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review 2021-10-28 05:12
Convincing Cole - Jaclyn Quinn

Cole has moved back to his hometown with the best friends of a lifetime.  Now that he is here, however, finding someone to appreciate him as he is may prove difficult.  Until he gets the surprise he never saw coming.


Aiden has grown up with Cole, though he has family problems of his own.  Making a name for himself by going out on his own with his bar - he takes chances others won't.  Then one night he takes the riskiest change yet.


These men are so good together it is almost too sweet for words.  I love the comraderies and friendships that bring humor, love, and joy in this story.  The heat is also turned all the way up as the unexpected sparks and keeps the fire burning bright.  Could not finish this one fast enough.  I give this a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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review 2020-08-21 22:30
Common Goal - Rachel Reid

This is book #4, in The Game Changers series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader enjoyment and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading this series in order.


Eric is a goalie who is on his last season. He has never had to deal with this before, and he is all out of sorts.  Now he can be who he needs to be, love who he wants to love.  


Kyle tells himself he will find someone his own age and be happy.  Then he meets again the man that makes his heart pound, and all his plans fade away.  Can he stick to his guns on this one?  Or will a certain hockey player blow his plans out of the way?


This was a definite sexy book with a slow burn twist.  I loved how the characters seemed obvious to be together.  I also loved the humor, the sparks, and the sexy thrum of heat throughout the entire story.  Such amazing characters, with definite qualities that show they are both individuals and meant to be a couple.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review, by Netgalley and its publishers.

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text 2020-04-20 19:25

Food business operators have to ensure that they are supervising their employees and that they are given proper food hygiene training to guarantee the safety of their food. Understanding what level of food safety training is required for each job role in the business will set minimum standards and provide uniform training for all staff. The level of training will depend on the dose and role involved. How can I know if I need Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 food safety training? Level 1 training Level 1 food safety training is for all employees who work in the food preparation or retail business and who handle low risk or wrapped food. It provides basic food safety and hygiene requirements, such as keeping work areas clean, reducing pollution and identifying important food safety issues. Employees who may need a first class include workers in the following roles. In front of house employees such as waiters Check out retail workers; assistants or stock filling staff On the back of home employees. Such as kitchen porters Warehouse staff Level 2 training Level 2 food safety training is essential for everyone working in a catering, manufacturing, or retail environment where food is prepared, cooked and handled. This course provides information on the importance of food safety and about safe practices and procedures. It gives an understanding of how to handle food safety risks such as personal hygiene, storage, cooking and handling and helps build the confidence and expertise in delivering safe food to consumers.

Employees who may need Level 2 workers include workers in the following industries.

  • Pub, hotel, restaurant
  • Supermarkets and retail environments, for example, delis and bakeries
  • Food manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • School and nursery
  • Prisons

Everyone who works with food to protect the health of consumers and ensures that the food they sell is safe.

Level 3 training

Level 3 Food Safety Training is aimed at supervisors, managers or business owners working in the food industry. As for Level 2 above, it will be involved in a variety of settings, including catering, manufacturing and retail, but also on the people who are responsible for the team.

Specific task roles for Level 3 requirements can be:

  • Restaurant and cafe owners
  • Head chef and kitchen manager
  • Landlords and pub owners
  • Supervisors or managers of fast food outlets and takeaways
  • Supervisory food handlers

Business owners or general managers

This course provides an understanding of how to train food safety staff, as well as explain the importance of a food management system to help businesses use food security well.

In addition, part of learning how to handle food safely is to understand how to implement a food safety management system. Our HACCP Level 2 training works well with our food safety training courses and is suitable for all businesses that manufacture, handle, retail or distribute usable products.

Food Safety Training Medium is easy

Our food safety training courses are tailored to the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health's curriculum. Achieving a high standard of food safety not only makes good sense for businesses, but it also helps businesses that work with food and comply with the law.

Our online food safety and hygiene training courses provide instant certification upon completion and test multiple choice tests at the end to test what you've learned! You will also be able to show your commitment to the Food Hygiene Regulations 2008! Why not get started with a free trial today?


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Health and Safety Courses , Health and Safety Online Courses , Food Hygiene Courses , Food Hygiene Online Courses , Food Safety Courses , Food Safety Online Courses , HACCP Online Courses

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text 2020-04-09 19:48

Food hygiene standards are very strict for commercial food and restaurant companies. And with good reason. If quality is allowed to decline, it could jeopardise its reputation as a food and business quality, and in extreme cases, it could jeopardise the health of its customers. As a food business, it is important that you understand your legal duties well and follow the letter law to the best of your ability.

We’ve put together this guide to commercial food hygiene regulations, certifications and inspections, so you can determine exactly what to do and when. We will cover:

What is food hygiene?

‘Food hygiene’ is the general term given to the conditions and processes that are necessary to ensure that food is safe. Food can be contaminated, that is, damaged or unsafe by bacteria or foodborne illness, at any stage of the supply chain, from production to consumption. In relation to the commercial food business that provides consumers at the end of the supply chain, food hygiene is primarily about how food is stored, handled, prepared and cooked.

When proper measures are not followed, it can lead to food borne illness, which can cause serious illness to customers. And your business can be held responsible. This is why it is so important to follow best food hygiene practices. If you are opening a restaurant, or any type of commercial food business that offers food to the public, you will need to introduce good food cleaning practices from scratch.

After the amendment – Food Standards Act of 2010. The Food Standards Agency is responsible for all food standards. The goal is to protect public health in relation to food at any point in the supply chain, which always serves the interests of the consumer. The purpose of this amendment was to establish as the central regulatory agency for all food safety issues, and to give them the option to work effectively in the interest of consumers.



Food Hygiene Level 3 for Catering certificate online , Food Hygiene Level 3 for Retail online , Food Hygiene Level 3 for Manufacturing online , Food Hygiene Level 3 Course online , Online Food Allergen Awareness course , coshh course online , HACCP Level 3 course online , health and safety level 3 certificate online course

Food Hygiene Level 3 for Retail , Food Hygiene Level 3 for Catering certificate , Food Hygiene Level 3 for Manufacturing , Food Hygiene Level 3 Course , health and safety level 3 certificate , HACCP Level 3 , Food Allergen Awareness Training , coshh course certificate , bartender certificate , bar management

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text 2020-02-21 10:40
Things you need to look for while hiring food runners in your restaurant

Well said, “No work is small.” You just need to have time to do a job to earn money. While when people walk into a restaurant, they come to try the food and the reason behind it is because the restaurant has been highly recommended. Mostly some customers come back to hire Short Shift Jobs in Los Angeles Orange County California.

Bar area in your restaurant? Why not approach bartenders?

A restaurant does not only have to meet the standards when it comes to food but has to provide an experience with hire bartenders in California that makes it worthy for the customer to come back. Here the trained bartenders have extensive knowledge of drink recipes.

Thus they have the ability to prepare drinks accurately within the least possible time. While planning to hire bartenders in California for your events, make sure that you consider something before choosing one.

At the time of organizing holiday parties, engagements or even private partied, even manager needs to hire people for restaurant jobs in California. This is because they are professionally trained for the act is performed with the waiting staff at hand to pick orders from the guest, and should be able to serve all orders in good time.

Look for the job market – highly qualified

Today many of us tend to overlook the possibility of using temporary restaurant jobs California, simply because of the training that involved with somebody new to the company and even looks at what exactly they can do for the company. Timely you can find plenty of people on the job market that are highly qualified for a position that we need to fill.

  • Able to take care of the overall workload that you may be dealing with or without having to worry about a permanent position.

  • Thus by hiring a person temporarily to try, you might be surprised precisely how well it works.

  • That is why it is best to hire employees who have considerable work experience.

  • This holds particularly true for the important position of chefs and managers.

The best way to hire quality staff is to list your job opening with a restaurant job search website. These websites deal exclusively with the restaurant sector. Here you can post your openings at these websites either free would be able to hire.

Look here...

Are you currently looking to hire food runners in California? There are lots of employment choices out there when it comes to hiring bartenders in California. One of the best qualities is the flexibility and skills that you require for completing the job. Even the act of hire people for restaurant jobs in California plays an essential role in the smooth functioning of the restaurant establishment. Make sure to serve the prepared food and satisfy the customers.

Source: How will you hire food runners for the restaurants? Smart ideas!

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