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text 2018-08-31 18:45
August 2018-That's A Wrap!
The Auctioneer: Valancourt 20th Century Classics - Matt Godfrey,Valancourt Books,Joan Samson
The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival - Terry Roberts
Behind the Door - Mary SanGiovanni
Rogue Protocol - Martha Wells
Beneath a Ruthless Sun: A True Story of Violence, Race, and Justice Lost and Found - Gilbert King,Kimberly Farr
Dandelion Wine - Ray Bradbury
Occasional Beasts: Tales - John Claude Smith
Creature (Fiction Without Frontiers) - Hunter Shea
Skullface Boy - Chad Lutzke
The Siren and The Spectre (Fiction Without Frontiers) - Jonathan Janz

I read 11 books this month!



Graphic Novels






The Auctioneer by Joan Samson, narrated by Matt Godfrey 4*

Beneath A Ruthless Sun: A True Story of Violence, Race and Justice Lost and Found by Gilbert King, narrated by Kimberly Farr 4*

The Bell Witch by John F.D. Taff, narrated by Matt Godfrey 3.5*


Total: 3


ARCS/Reads for Review


The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival by Terry Roberts 4*

Behind the Door by Mary SanGiovanni 4.5*

Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells 4*

Occasional Beasts: Tales by John Claude Smith 4.5*

Creature by Hunter Shea ALL THE DAMN STARS!

Skullface Boy by Chad Lutzke 4.5*

The Siren and the Spectre by Jonathan Janz 3.5*


Total: 7




Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury 4*


Total: 1



Horror Aficionados Mount TBR Challenge:

Challenge: Read 40 Books Already on my TBR

(I'm failing miserably)



1. City of the Dead by Brian Keene

2. The Warblers by Amber Fallon

3. October by Michael Rowe

4. It's A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World by Curtis Lawson

5. Bad Pennies by John Leonard

6. Cold in July by Joe Lansdale

7. Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill

8. Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury


Running Total: 109



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review 2018-08-01 22:30
The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival - Terry Roberts


The American South in the 1920's was an interesting region. With religious folk preaching against the sins of drinking alcohol, and prohibition making it a prominent job option for those looking to make some money, here comes Jedidiah Robbins on his gospel train. With his team selling bibles, (and bottles out the back), he is a man full of contradiction. He is what made this book so compulsively readable.


Jed and his group tour mostly in Appalachia and find themselves in trouble there from time to time. With local lawman trying to keep law and order, with the KKK, (unhappy with the colorful nature of Jed's team), and the additional appearance of H.L. Mencken trying to unveil a scam, it seems there is never a dull moment.


I myself am not a religious type and I usually do not appreciate novels that attempt to preach at me, however stealthily that attempt may be. I do think some of that was going on here. It was my fascination with Jed Robbins that kept me going. I admit there were a few other characters that interested me as well-oddly enough-one of them was God himself.


I think if Jed were a through and through man of the cloth this book would have been boring. But Jed was a man of the world, and even if it wasn't he himself that was distributing that bootleg liquor, it was his team doing so, and it was with his full knowledge. They did some other things that many would deem ungodly as well. Yet somehow Jed walked the walk of a true believer and he was sometimes so sweet and kind, he brought a tear to my eye.


A quick note about the writing-Terry Roberts has a deft hand with language and that's another reason this book was so difficult to put down. I have several highlighted passages that I thought were just beautiful, but I can't quote them here until the book is released. (August 21, 2018, people! Mark your calendars!) A few times I just had to marvel over sentences that flowed like a mountain stream through my mind and emptied into the river of my heart. I may not be a religious person, but I am a spiritual person and the language here touched my spirit.


THE HOLY GHOST SPEAKEASY AND REVIVAL is worthy of your time. Even if you're not religious, even if historical fiction isn't your true thing, (I'm not and it isn't, but the title sucked me in), this is a wonderfully written book that will lead you down through the paths of Appalachia into an America that is long gone, but fondly remembered here.


Highly recommended!


*Thanks to Edelweiss and Turner Publishing for the e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

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text 2018-07-27 14:30
#Friday Reads July 27, 2018
The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival - Terry Roberts
Mourning Jewelry - Stephanie M. Wytovich
Lucifer, Book Three - Ryan Kelly,Ted Naifeh,Dean Ormston,Peter Gross,David Hahn,Craig Hamilton,Mike Carey
The Freak Show Murders - Fredric Brown
The Republic of Thieves - Scott Lynch,Michael Page


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review 2018-06-04 17:16
Speakeasy by Sarina Bowen
Speakeasy - Sarina Bowen

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I loved this book! May and Alec were just great together and I really loved that this story was a little different. I only recently stumbled upon this series when I read the fourth book, Bountiful, and immediately fell in love with the characters, the setting, and the style of storytelling. I have since went back and read the first book in the series but I can assure you that each book in this series works well as a stand alone story. Readers of the series will enjoy getting to catch up with favorite characters but anyone new to the series will have no problem jumping in with this book.

I was hooked by this book from the very beginning. Alec sees someone he thinks he knows kissing the wrong person in his bar one night and knows he has to do something about it. He doesn't get the chance to figure out what he should do because the person being cheated on walks in a sees everything for herself. Alec stops things from getting out of control and helps May move back home that very night.

I thought that the chemistry between Alec and May was very well done. Even when May has just been hurt by her girlfriend's betrayal, I thought that these two worked very well together on the friend level. Alec just seemed to know how to be the support that May needed at that point in her life and she accepted him in that role. I liked how open these two were with each other from the very beginning and how they just seemed to have a lot of fun together.

When things heat up and they decide to act on their attraction, Alec and May just seemed to fit each other perfectly. On paper, these two shouldn't work. May is a recovering alcoholic while Alec owns a bar. May is bisexual and always thought she would end up with a woman but Alec is definitely all man. I had such a good time watching them try to figure things out and was cheering them towards their happily ever after.

I would highly recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. I had a fantastic time with this book filled with wonderful characters, steamy moments, a few laughs, and scenes that melted my heart. I can't wait to read more from Sarina Bowen very soon!

I received a digital review copy of this book from the author.

Initial Thoughts
I loved this! May and Alec were great together and I liked that the story was a little different than the norm. The chemistry between them was amazing and I really enjoyed watching them figure things out. Getting a chance to visit with the other character from the series was a nice plus as well.

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review 2018-05-31 00:00
Speakeasy - Sarina Bowen

Bowen brings us back to Vermont in Speakeasy. I never thought I would crave Vermont so much! May, our heroine, finds her live in girlfriend kissing another girl. Alec swoops in an rescues her like a true hero! I appreciated the depth that Bowen takes on with these characters. May's sexuality and alcoholism are topics that play a major role in the story. However, Bowen also knows when to lighten things up too.

May's struggle with addiction has shaped her and her family. Her family has always handled her with kid gloves for fear they might set her off. May is tired of it all, so the story is not just about her relationship with Alec, but about repairing her relationship with her family. The Shipley's are great and they provide some levity with their zaniness! May is also not sure that a real relationship with Alec would ever work. She is sure that friends with benefits is all they could be.

Alec is steady a s rock. He is one of those book boyfriends who just makes you swoon. He is so laid back. It was refreshing to have a character who is just kind of going with the flow as an opposite to the heavy emotions that May experienced.

Speakeasy is another stellar entry in Bowen's True North series and further reminder why Bowen is one of my go to authors!

  • POV: dual 1st
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: addiction, friends with benefits
  • Triggers: none
  • Series/Standalone: stand alone within an interconnected series
  • Cliffhanger: no
  • HEA: yes

Character driven stories like Good Girl by Jana Aston, Wasted Words by Staci Hart, Fighting for Everything by Laura Kaye...then you will probably like Speakeasy!



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See full review on The Book Disciple
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