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text 2018-03-03 21:46
My February 2018
So klingt dein Herz: Roman - Cecelia Ahern,Christine Strüh
Renegade Red: Book Two of The Light Trilogy - Lauren Bird Horowitz
So klingt dein Herz - 4 stars
Renegade Red - 4.5 stars


Favorite book(s) of the month: So klingt dein Herz


Books started this month but haven't finished yet: Mörderische Hingabe, Count of Monte Cristo, Ein Moment fürs Leben, Assassin of Truths


Let's not talk about february. Seriously. LET'S NOT!!!!


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review 2018-02-27 12:36
mixed stories
Regency Christmas Wishes - Carla Kelly,Christine Merrill,Janice Preston

Well as snow falls in Ireland Christmas stories are somewhat apt.


The first story is one of a Naval Captain who remembers a woman who nursed him when he fell ill. 10 years later he gets the letter he was waiting for, much of it water damaged, but the gist of the letter is that she says yes.  So he goes to find her and finds that things are more complicated than they seem.  There's a fair bit of miraclous happenings and literal deus ex going on in this but it's not a bad story overall


Her Christmas Temptation by Christine Merrill is an entertaining story of a rake who goes to break an engagement for his beloved cousin and finds that maybe his motives aren't so clear.  I really enjoyed this one.


Awakening his Sleeping Beauty by Janice Preston the Sleeping Beauty metaphor is stretched a little here but the story is good, an opressed heroine finding love and respect is always good.


Overall not bad and quite seasonally based, the last two are set during the 12 days of Christmas.

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review 2018-02-26 12:22
stepping back does this book no service
Shadow Reaper (The Shadow Series) - Christine Feehan

I enjoyed this read and found some of the description of the Shibari quite erotic but the interaction outside of this didn't feel quite as fleshed out and almost rushed. while reading it kept me interested but I was left wanting more.

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review 2018-02-20 16:52
Secrets from Myself by Christine Hart
Secrets From Myself - Christine Hart

Christine Hart has done a very good job with this book. She easily slips between the past and present and brings the details of the story to light very well. To me this book is geared towards mid to late teens and young adults, but I enjoyed it myself. There are some part of the book that are not appropriate for younger teens in my opinion. I do feel the Katelyn's character should of been older. I don't know many 11 year olds who are quite as advanced as her character.

In the book 11 year old Katelyn is psychic. She hears voices from the past, has vivid dreams in which she is a different person and now she is writing in her diary in someone else's language, handwriting and feelings. As she tries to prove this is really happening as she says her mother decids she has mental health problems and puts her into an institution. 

Katelyn decides to do do research to prove this is real and that Akasha was real, as was her plight. Akasha is the person who is taking over her body and writing in the diary. She leaves notes in the diary of her thoughts and feelings. Her loneliness, her sorrow, and her pain. We see how her life ended up after stowing away on the SS Komagata Maru in her boyfriend Sanjay's trunk to come to Canada and start a life together. When they get to Canada and the ship and passengers are turned away the trunk she is hidden in is thrown overboard. Akasha is finally able to escape the trunk and make it to shore. She finds out the passengers of the ship were not allowed to disembark she is left all alone, with no money, no clothing, and no idea of how to survive or return home. She has to figure out a way to survive.

I love the history aspect of the book, and that true events were woven into the story. I have personally never heard of the SS Komagata Maru. The ship carrying 376 passengers from Punjab, British India was turned away from docking in Canada in 1914. This was part of the exclusion laws in Canada and the United States were used to exclude immigrants of Asian origin in the early 20th century. Yep I looked it up. Even though I saw nothing about anyone with Akasha's plight it was still a great history lesson.

I received this book from the Author and Goddess Fish Promotions to read and review.

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review 2018-02-17 08:55
never what he expects
A Convenient Bride For The Soldier (The Society of Wicked Gentlemen) - Christine Merrill

She's never what he expects, she's unconventional and fun and believes that the world is to be explored. Her step-mother is determined to marry Georgiana Knight to her cousin, for reasons, and Georgiana is determined not to.  She decides to expose his nastiness by going to a gentleman's club. She finds out that there's an auction and she takes part. Frederick Challenger was a soldier and he runs the club, he can't resist buying her and then when he discovers who she is he feels it necessary to offer for her hand.


Discovering each other and that they can love is the journey and I enjoyed it

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