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review 2017-06-15 06:06
Faking It (Ringside Romance Book 2) - Christine d'Abo

This story is book #2, in the Ringside Romance series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  To avoid spoilers, and to better understand the series, I recommend reading this in order.


Grady has reasons for being far from home.  He is helped by a stranger one night, a night he barely remembers.  What does impress him, is how little the stranger cares about his celebrity status, money, or h is family.


Max has his focus on his club, his friends, and keeping Ringside open.  When he meets Grady, some of that focus is off.  He cannot help but be attracted and quickly smitten with someone who needs him so badly.


This couple is obviously meant to be.  It is a joy to read about men who can be both strong and sensitive.  This book is packed full of lots to enjoy.  There is heat, heart, and some hot sexy times.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review by Netgalley and its publisher.

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review 2017-06-12 16:04
Bound Together
Bound Together (Sea Haven) - Christine Feehan
Sisters of the Heart, Book 6

I Picked Up This Book Because: Continuation of series.

The Characters:

Viktor “Zar” Prakenskii: Oldest Prakenskii brother, head of Torpedo Ink
Blythe Daniels: The heart of the Sisters and another large family that she is about to meet.

The Story:

I’m feeling lazy and not in the mood to write a full summary, with that said this book is dark! Lots of child moslestation, other deep fears and violence. There is also plenty of sexy times, some humor and the beginning of a family being built. (Maybe growing would be a better word.)

The narrator did a wonderful job. Lots a voices in this one and she nailed them all.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


4 Stars
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review 2017-06-12 05:47
Hard to Handle (Gargoyles Series) - Christine Warren

Michael /Drum was a man blessed with four  independent sisters. Drum had a persistant tingling at the back of his neck  had plagued him with an reachable itch for the last six months. Through dreams Drum was having persistent dreams of things he refused to name and would prefer not to remember. Drum impressed on his family not to take silly chances in today’s world. The family was meant to stick together and watch each others back Drum owns a bar called Skin And Bones. Drum and his family has gifts that set them apart Drums gift  is he can find things. His sister Maeve has the gift of sight. Drun did not like his sister being out alone at night. That was the night he met Ash and his life was changed forever. Ash was the first of her kind and she has no idea why she woke up or woke her up. Ash is a woman Gargoyle who is to protect humans. The Order of Darkness  is a threat coming closer to being a problem.  Drum and Maeve .are the only ones there and they aren’t Wardens. But Ash has to accept their help. It didn’t take long for evil to come after Ash. In the heat of the battle Drum discovers he has more gifts that he hadn’t known about and is actually a warden. Drum and Ash are very attracted to each other.

I liked this story but had mixed feelings. I had some trouble with things being repeated like Drum complaining about having his life  interrupted by Ash Also there was too many villains and they didn’t last very long. I did like the fighting scenes. At times this drags for me. I liked the plot. I didn’t like Drums whining it took him awhile to man up and this annoyed me so as I said I had mixed feelings.

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review 2017-06-11 14:56
good story and characters
Yours and Mine: Freshman Forty #2 - Christine Duval

Laurel and Danny had a one night stand one year ago. Laurel had been up with Danny every summer for the last three years. Laurel was a couple years younger than Danny.   Then Laurel shows up on Danny’s doorstep  with a little girl that is Danny’s daughter. Laurel wants Danny to give up all his parental rights. But Danny wants to be in his daughter’s -Carolyn- life now that he know he has a daughter. Laurel ends up in court with Danny and the judge orders shared custody arrangement. Laurel has a player on/off again boyfriend. She isn’t close to her father and her mother died when she was a preteen. Laurel is secretive and withdrawn. Laurel has difficulty in sharing her feelings or recognizing feelings in other people. Danny has been working a full time job for a long time and was now working on his Master's degree in Homeland Security.

I like this book a lot. I liked the plot. But I felt Laurel was selfish and immature. This was fast paced and kept my attention. But I would have liked more background. This was a quick enjoyable read. I liked the characters a lot and loved the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

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review 2017-06-04 19:01
Shadow Reaper - Christine Feehan

I loved, loved, loved book 2 in Feehan's new series. I have been anxiously waiting for its release ever since book 1, Shadow Rider, came out and I fell in love with the Ferraro family. Mariko was Rocco's perfect match. A great blend of passionate, strong, and vulnerable. Ricco has held secrets from his family ever since he was 14 years old, all in order to protect them. Now as an adult, he has grown jaded and lost. His playboy persona and celebrity status no longer satisfies him and when he is in a car accident he and his family wonder if he had become suicidal. He doesn't even know the real answer to that question, but he wants out of the way his life has been going and so he sets out to find a rope model for his Shibari art. He hopes that his art will be able to save him and that maybe he will find a woman who can accept him with all of his baggage, even if she isn't his "shadow soul mate". What he doesn't expect is for the last applicant to be a Shadow Rider that he is pretty sure has been sent to kill him. He is intrigued and hires her anyway. Mariko has a rough and tragic past, one she doesn't realize until later is connected very closely to Rocco's secrets from when he was 14. She soon discovers that she cannot kill him even if it is to save her brother. He draws her into his world and they slowly seduce each other using his art as the catalyst. They grow closer and they definitely know how to steam up the page. The conflict was strong and the villains weren't easily seen. Feehan wove together a complex conflict with ties to both of their pasts and when the entire Ferraro family is attacked they all ban together to seek justice and to find her brother. I loved it and I absolutely hate that I now have to wait an unknown amount of time before book 3 comes out. I am hoping it is Emmanuelle's story!!!  Love this series so much and I highly recommend it.

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