, whilst at the same time featured “sensational” news to attract readers. Although these days respectability is not a concept many people are worried about, it is true that the press has a hard time trying to reconcile the ideal of protectors of the truth, whilst fighting to keep the attention of the public by any means necessary. Is it possible to keep the moral high ground whilst publishing gossip and innuendo?

Although this is not, perhaps, a book for the general reading public, as I read I kept thinking about how useful this book would be to writers of historical fiction interested in the period (and not only for those considering using a theatrical background in their story but also for those thinking about the press of the time and even society at large) and to historians. Darby provides end notes full of details, both of the sources of her research and also of further information available. Although she mostly uses newspapers, she digs on the archives to confirm details such as names (as many actors and actresses used stage names and some of those were fairly popular) and discovers that Mark Twain wasn’t the only one whose death had been grossly exaggerated (deaths, marriages… were often misreported). The paperback also contains pictures that allow us to put faces to some of the names and help transport us to the era.

In sum, this is a book that will greatly assist writers, historians, and people passionate about the Victorian era and the history of the stage in the UK. It is a good starting point for those who want a general view of the topic and/or are looking for inspiration for their next story or research project. And if you just want to confirm that people’s love for gossip about the stars has not changed over the years, this is your book.

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