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text 2015-03-19 11:01
How to Personalize Your Bookshelf?


A man's bookcase will tell you everything

you'll ever need to know about him.

Walter Mosley


Bookshelf is a special place for a book lover. It's a place where one loves to hang around, relax, plan but also challenge oneself, research, analyze and organize. Now you can personalize your bookshelf on BookLikes with new options in your shelf table view.


Here's what to do to know more about books you read and shelve.


Your table view has received new options which can be viewed in bookshelf settings.


Here you can choose how your shelf table view should look like, you can select new columns, hide and show book information and stick to the data you need the most. 



Here are the new options of your shelf table view, all columns are optional and can be edited any time in your shelf settings.



The new columns will be added to your shelf table view. You can change the layout of the table view anytime.



These new options are available only in your admin view, no changes will be added to your shelf on your public blog. 


Shelf options

Those of you who don't remember all the shelf features please have a look at our post Your Shelf from A to Z where we share and describe the bookshelf features in the cover and table view.  


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text 2014-10-09 12:02
Add More to Your Reading Lists



Don't pick up random books. Plan you reading ahead with the reading lists which are great for sharing book series, book recommendations and presenting a reading guide for other book lovers. 


Your reading list guide can present an endless number of books. You can choose the book order to suggest where to start or show the titles according to your preferences.



When you find a reading list that works for you, you can not only Sign in but also Like it and add all listed books to your Shelf page. The books will be added to a thematic shelf named after the List and will include the reading status if selected.



This will help you to stay up to date with your reading plan and keep you on reading.


You can easily reach your lists on the Reading Lists page which presents now your lists, lists that you've liked, and the BookLikes community's reading guides.



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text 2014-08-07 12:31
New Book Releases and Free Ebooks


It’s time to hit the bookish road with the brand new books. We’re opening new book discover paths on BookLikes: new book releases and free ebooks.

Warning: this can lead to a TBR pile out of control syndrome :-)



The Book Catalog page received a new book folder with new book releases in 2014. You can look them up using the book category list on the left and shelve new titles published in 2014. 




The second path is even more exciting. The Daily Deals page got a new tab, called Free ebooks. We present here a huge bunch of free Kindle ebooks so get ready for an intensive book hunt! The page is updated daily.



Happy shelving!

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text 2014-06-12 10:44
New Bookshelf on BookLikes - Your Shelf from A to Z


It's Shelf Time! The makeover on BookLikes is still on. It's time for your shelves.  


Your main Shelf Page has just received a new look. Don't worry, all the shelf options are there, it's also a good timing to remind all the shelf features on BookLikes. Please have a look at the know-how and the shelf tips below. 



1 - Add a new shelf - this option is placed on the top, next to the book count. Press the button, write a shelf name and press enter. Your new shelf will be added. You can also set it as as exclusive status, then it will be added under other statuses: Read, Planning to read and Currently reading.


2 - A Shelf search - Now you can search your shelf not only in the table view but also in the cover view. 


3 - Sort by option for your books - choose how to view your books. You can choose the default vie in the Shelf Settings (number 8). The default view is visible for you and your blog guests. 


4 - Your private notes - find books with your private notes. Additionally, the book with a private note receives a note dot under the cover. 


5 - Shelve it! button - a feature that helps you shelving new books from other webpages (e.g. Amazon book pages and GR). 


6 and 7 - Cover view and Table view for your Shelf - you can change that as you wish, to set a default Shelf view, go to Shelf Settings (number 8). 


8 - Shelf Settings - This is the place to manage your shelves, statuses and sorting options, have a look at available options below. 



There's quite a lot of things to do in here:


a - Add shelf; add new shelf, you can also set the shelf as an exclusive status;


b - Choose the default shelves order - alphabetical or manual (then you can decide which of your shelves should be on top);


c - Choose Shelf Page view - the cover view or the table view; 


d - The Book order - how books on your shelf should be presented (this is how you and your blog guest will see the books on your shelf);


e - Rename - change the name of your shelf;


f - Position - if you wish to set your shelves manually, you can choose its position (write number or use drag and drop);


g - Set an existing shelf as an exclusive status;


h - Delete the shelf.


Remember to Save all the changes in the particular sections to make all the updates visible on your Shelf page. 



The Table Shelf View options remain the same and the change is only slight. See what you can do with your book in the shelf table view below. 



i - select one or several books, this will activate the option on the top of the table vie (k, l, m);


j - select all the books - you can select all the books visible on this shelf page;


k - add to shelves - add selected book(s) to shelf/shelves;


l - take books off the selected shelf - choose a shelf, select the books and take them off the chosen shelf; the books will stay on your Shelf Page, only the shelves they are on will be changed;


m - delete books from your shelf - select book(s) and delete them from your shelf page; even if you delete the books from the Shelf, the review attached to this book will remain on your blog;


n - choose how many books per page in the table view to see;


o - sort by options; cover - see book without a cover and add missing images to green books; Title/Author - alphabetical order; Ratings - according to your rating stars; My review - books with/without a review; Date Read - finished reading date;


p - add rating stars to your books;


q - add review, see review or edit review; the options depends whether the review is attached or not; 


r - edit shelves for a given book; click Edit in the Shelves column;


s - add the finished reading date; only books with filled out Read Date count to your reading challenge; 


t - delete a book from your shelf. 



Updates & Tips


Recently we've done the updates to the writing box, the one where you create your reviews and posts. Sorry for any confusions or troubles. The formatting tools should be on the top of the box, if you still can't see them, please refresh the page to make your browser see all our changes. The new tool bar look like this:



Some options have also changed, for example the way to set a position for a photo in your post - to set a picture use the align options. Please add photo to your post as usual and follow the steps below.




photo source: via

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text 2014-02-20 13:54
New Place For Your Bookshelf Settings & New Free Blog Theme


"Show me your shelf and I'll tell you who you are". We've prepared a special place for your Shelf Settings to make your book space better organized. Your virtual bookshelf has just received new page with set up options. We have big plans for shelf options (old and new) and this is the first step.


The entrance to new shelf settings spot is on your Shelf Page, just click settings icon next to your book count. 



New bookshelf settings page presents all possible bookshelf options. 


1. You can add new and remove thematic shelves


2. You can re-name existing thematic shelves.


3. You can decide which book sort option should be default: title, author, ratings, read date, add date. 


4. You can choose shelf sorting: alphabetical or manual. If you have chosen manual sorting, you can choose position for each thematic bookshelf - type position numbers or drag shelves. The position options are available only when you select manual sorting. 


5. You can create new statuses such as Re-read, DNF. They will appear next to Read, Planning to read, Currently reading on your Shelf Page. 


6. You can change thematic shelf into status and vice-versa. 



Remember to save each change to make shelf updates. 




If you wish to change your blog design take part in Parajunkee's BookLikes Blog Design Giveaway and win custom design for your page.


BookLikes Blog Design Giveaway


Or choose new free template called Bundled designed by Baelkina from UNGH... ARRR... BOOKS! Read more about the theme and possible options of customization here: BUNDLED (NEW BOOKLIKES THEME)


Template is available in BookLikes Theme Store (Settings/Blog -> Customize -> Themes).



pic source: via

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