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review 2017-08-06 15:06
Interesting but not sure how helpful it is.
The Five Love Languages for Singles - Gary Chapman

I've heard of the Five Love Languages but had never read any of these books and was not super familiar with them. Lately I've seen this mentioned more and more by people I interact with and/or fandoms analyzing relationships through this lens. And it just so happens my library had this version (the one for singles) so I decided to pick it up on a whim.


From what I understand the book is not all that different from his original version so if you've read other versions of this book I imagine you might not find it very useful or new. As for me I could really only skim it. I'm not into self-help books and didn't think the writing was very good. The Christian themes were a bit too much for me (it's just not something I care for) and I'd also agree that it does seem to have a negative view regarding single people.


That said, if you're looking just to learn about the whole deal then this wasn't bad. I could somewhat understand them based on what other people have talked about, plus the categorizations of each (what it says on the tin is a pretty good hint for all of them). As an introduction to them I found I could grasp the concepts of the languages and that they were explained so I could understand them. 


That said, that's really all I wanted or got from the book. I wasn't particularly interested in the personal anecdotes or examples. I wasn't interested in analyzing my relationships or looking to find ways to apply the concepts to non-romantic relationships either. All in all I'd say it's interesting and I learned something new but I wouldn't consider the material life-changing or even particularly helpful. I suppose another route one could take would be to take the online quiz and work your way backwards (ie look at the languages that most apply to you) if you want to just get down to the specifics and not read all the other fluff.


The most I'd get out of it is perhaps another tool in helping me analyze my relationships with particular people on occasion but I'd probably use this to better understand why and how people apply this to relationships in pop culture and fandoms. That said, it was a good read to borrow from the library, but I'd take heed of the people who said that it's not all that different from his original and not waste time and/or money if you're already familiar with it.

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review 2017-01-17 00:00
In the Land of Invented Languages: Esperanto Rock Stars, Klingon Poets, Loglan Lovers, and the Mad Dreamers Who Tried to Build a Perfect Language
In the Land of Invented Languages: Esperanto Rock Stars, Klingon Poets, Loglan Lovers, and the Mad Dreamers Who Tried to Build a Perfect Language - Arika Okrent I liked the way Arika Okrent organized the artificial languages into trends and put them in philosophical context of the time. The sheer volume of the information may, however, be a little offputting at times, and of course I didn't actually read the list of 500 languages she gives at the end.
I suppose this book has somewhat spoiled Eco's [b:The Search for the Perfect Language|10513|The Search for the Perfect Language|Umberto Eco|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1166253886s/10513.jpg|1921737] for me, I'll just have to put that one off.
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review 2016-12-07 22:51
Essential Reading Prior to Inking
The Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook: Authentic Words and Phrases in the Celtic Language of Scotland - Emily McEwan

Why did I read it?  I'm learning (Scottish) Gaelic, and I've seen so many queries for Gaelic translations for tattoos to which the responses were read this book.

What's it about?  Basically, it is a short history of the Gaelic language, and how to go obtain a good translation before having it permanently inked on your body.  

What did I like?  The short history lesson was sound.   What I truly liked were the examples of translation requests illustrating how differently an English phrase can be interpreted in Gaelic, i.e. why there are so many differing answers to a request.   It gave an insight into why there is no such thing as a 'straight' translation from English to Gaelic (or any language for that matter), which served as a warning against asking for 'free' translations from random folk on Facebook, Tumbler, etc., etc.  I also enjoyed seeing the mistakes people have made with their tattoos, how these might have occurred, and how to avoid them in future.

I was in absolute agreement with the author's suggestion to her readers that they should interact with Gaelic language as part of a living, breathing culture, rather than just embedding a small piece of it in their skin.  That to truly honour the Gaelic language, or any speaker of it would be to truly get to know the language, and the people who have it.

What didn't I like?  I would have preferred a few more examples of mistakes, but I do see photos regularly appear on the internet, and I have a good laugh.  Besides, if there were too many examples, along with the grammatical reasons the phrases are erroneous, it might have put off those readers solely interested in their own translated tattoo.

Would I recommend it?   Yes.  I can also see now whey so many people are just referring to this book in response to any request made for Gaelic translation of an English phrase to be tattooed

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review 2016-10-30 04:22
Book Review: The Lake of Dead Languages
The Lake of Dead Languages - Carol Goodman

Book: The Lake of Dead Languages


Author: Carol Goodman


Genre: Fiction/School Life/Reconciliation/Friendship


Summary (from back of Ballantine Books edition): Twenty years ago, Jane Hudson fled from the Heart Lake School for Girls in the Adirondacks after a terrible tragedy. The week before her graduation, in that sheltered wonderland, three people died, all victims of suicide. Only Jane was left to carry the burden of a mystery that has stayed hidden in the depths of Heart Lake for more than two decades. Now, recently separated and hoping to make a fresh start with her young daughter, Jane has returned to the school as a Latin teacher. But ominous messages from the past dredge up forgotten memories. And young, troubled girls are beginning to die again-as piece by piece the shattering truth slowly floats to the surface. -Ballantine Books, 2002.


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url 2016-07-23 20:58
Svenska språket är en konstruktion

Article about the Swedish language.


I konstruktionen av svenska spelade bibelöversättningen 1541 en stor roll.




Läs mer här.



Source: www.gp.se/nyheter/debatt/svenska-spr%C3%A5ket-%C3%A4r-en-konstruktion-1.3500585
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