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Discussion: Feature Requests
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created by: BookLikes
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Yessss -- thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who would really love to see that ... :)
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Yes. This would be great.
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Absolutely. Already missing notifications of new posts in discussion room threads, preferably with an option to subscribe to or not.

Trying some group and buddy reads and getting irritating to continually check threads for posts.

Definitely not wanting to scroll thru each group and group thread for "new" posts.
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That makes a lot of sense - thank you very much for taking the time to explain what the issues are around it!
I'd really like it if clicking on the notification of a new comment would bring one right to that comment. This would be helpful for groups and for comments on blogs. Scrolling through all the comments to find the new ones is time wasting. And when someone replies to someone else's comment, it's hard to find the new comment in the middle of all the other comments.
I'd like a way on my exclusive shelves to batch remove the still persisting read and planning-to-read shelvings.

For example, if I change my DNF shelf to be exclusive -- I don't want those DNF books to show on my planning to read or read shelves. And I certainly don't want to manually edit each one, not even in table view.
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This would be amazing! I second this. :D
I see it has already been suggested, but I too would like to vote for a "search within my books" function. Thanks.
I don't know if its been asked yet but I would like to have a better filter on the "Explore" page. When I click horror (or anything else) I rarely see a genre specific review so I've pretty much stopped using it It brings up pretty much the same group of "popular blogs" that I see all the time. For example I just clicked horror and under "hot reviews" it lists a bunch that aren't horror at all such as "Persuasion" & "Fakebook". I'd like to see actual horror reviews in this space instead of popular reviews by readers who sometimes review horror novels.

Also I'd love to second (third?) the request that would allow some users to update book page info. I tried adding a book but I don't think it worked. I went back to edit the page because it was showing only 2 lines of summary and I couldn't find the book at all.
The two things I miss / want the most

- More data on the book page (or the ability to change/add). I have a few books without even the author's name.. and a lot of book that doesn't have any description. Also I would love to have number of pages.

- The ability to re-order my books on the shelves manually. I often like to order the books in the same order I'm planning to read them. especially when I'm reading a series. and since a lot of the series are missing the series name or number it's a problem..
I would like the exclusive shelves to behave as exclusive shelves. For example, if I have a book on an exclusive "sample to read" shelf, then I read and edit exclusive shelves to check "sampled must buy" -- i want the book to be on my "sampled must buy" and not also on a bloody "sample to read" and "read" shelf.
Is there an option when you join a discussion group to be notified of new threads, discussions? As I understand it, I have to opt in to recieve an email / notification of activity within the groups through clicking on the group after checking what's new. Thanks!
I would love for the "save as draft" button on the edit post page to save without closing the post so we can save the text while still writing it.

I didn't think that one was necessary until yesterday my dog "sniffed" my keyboard while I was editing and everything that I just wrote disappeared into the ether.. damn! that was annoying!
I would like to be able to "heart" a review I navigate to from the book's page.
I don't know if this has been mentioned, but... When I review a book, I give it its star rating at the same time, in the review post window. I have just come to realise that this rating does not translate to the book on my shelf. In order to see the little stars above the books on my shelves, I have to also add the rating on the book page. It would be nice if there was only one set of stars that would show up everywhere.
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